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Best homemade cakes for a Birthday party

March 29th, 2017

Birthdays are special occasions which people wait for an entire year. Birthdays calls for celebration and out of the other major elements of the celebration Cakes are quintessentially special. You can either buy a cake from any special cake shop or bake it at home. Though these day’s people prefer to go for readymade cakes from renowned shops, there is a distinct charm associated with homemade cakes. There is an unusual feel of warmth and affection in the gesture of baking a cake for loved one or friend.

These days online cake shops are in vogue. It has become easier to send cake online to any person at the distant location. One can pick from a variety of cakes available online along with chocolates and flowers which can be delivered on the same day of booking.

Here are some of the easy cake recipes which can be baked at home:

  • Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake is the safest bet if you do not wish to experiment a lot with the homemade cake. Everyone loves them, and they are one of the easiest cakes to bake. Also, there are many recipes for making a scrumptious chocolate cake. You can either make use of chocolate powder or use pure chocolate for making the sinful cake which your loved ones will love to relish on. You can also use white chocolate along with dark one for a better taste.

  • Choco-chip cake

Just like the conventional chocolate cakes, the choco-chip cakes are also loved by people especially children. The cake recipe would require a lot of chocolate chips which can be added to the cake batter. For enhancing the flavour, you can add 1-2 teaspoon of chocolate powder to the cake. Once the cake is ready, do decorate the top layer of cake with chocolate and choco-chips which will make it look much tempting.

  • Strawberry cake

The strawberry cake is yet another all time favourite of most people. For a pretty strawberry cake, you simply need to add crushed strawberries and vanilla essence in the plain cake batter. You can also add some edible color to give a pinkish hue to the cake. Once the cake is ready, you can decorate the cake with lots of whipped cream and strawberries.

  • Fruit Cake

Fruit cake is one of the most attractive cakes of all. All those fruits in different colours make the cake quite tempting. You simply need to bake a plain vanilla cake and get your hands on whipped cream and lots of fresh seasonal fruits. Once the cake is ready, slice the fruits into small pieces. Cut the cake in layers and add spread whipped cream on it. Decorate the fruits on the top layer.

  • Black Forest Cake

Black forest cake requires you to bake a plain chocolate cake. Further, you need whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Cut the cake into layers and spread the cream. Once the cake is ready, sprinkle lots of chocolate shavings and cake is ready!

Online cake delivery is possible on the same day of booking across any location.


March 6th, 2017

The 15th wedding anniversary is the third in line of the five yearly milestones of the marriage of a couple. It is certainly a cause for celebration when you cross the mark of a decade and a half of togetherness. You may celebrate it quietly in each other’s company or throw a grand party.


Crystal is the traditional gift for the 15th anniversary. It stands for the clear and sparkling love shared by the couple. Modern symbols of this anniversary are glass and watches. A watch represents the valuable time you have shared together as well as the time in the future which you have planned to spend.

Many spouses find it tough to choose between traditional and modern gifts. For instance, no matter how pretty, a Timex will not qualify for a romantic gift.

Crystal has a reputation for being fragile and delicate. It must be handled with care. It can serve as a glorious reminder of the love you shared for the last 15 years. It is also a pointer to a future of togetherness. For a sturdy symbol, you can gift a solid crystal paperweight which is not too fragile. Some other amazing crystal ideas include crystal vases, decanters, bells and stemware.   Order a cake delivery for the occasion and display it in a crystal plate.

If you are bent upon a modern gift, go for a watch or time-piece. Time pieces come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. They may hang on walls or sit tight on a work desk or fit snugly around your wrist. One can even buy a time piece that dangles from a chain of silver or gold around your spouse’s neck.

The value of a watch or time piece is in representing the wonderful time you have spent together and the many years you desire to spend with each other in the future. For gifting your husband, you can go in for practical choices like watches that are water and stress proof which can be worn during strenuous sporting activity.


Crystal and watches are not the only symbols of this anniversary. In fact, there are 3 gemstones associated with this tradition. They are Alexandrite, Garnet and Ruby. Hence if you find crystal and watches a boring idea, go in for jewelry. Keeping in mind rubies and garnets, the official color of this anniversary is red. Alexandrite changes color and can appear as red in the night.


The traditional flower of this anniversary is the rose. The rose symbolizes perfection, love and passion.


  • Toast each other with red wine in that crystal ware.
  • Go shopping for crystal clocks.
  • In a crystal box, keep a love poem, picture of you together and a small romantic note.
  • Plan to travel to a destination, connected to crystal and watches like Italy and Switzerland.
  • Renew your wedding vows: Go through the ceremony again in front of old and new friends and family. This is a chance to relive that event and incorporate all those details you wanted in your original wedding which you could not have.
  • Host a party with a glass theme. Hold the party in avenue with large, panoramic glass windows, greenhouse conservatories and patios. For added effect, include glass tables and crystal pieces. Don’t forget to get anniversary cakes delivered for the event.

These are some of the aspects about celebrating your 15th wedding anniversary.

Add Some Sweetness in Your Bonds with Scrumptious Cakes

October 19th, 2016

In this fast world, halt for some time and live your present. It isn’t always about earning, earning and earning, sometimes; you should celebrate your present moment. And not just that, let your relations with your loved ones’ blossom too.

If you aren’t getting time for yourself, how can you spare some moments of love and affection for others? And in the absence of communication and sweetness, even the deepest bonds get weak. Let your dear ones know how much they mean to you. For example, if they live at a distance, just get a cake delivery UK at their address and make them feel special.

Why Do Cakes Cary So Much Weightage?

There are many reasons that you should prefer cakes to other stuff. Let us go through some of them:

  • Today, the bakeries are so advanced that they have everything you wish for. Whether it’s a chocolate cake, rich strawberry cake, pineapple cake or any other cake, you can get huge variety in single flavours. Every cake has its specialty which makes it different from the cakes. For example, how about ordering a pineapple cake filled with fruit chips for your parents? Spend the day with them and make them feel special through your sweet gesture. Such a gesture can leave them speechless. At times, we forget to tell our parents that we love them. So, express your deepest love for them with a cake of their choice.
  • Have you ever felt weird that you are going to a friend’s promotion party and you don’t know what exactly to be taken along? Don’t worry. Just look out for an amazing promotion cake. Yes, a cake that can appreciate the moment. If you know his favouriteflavour,it’swonderful and if not, then too, you can choose a popular cake from a bakery. Mostly the concept of cakes wins every event.
  • Do you want something unique and lovely for your kid’s birthday? Then, how about a customized cake? Exactly, just check out the cakes and you can get a perfect cake idea for your child. For example, if you know that your child loves music, then how about a guitar shaped cake for him? Or if your princess loves badminton, then how about a badminton racket shaped cake for her? Your child will instantly connect with the cake and icing on the cake is, the scrumptiousness of that cake.
  • Sometimes, we want to do something on the wedding anniversary of our grandparents but we get confused about what to do. Well, if there is any such instance, just look for an ideal cake for your grandparents. First of all, cakes are so soft that there won’t be any problem for grandparents to eat them. Moreover, you can get the cake customized accordingly. For example, if they are not permitted much sugar, you can grab a less sugar cake; if they hesitate to eat a usual cake, how about fruit cake? Yes, fruit cake won’t just make their moment but will be healthy for their health.

Thus, whether you are living with your loved ones or not, you can do big things in small actions. Are you staying away from your family? Then just send a cake to them saying that you love them. Make your moments splendid with these gestures.