Here’s How to Choose an Anniversary Cake

September 26th, 2019

Choosing an anniversary cake is a lot more entertaining than selecting a wedding cake as you have lesser restrictions. It can be any colour, any shape and any flavour. It can be a conventional tiered wedding cake, a sheet cake or a layered cake. When selecting a wedding anniversary cake you want to get the perfect look for the cake in addition to the perfect flavour and texture. After all, the wedding anniversary cake will be the centre of attention. Everyone at the celebration will see the cake and most will have a portion prior to they leave the party.

Be sure to plan in advance. If you want a personalized anniversary cake it is not strange to order such types of cake six months beforehand of the festival. This will give the baker the time necessary to create a special cake.

  • The flavour of the Cake, Icings and Fillings

In selecting the anniversary cake the understandable option is the cake and icing flavours the couple select for their marriage. But there are numerous magnificent cakes available and if the couple had a vanilla cake with royal icing or traditional fondant you may want to go for something diverse for the anniversary cake. Consider fancy carrot, chocolate, banana, cheese, or a layered cake with fruit flavoured fillings amid the layers. You will also have to select a filling flavour if you are getting a cake with layers. The filling is that superb creamy stuff that comprises the layers or tiers as one. It should mix well with the flavour of the icing and the cake but can be a complimentary instead of the same flavour if you like. For the icing you can select a rich cream cheese icing or a simple sugar icing.

  • Shape and Size of the Cake

Cakes come in various shapes and sizes. Traditional cakes which have numerous layers are a great option. Based on how many guests you have, the options for the shape and size of the cake are unlimited. Certainly the largest factor in deciding how big your cake should be is how many guests you will have. The bakers usually offer an estimation of how many guests their sheet or layered cakes will supply. Remember a square or round cake will usually serve more guests. That, however, should not keep you from ordering a distinctive shape if it is what you want.

  • Theme or Decoration of the Cake

If your anniversary party has a theme, think about selecting a cake that accolades the theme in design and flavour. You can select decorations that range from conventional to distinctive. You can go with swags, flowers, and ribbons to something symbolic and personal to celebrate this special event.

After you find the baker you want to use ensure the written order reflects the type and size of cake clearly you are ordering including the icing, flavour, decorations and any other special instructions. If the cake is to be delivered or you want to send a cake to ensure the date and time of the delivery are accurate and that there are clear directions to the location where the cake’s delivery of the cake needs to be done.