Five Unusual Fruits to Try This Year

March 18th, 2016

While buying your fruits, you must sometimes feel that they are getting repetitive. Eating the same fruits daily can be boring. Apple, banana, grapes and mangoes, watermelons during seasons; your fruit basket will consist of only these fruits. Fruits are a very essential component of your diet as they provide you with the necessary nutrients like no other food. Hence, you must include at least two fruits in your daily food.

If you are bored eating the same old fruits and want a change, there are numerous seasonal and exotic fruits that you have not tried yet. Go on and try the following fruits –

  • Cashew nut – You have eaten the nut, but taste the fruit. This tropical fruit is mostly grown in warm climates. The red fruit tastes bitter and tangy.
  • Sees of heaven – Also known as the Guinea pepper, this African fruit is mostly known for its seeds, which are used as a spice. The fruits grow in clusters and are sweetish and tangy to taste. The pulp is soft and juicy. The fruit is grown in tropical countries.
  • Dragon fruit – Also known as Pitaya, this exotic fruit is mainly grown in Asia, America, Australia and its native, Mexico. Dragon fruits are of two types, the sour ones and the sweet ones. You can pick your choice. They have a delicious smell and taste mostly like kiwi fruits.
  • Star fruit – Carambola is from Philippines and is also grown in Asia and America. The fruit has five ridges and when cut horizontally it appears like a star, hence the name star fruit. It is rich in vitamin C. it tastes juicy, crunchy and sweet.
  • Rambutan – The exotic fruit looks like a dragon fruit from outside and a lychee from inside. Found in the South East Asia. The oval shaped fruit is red outside and white on the inside. It tastes sweet with a dash of sourness.
  • Cherimoya – Commonly known as the custard apple, this fruit is found in South America, parts of Asia and Africa. The fruit has a green skin with a soft, edible inside. There are numerous seeds inside and separating them can be a great task. Custard apple is very sweet and soft to taste.
  • Canistel – A native of Mexico, this fruit is widely used in Asian countries. The fruit resembles a boiled egg in its texture. It is sweet in taste.
  • Chocolate pudding fruit – Native to Central and South America, it is also called as black Sapote. The fruit resembles a chocolate pudding, and hence the name. It is mostly used to make deserts. In parts of America, it is fermented to produce liquor.
  • Jackfruit – This large fruit is common in most of Asian countries. The fruit varies in its size from 10 pounds to 80 pounds. The skin is thick and contains blunt spikes. The flesh is yellow, juicy and extremely sweet.

Next time you visit the supermarket; don’t forget to bring home these unusual and rare fruits. Who knows, one of them might end up being your favourite. You can get these fruits from any part of the world, thanks to online shops. Fruit basket delivery in UK and any other country is a hassle free task.