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Know about cake frosting recipe

May 25th, 2018

Cake baking is an interesting and exciting process which when carefully and properly performed, is sure to delight every family member and guest.

Need for cake frosting recipe

Besides using it to cover the cake layers, it also is used for decoration purpose. It can bring about wonderful appearance and smooth finishing on the cake as well as proper and specific structure. Be it the wedding, birthday or any other celebration or event, the cake does play a crucial role and hence, needs to be carefully selected. One can scour the web to come across numerous cake frosting recipes and ideas that can be used to bake delicious cakes at the home. There have emerged portals that do offer fresh cake delivery at various locations.

Knowing some details

Weather conditions are likely to hamper the frosting. Therefore, the person needs to be extra careful when frosting the cake during hot weather conditions. Several types of frosting are available which can be used for the purpose. It includes royal icing, butter cream, whipped cream, chocolate, peanut butter, orange butter cream, cream cheese frosting, cocoa powder, etc.

Some factors to consider to finalize perfect icing for the cake

There are some essential aspects that are to be taken into consideration when icing the cake like its style, the occasion’s theme as well as individual preferences. The budget to set for the icing also plays a crucial part. Some frostings such as fondants can be quite expensive. The right method is to be checked out prior to preparing such frosting and to apply on the cake.

Preparing frosting

Several recipes can be found to prepare frosting for the cake. Checking out the web will help to know the different frosting recipes and the type of ingredients that will be necessary for its preparation. Careful preparation is sure to provide fabulous and delightful results. Preparation of frosting at the home does help to save on huge money and also offer personal satisfaction.

The person can try out unique combinations and interesting ideas to come up with unusual cake flavors that will be loved by everyone. Fondant frosting can help preserve the cake and allow to enjoy it for a long time. It is possible to prepare frostings in various exciting colors. Edible color of choice can be added to the frosting to make it more appealing and to derive the preferred color combinations.

About color application

But when applying colors, great care should be taken. Color frosting after being applied cannot be removed. Hence, it will be wise to first test the color on a small piece of cake and if satisfied, apply it on the entire cake. If not, then try out with another color, until perfection is achieved.

Darker shades can also be prepared for the cakes frosting. Cake needs to be first cooled properly prior to applying it with color. If applied when hot, then the frosting is likely to get damaged. The colors can also be found in several consistencies and shades. Powdered or liquid form can be preferred. Choosing the right portal can help with fresh cakes delivery UK.

Fresh Ideas On Birthday Cakes

May 19th, 2018

Any birthday is incomplete without a birthday cake. A freshly prepared homemade cake is sure to lock happiness on your big day. A cake baked with the hands of the special person or even your mother, has its own touch of genuineness and happiness in it. Also a cake ordered with a large over-the-top topping of sugar and butter confectioneries, along with heaps of fluffy frosting and capped with a bundle of candles is sure to make your heart flutter.

Let us have a quick look at some of the newest recipes of the birthday cakes at a glance.

  • Cocktails are loved by people of all ages. It is hard to find such a person who does not love cocktails. Hence a mojito cake will be perfect for the cocktail lovers. For friends and relatives who love to enjoy your triple Cocktail cakes will be amazing. Out of the innumerable names of the cocktail inspired foods like the dirty Martini butter on the steak and the Pina Colada tarts, the mojito cake will no doubt win all competition. This is usually prepared with rum and mint, infused with sugar syrup which is there after brushed deliberately all over the light cakes sponges. The entire cake is then finally covered with lime buttercream. You can also order your personalized birthday cakes, online. You will be amazed to see how fresh they deliver it and also how quick. The flavour, get up, toppings, everything will be provided just as you want it.


  • How many times have you heard and felt it yourself that, birthdays are incomplete without a chocolate flavored birthday cake? Chocolates are a favourite among everyone, be it children or adults. A chocolate Malteser cake is basically a chiffon cake which is covered extensively in chocolates. Chocolate icing covers the cake from top to bottom, and this is the packing material to hold a modest, five huge sacs of maltesers. This cake owns the prestigious position as a party centerpiece; also the chocolate and the malt combo works extremely well in creating a delicate and light spongy texture, which melts in the mouth along with the exotic chocolates.


  • Now if are someone who lives in the summer countries, you can order personalized cakes such as the ice cream cake. This can be the coolest option for a birthday in summers. One big advantage of this cake is, this can be made in any flavor that you choose. Ask for strawberry ice cream flavor along with white chocolate, or you can also go for the devil’s food cake, punched with ice cream. These cakes are so made such that, ice cream is cleverly perforated in every layer of the cake.

You can also make this cake at your home but make sure you keep it in the coolest place, as this can melt away with time. Basically you can add any flavour of your choice and embellish the same with any fruits or nuts that you choose. Strawberry clotted cream, pistachio, vanilla ice cream etc. are some of the very common toppings and flavors added.

Tips to make friendship day all the more memorable.

April 25th, 2018

Love does not need any special day to be expressed. Nor it needs a particular occasion to be celebrated. It is a feeling that should be felt each day, the love, gratitude and respect is not restricted just for a day..

Then again, one special day for special ones is not a bad idea. In fact that one day is just to shower the extra love to all of the people who matters the most in your life. Friendship Day is the perfect occasion to let your friends know how much they are needed by you in your life and loved by you.  The day calls for celebrations and enjoyment in the company of closed pals and F.R.I.E.N.D.S!! The best way to celebrate Friendship Day would be to spend the day in a way your friends and you enjoy the most at the zenith level.

In case you want to be creative and do something different to mark a milestone for your friendship, here are a few tips for you which might come to your help:

  1. Start the day by surprising your best friends by sending cakes online to them. You can be creative by customizing the cake or maybe you instead of cakes you could give her doughnuts which are her favourite with some homemade chocolates.
  2. Take a day off from your work and chose to make them feel special by spending some quality time with your friends. You can start with the conversations which are on hold for ages and resume it on this friendships day. Talks and conversations with friends are never enough.
  3. The spirit of friendship day is about respecting one another. Acknowledging their presence in your life showing them how grateful you are to them. This does not need to be something extravagant. It can be a small card with a personal note for them. Or you can give something that you both can relate to, because that’s the string of your friendship. You could write a short and precise note saying how this friendship molded you as a person and how much they and their friendship matters.
  4. Gifts need not speak about the price, because that is not the idea of celebrating the friendship day. The idea is to feel the bond. So choose gifts this friendship day which would speak about the unexpressed feelings. You could choose to gift photographs because a photograph is a memory. They are means to relive the bygone days. So go ahead plan gifts where you could gift memories.
  5. A cherished picture of the two of you in a frame that they can keep on their desk or several old pictures of you in a digital frame. Pictures where you shared the bond. Time fades, but memories would not. The photo frame will be possibly with her till eternity.
  6. If you have a long distance best friend living in some other distant land you could make it all the more special, by sending online cakes delivered to U.K.


Have a great friendship day ahead!