Chocolate – The universal gift!

December 8th, 2015

Chocolate is probably the best thing that was ever invented! This also happens to be one of the most universal and easy gift items. Whether someone eats chocolates or not, they will be happy to get this gift! There are different varieties of chocolates you can give someone like dark chocolates, semi-sweet ones, milk chocolates and chocolates with fruits. The best thing about chocolates is that you can easily send chocolates by post. If you are out of ideas then here are some chocolate gift hamper ideas for different occasions…

1. Christmas – Since Christmas is around the corner, it is time to spread some love and joy. If you want to surprise a family member or friend, then you can put some cute packaged chocolates in stockings. Other than this, you can make a bundle of chocolates and pack it with Christmas decors on the basket. It is very simple to work with chocolates when you are making a hamper. You get tons of different sizes of packets, boxes, etc. in the market.

2. Homemade delights – If you are an amazing cook, then utilise the talent to create fancy chocolates for your loved ones. You can make this your special Christmas hamper or birthday hamper. All you need is all the ingredients to make the chocolates and cute boxes. Don’t forget a note inside each box!

3. The official gift – In case you have to give secret Santa gifts at work, then a box of chocolates does the job. You can either just give a box or buy different chocolates and put it in a fancy packet. When it comes to giving gifts at work, you don’t have to add too much decoration. Put in efforts when it comes to the closest loved ones. They truly deserve it!

4. The love hamper – If you are giving a bundle of chocolates to your better half then try something unique. Add flowers, a cute soft toy and tons of their favourite chocolates in the hamper basket. You can also try making a scrap book in which every page has a small chocolate bar stuck to it. Other than this, you can also make a bouquet out of chocolates. You can find such innovative gifts over the internet else at a high end gift shop. It is not difficult to try making something innovative at home, but if you are running out of time or haven’t picked up anything till the last minute then buy a big box of the chocolates they love with flowers.

5. Other hamper ideas – You can either focus on making a hamper completely about chocolates else you can add little things with a big box of chocolates to make it grander and fuller! You don’t want the hamper basket to look empty and incomplete. If this is the case then simply add tons of chocolate bars and you are done.

Chocolates are the easiest gifts to work with. You can gift it to a 10 year old, 35 year old or even a 60 year old!

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