Chocolate and its kind

August 13th, 2018

Chocolates are a part of your happiness and sorrows. They are always there for you and you don’t need an occasion to go buy and eat a chocolate and things made of chocolate. When it comes to buying chocolates we all have preferences, likes and dislikes but how much of the world of chocolates do you know? And how much of the variety there is have you tasted? If you step into the world of chocolates, you will take quite some time to understand and grasp this big world. It is such a wide and massive world.  Just looking at the variety of chocolates in the world you geta little understanding of the spectrum. Solet’s have a look at this wide spectrum.

  • Couverture chocolate: one of the most expensive and most refined chocolate in the world. Most chocolates are mainly made of coca bean and their extracts but couverture chocolates are made with a higher than normal amount of coca butter and the highest quality of coca beans. They are used by Michelin star chefs to create their extravagant and mouth-watering desserts. Most high end chocolate companies like Godiva use couverture chocolates scrapping on their other chocolates, rather than selling the chocolates on its own.
  • Milk chocolate: the most common and easily available type of chocolates are made with milk and cocoa bean extracts. It is lighter and much sweeter than the other types of chocolates. The Cadbury introduced us to the world of milk chocolates and is the leading in the world virtual world of chocolate delivery as well. They let you send chocolates online to any corner of the world at any point of time. The world of milk chocolates revolves around condensed and refined milk. Depending on where you live the milk to chocolate ratio varies hence providing a different spectrum of milk chocolate.
  • Dark chocolates: the difference between dark chocolates and any other chocolates is that these have 70% or more coca in it hence the name “dark chocolate”. They are also called black chocolate because of the absence of milk in it. These chocolates are great for cakes and ice-creams. As well as for creating a rather bitter but chocolate sauce for you cakes, doughnuts, custards and ice-creams.
  • Unsweetened chocolates- now most other chocolate factories use cocoa butter and cocoa beans for creating their chocolates, but some countries in the world like the chocolate as bitter as it can be. And these chocolates are created by letting pure chocolate liquor harden. They not at all sweet and are the purest form of chocolate created and available for eating. They have the highest health benefits than other chocolates.
  • Ruby chocolates: the most recent addition to the family of chocolates has been the ruby chocolate. It created with ruby cocoa beans and have been described as sour and yet sweet chocolate. Many chefs over the past few years have tried to create signature dishes with the newest addition. The reason why they are called ruby cocoa beans is because of the treatment done on these beans that after a few days causes it to turn into a pinkish shade.

Chocolates have been proven to be a great and easy gift to give to people. In the past few years’ chocolate hampers has made its way into this gift giving trend. You can now pick and choose the chocolate and the chocolate dishes of your choice and create your own personalised chocolate gift hamper to give to your near and dear one at home or at any corner of the world.

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