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Plan a Midnight Surprise for Your Best Friend

April 22nd, 2016

The special moments in your life would not have been so special had it not been for the fun that you have had with your best friend. It is a rather special bond, and they eventually become more like your siblings. You share all your secrets, all your dreams and even the best and worst memories of your life with your best friend. They are special and no matter how many times you express it, it is never going to be enough.

However, to keep them feeling special, you can always plan surprises for them and what could be a better surprise than a 12 AM surprise for your best friend on their birthday? You can just choose a gift for them and make sure that it reaches to their place right at midnight, just as the clock strikes twelve. Keep it special, unique and a complete surprise.

 Here is what you can send them as a midnight surprise gift:

 1.       Cake with a bunch of flowers

 Since it is their birthday, it has to be a cake. You need to make sure that you contact a midnight cake delivery providers and then go about the plan. There are many combos you can choose from but the best one for your best friend’s birthday is a cake combined with flowers. Imagine having something so special right in the middle of night. Send a beautiful note along with it as well, and it will surely make them feel special. You add to the element by sending it a few balloons and a few chocolates and candies to tag along with the yummy cake and the beautiful flowers.

 2.       A box of chocolates with a cute card

 Chocolates are something that everybody loves and nobody can say no to. Send your best friend a big box of chocolates and a cute cared to go with it that expresses just how special your bond with her is. If you know what her favourite chocolate is, it would be even better, and if not then Rochers are always the best option to go for. Maybe send in a bouquet of fresh flowers too. You surely are going to make this birthday a very memorable and unique one for them. After all, it is the good memories that stay with you.

 3.       Some good books/ Audio cassettes

 If your best friend loves reading, you can send them some good books as nothing is dearer to a bookworm than some excellent books. Also, make it point to send them something beautiful like a bunch of flowers with it as well. If not books, then maybe go for some music cassettes and CDs from their favourite singer. You can also get a personalized gift tape made for them. They will surely love it.

 You do not have to worry about the delivery as you can order cake online from gift delivery websites. Same goes for the flowers as well. Thus, make this birthday special for your best friend by sending in an amazing midnight surprise!

Send Your Siblings Your Love with A Gift

April 18th, 2016

One has to admit it that their childhood would not have been as eventful as it was had not been for their siblings and cousins, who came fought with them, shared things, played and had all the fun with you as a companion. As we grow up, we move to different places for education, and then jobs and you eventually start drifting apart from your partners in crime form childhood.

 Keeping in touch is really easy. Just remember to make them feel special and loved. You might not always find time to write them a card or call them up on every weekend, but you can make up for all that by simply sending them some beautiful and useful gifts every once in a while. It is not necessary that it should be on their birthday; just make it special for them on any random day.

 You might need some help choosing a few out of the box gifts for your siblings, and here are some options you can look at:

 1.       A box of chocolates


 A little indulgence is always welcomed. Rather than sending them something that they might not really like, like a t-shirt of your choice or a book that they might have already read, send them something that they will love and a box of chocolates is just the right thing. It can be one of their favourites or something that you find exotic and special. Just get a box of chocolates, out in a note telling them how much you love them and send it to them. It sure will fetch a smile on their faces.

 2.       A basket of fruits

 If you would like to send your siblings something healthy and beneficial for their body, fruit basket is the best option. You just need to pick out on a basket that you think they can use and make sure it has different varieties of fruits in it. Tag it along with a card or maybe just a message and send it off to them. They will love the gift, and it will keep them away from the junk food that they might otherwise consume when hungry. Be the caring sibling and give them a gift that keeps them healthy.

3.       A bunch of fresh flowers

 If you have an elder sibling, and if the age gap is quite big, just go for something that keeps it loving yet respectable, like a bunch of their favourite flowers. Flowers are something nobody can say no to, and it surely is going to make them smile. After all it is not the gift that really matters; it is the gesture behind it. So, pick out a bunch and send it to your sibling.

The best thing about giving gifts despite any occasion is that the receiver feels very special. Even though you are busy, you can still get flowers and fruit baskets delivered by sending them online. It is easy and a smarter way to go about sending gifts to your family and loved ones. So, time is no more an issue to render you from sending gifts to your loved ones.

Give your mother an amazing Birthday surprise

April 18th, 2016

After all that your mother does for you, there is very little that you as a child can possibly do for her. It is obvious that you cannot repay her for all the love, care and concern that she has for you, but you sure can make her feel special from time to time.  Apart from being a help to her whenever you can be by helping her with the household chores, you can also make some days like her birthday, anniversary and of course Mother’s Day very special for her.

She is a special woman and you ought to let her know that you are lucky to have her as your mother and what could be a better way to tell her that you are thankful for her existence than by giving her a birthday surprise. She would least expect it, and it would come as a welcomed gift to her that you did something so special just for her.

 1.       Order A Cake

 The most important item of birthday is a birthday cake. Start of by arranging a cake delivery to you place on the day of her birthday. Imagine the surge of emotions she would get when she receives the cake and finds out that it is from the loved ones in her home itself. It is not an easy task to bake a cake; therefore, it is better to get on delivered.

2.       Plan A Surprise Dinner

 There is nothing more important for mother than her own family. So rather than going to a good hotel, just plan a surprise dinner party and invite all her friends and relatives to it. Make sure that you mother does not do the cooking, and if it seems hectic, order the food from outside. It will be a family get together and an amazing surprise for your mother.

3.       Gift Her Some Leisure Time

 Your mother works the hardest throughout the year, be it at home or at the office. So on her birthday, she sure does deserve some perks.  You can get her a reservation to some good spa and parlour or maybe to a meditation class. Spa is a better option since it will take away all her tiredness and she will be rejuvenated physically as well as mentally once the weary feeling leaves her. Just make sure that you take the pass only for the day when she is free.

Mothers are special, but we barely remember to remind them of their specialty and importance in our lives. Let her birthday be totally about her. Even if you live far off from her in some different city, you can always send cake by post or by ordering it online so that she gets it on her birthday. You can pair it up with a bunch of her favourite flowers and the smile on her face will be worth the pains you take. Just don’t forget to attach beautiful note with you gift telling her why she is so special. Your mother deserves these little surprises, and you just make her birthday worth her while.

Celebration and Cakes: A few fascinating facts

April 15th, 2016

No celebration, especially a birthday party or a wedding is ever complete without a grand, rich, topped with delicious icing, cake! Everybody loves them. Even the ones on a diet would take a nibble from a cake. It is not always possible to bake a cake at home for a large number of people especially on a short notice, so next day delivery cakes make a good option for ordering. We have been eating cakes since our childhood, but did you know that man since centuries has involved cakes as a part of their festivities, but certainly in the weirdest of ways.

Here are a few interesting facts about how cakes have been involved as a part of our festivities, since time immemorial-

  • For the Romans, cakes and breads were almost the same thing. Butter, eggs and honey were used to make the basic bread dough during this time and thus the Roman bread ended up tasting more like what we know as cakes today.
  • Have you heard about the Beltane festival? It is a festival that used to be celebrated by the Celtic, a long time ago. A major part of this festival comprised of lighting bonfires on the top of a hill and then rolling down cakes from there. These cakes, needless to say, were round in shape, and if the cakes did not break they believed it was a sign of good fortune. Imagine how hard the cakes must have been, not to break when rolled down from a hill!
  • Who doesn’t love cheesecakes! Well, the concept of cheesecakes it seems is very ancient. The Greeks who started the Olympic Games in Olympia, the athletes were offered cheesecakes.
  • If red is the colour of revenge, then red velvet cakes are no less. Do you know how the red velvet cake became so popular? Here’s a little story. Once a woman went to a restaurant and there she tasted this cake for the first time. She found it so delicious that she asked the restaurant chef to give her the recipe. They did, but with the recipe, they sent her a hundred dollar bill as well! Naturally, the lady was very upset and so as a payback, she sent the recipe to everyone she knew! If you do not have the recipe yet then order one with the help of next day delivery cake uk.
  • Superstitions are indeed weird! It was back in the 17th century, that the English people strongly believed that if soon to be married ones kept a fruitcake under their pillows, they would have sweet dreams and thoughts about their to be partners! Sweet dreams or not, but the fruit cakes did manage to attract a lot of ants, surely.
  • The cake for the bride in a wedding is generally covered with a pure white frosting since white stands for virginity and hence purity.
  • The Romans had a pretty baffling wedding custom when it came to cakes. After the wedding ceremony was over and celebrations were underway, the Romans used to break the cake on the bride’s head! This was done to bless the couple with fertility and a good fortune.

So, each and every cake thus has a history of its own. Cakes have and continue to be one of the most essential parts of our festivities even today!

Chocolate and its types

April 15th, 2016

Been away from your near and dear ones for a long time? Wish to send them a gift on a special occasion? Well, thanks to the online services these days, sending gifts are not a problem anymore. You are just one click away from sending your love through gifts.

Armed with the technical support, we more often than not face a serious dilemma- what will make the perfect gift! Well, if you are confused and do not know what gift to go for, here’s a saviour for you- chocolates. These delicious treats come in all shapes and sizes (well, almost). There is no dearth of varieties when it comes to chocolates; so you have a lot of options to choose from when sending chocolates by post.

Before, taking your pick, it is best to be well informed about the specialities of each kind of chocolate. So, here’s a choco-laden list of the major types of chocolates and their basic characteristics:

  •  Milk Chocolates: These are the ones that we generally come across and start our chocolate adventure with, in our childhood. The milk content in these chocolates are greater than twelve per cent and the content of cocoa solids range between ten per cent to twenty per cent. These do not make the best baking partners and hence are generally not included in any baking recipe. However milk chocolates are used sometimes for baking cookies. Cadbury Dairy Milk, Hershey’s milk chocolate, Irish milk chocolate are some of the most reputed brands.
  •  White Chocolates: This one does not contain much cocoa solids. In fact it has been stripped off of all non-fat components there are in a cacao bean(Sorry if you are on a diet, it is best to stay away from these delicious devils), which renders it its characteristic colour. Vanilla is the most common flavouring of these chocolates, though sometimes it may be accompanied with others. When it comes to white chocolates, it is best to go for brands like Godiva, Divine, Prestige of Belgium white chocolate, etc.
  •  Dark Chocolate: If you are on a diet, or are suffering from diabetes but still love to gorge on chocolates, well then you have found your choco-mate. The content of the cocoa solids is very high in these where as milk solids are close to non-existent. Dark chocolates come in varying degrees of sweetness depending upon cocoa content in them. The higher the cocoa content will be, the lesser will be its sweetness. If you are looking for the perfect baking dark chocolate then the ideal one is a semi-sweet dark chocolate. If the one you intend to send the gift to loves dark chocolate then go for the bitter-sweet ones and send the over with the help of chocolates online delivery services. Some of the famous brands for dark chocolate are Lindt, Green and Black’s, Pierre Marcolini, etc.

A tip in time: Never ever gift unsweetened chocolates, since they are not meant for eating, but entirely for cooking and baking. However if you have budding chef at home, you can always send these for them to experiment with!