5 Hampers Worth Splurging On

January 11th, 2019

Hampers are one of the best choices when you are losing your mind in the middle of a gifting catastrophe. A hamper is usually a beautiful bundle of gift items which are curated perfectly for the occasion or the person you wish to send your token of love with quick hampers delivery. Here are some of our top versatile hamper picks which will fix your gifting woes in a jiffy.

  1. A Chocolate hamper to congratulate someone with a sweet tooth

There is hardly anyone who does not love chocolate so a chocolate hamper is quite a safe bet when it comes to gifting. Look for hampers which have a mix of sweet and savoury flavours to make the hamper even more exciting. However, be careful to not get ones with nuts or milk solids for those who are allergic to them.These hampers are great to gift for anniversaries.

  1. A luxurious bath set for the one who takes their beauty bath seriously

Look for a beauty hamper that includes a set of bathroom essentials which will make your loved one bathe with joy every time the step into the shower. A bottle of pristine shower gel, a bar of soap, rejuvenating bath salts will leave their body feeling fresh and fragrant. And, the body lotion or rich body butter in the pack will help them get the velvety skin of their dreams.

  1. The Hamper that tastes of opulence

There is hardly anything that screams luxury louder than a wedge of luxury cheese. Compliment the star of the show in the hamper with sweet and sour chutney, yum olives, hot peppers, juicy apricots and many more. This hamper will win any cheese lovers heart. This is also a great gift for formal events to gift to people of significance. You can also send this hampers by post much like any of these mentioned over here.

  1. Fruit Hamper for when you are confused

Fruits hampers can take you through any occasion that demands for you to get a gift. Fruits are not only yummy to eat but are also super nutritious which makes them a perfect gift even for someone who is not in their perfect state of health. You can get this hamper for someone who is health conscious. If you want to perk up your basket of juicy fruits then go for a hamper that includes some extra goodies like jams and crackers for some added fun.

  1. A set of Hand creams before the winter assault

Although hand creams are a great gift for the entire year, gifting them before the winter wind might dry out your loved one’s hands is very thoughtful which makes this a perfect holiday or thanksgiving present. While getting these beauties try to go for a hygienic and easy to travel with tube packaging over the tub packaging which can be quite messy sometimes. Look for ingredients like shea butter and almond oil which will be able to moisturize the skin deeply. Fragranced ones are even better which will leave the hands with a lingering sweet smell.

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