A Guide to Gift Baskets

July 23rd, 2019

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Gift baskets are simple to assemble and the end result will always be stunning. Unique gift baskets are suitable for any occasion. They are the right solution when you can’t decide on one single present to gift your loved one.

Almost everyone loves receiving a gift basket. You can use a basket of any shape, with or without a handle. Size of basket depends on its potential contents. By making your own gift baskets you can simultaneously save money and personalize the contents as per the recipient.

Following are tips for designing a gift hamper:

Pick a Theme

Nearly all gift baskets have some kind of theme and selecting a theme makes it easy to plan the contents of the basket.  So, before doing anything else, work on the theme of gift hampers the UK.

  • In some cases, the theme could be on the basis of occasion or set of circumstances. For instance, you may design a ‘get well soon’ basket for an ill person, a Christmas based hamper for the holidays or a house warming basket for a new neighbor. Since such hampers are generic, they tend to be easy to plan.
  • In other cases, you can design the hamper as per the interests and personality of the recipient. For instance, you may plan for a relaxing spa theme basket for a workaholic who badly needs to unwind, a romantic theme for your spouse or a gardening theme for the loved one with a green thumb. Since these hampers do not depend on outside circumstances, they tend to be more versatile.

Some of the specific theme ideas include:

By Interest

  • Food theme
  • Gardening theme
  • Crafting theme
  • Movie theme
  • Spa/ Bathing products/ cosmetics theme
  • Favorite sports theme

By Occasion Theme

  • Wedding theme
  • Baby shower theme
  • Get well soon theme
  • Mother’s day theme
  • Father’s day theme
  • Holidays theme
  • Anniversary theme

Decide On a Budget

What you put inside the hamper will depend on your budget. Gourmet wine and chocolates are not for the frugal. But even if your budget is limited you can get creative. For one, you can make contents yourself. Homemade cookies and truffles taste much better than the store-bought ones. So, if you have a secret spice mix or make great chutney and jam, make some yourself and gift this in a hamper. You can also save money on fillers and wrapping by re-using old items or by shredding newspaper.


Hampers are not all about shortbread and marmalade. You can put anything in your hamper. The key is to keep the taste and interests of the recipients in mind. Content ideas include wine glasses for a wine-themed hamper, pasta server along with fancy pasta sauce for a pasta themed hamper, creams, lotions and bath salts for a spa-themed hamper and potted plant and flower seeds for the gardening based hamper. Gourmet food is ideal for persons who love such items but may not afford to buy these regularly.

Containers and Fillers

You can get really creative with containers for gifts for hamper delivery. You can experiment with containers like crockery, terracotta pots, metal buckets, serving trays, wooden crates, cardboard boxes, bags and many more. Fillers are easily accessible if you have a shredder handy. Scrunched up paper will also work well.

These are all some ideas for gift hampers.

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