5 Tips for Ordering a Perfect Customized Cake

January 27th, 2020

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No celebration is complete without a cake. Cake cutting is the highlight of every special day or event. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, the launch of a promotional event, a corporate party, or simply a celebration of life, the cake is necessary. There is a wide variety of cakes available in the supermarkets, bakeries, cake retail shops, and in the online cake shops, which make the birthday cake delivery easy and simple. Apart from the normal cakes, you have the customized/designer cakes, which are specially made on order to suit a particular theme of the customer. We list below five tips for ordering a perfect customized cake.

  • Provide all necessary information – When you talk to a baker or a professional cake designer, let them know the occasion for which the cake is to be customized. It makes the task much easier for deciding a particular cake once the theme is decided. You can take reference from the internet, which is flooded with pictures of customized cakes. Additionally, you can provide information about the number of guests invited, the size, flavor, color, and fondant used for the cake.

  • Understanding that a custom cake takes time to be prepared – It is important to note that a customized cake cannot be prepared in a day. It is unrealistic to call a baker a day before the event. Custom cakes, even if it is a small one, need time to be crafted, as too many details need to be taken care of. A theme-based cake needs a proper planning before being baked and decorated.

  • Set a budget – It is important to plan a budget for your cake. If you finalize a custom cake and if it is out of your budget, all that you will be left with is an utter disappointment. In addition, it is important to know that a customized cake is more expensive than a regular cake. Do not fix a budget based on the cakes available on the grocery stores as they are usually made with artificial ingredients to extend their shelf life.

  • Many factors determine the overall price – Do not depend on the price of the online cake stores alone. Keep in mind that your customized cake will be designed specifically to suit your theme and occasion so you will be able to get the final price only after providing all details to your baker. The size, decorations, design, style, flavor, type of ingredients, cream, and fondant all determine the final cost of the cake.

  • Knowing the delivery terms-It is important to know whether the cake will be delivered to your home, or you will have to get it collected. If you have placed an online order of the cake, make sure the birthday cakes delivered UK reach on time.

We hope the above tips will be helpful to you for choosing a customized cake. Following these guidelines, you can rest be assured of getting the perfect customized cake for your special day.