Why Are Cakes Essential Part of All Parties?

March 29th, 2020

A party isn’t a party without a cake. We cut cakes for almost all celebrations like anniversaries, engagement parties, birthdays, promotions, marriages, etc. Yet when and how did we start, the culture of cutting cakes is still unknown for many people. The first real birthday cake is thought to have been made in Middle age Germany. The Germans will celebrate with a cake, the birthdays of babies. Cakes have initially been a bread-like product, and later it evolved into a much sweeter version.
Nevertheless, due to the high-priced ingredients, these kinds of cakes were only affordable by the wealthy, upper class. Food and kitchen utensils were made more available in the 18th century, and thus accessible. With that, the price of cakes fell significantly, and the number of cakes created increased considerably. These days there are a lot of varieties of cake for all occasions like three-layered wedding cakes with white icing, personalized birthday cakes with messages on it, etc.

Most western cultures are celebrating their birthdays today with cake, lit candles, and a birthday song. In general, the number of candles reflects the age of the person being celebrated. Many believe a silent wish must be made when all the candles are going out with one breath.
There are a variety of cakes offered, some of them are,

Eggless cakes
Eggless cake contains no eggs, while egg cakes contain eggs. In a cake, the egg is used to create lightness. The lightness is produced in other ways, in an eggless cake. It is replaced by mashed bananas, milk, baking soda, tofu and so on and eggs can be avoided

Sponge Cakes
Sponge cakes are light-filled cakes with an airy texture. They come in various sizes, flavours and shapes. These may be iced or frosted or covered with sugar or left plain. You may serve them as a baked cake. What they have in common is their texture and the ingredients, which make them a sponge.

Chocolate cakes
Chocolate cakes are the ones that have chocolate as one of its main ingredients. The chocolates used in making chocolate cakes might be dark or white chocolate or cocoa powder. These days, the icing used also comes in chocolate flavour.

Gluten-free cakes or sugar-free cakes
For people who are gluten intolerant, there are also gluten-free cakes. Sugar-free cakes are also available where for diabetic patients.

The cakes also come in a lot of flavours like butterscotch, strawberry, vanilla, etc. It also comes in various sizes and shapes based on your requirements. You can always get personalized cakes with personalized messages written on them.

Though there are a lot of bakeries around the locality you live in, with the help of online services, you can quickly get the cake delivered to the desired location without you picking it up and giving it on your own. No matter where the recipient is, you can quickly get it delivered to the office, home, or wherever they are. And it saves you a way more lot of time and energy too in an economical way.