Understanding the Difference Between Various Chocolate Types

October 18th, 2019


Chocolate acquires its magnificent taste from the cacao bean. However, if you notice cacao beans developing, you will not feel like eating them. Cocoa by itself is essentially quite bitter, thus one more ingredient need to be added to make the treats tasty.  At times, a chocolate can have as less as ten percent cocoa! Even though the amount of cocoa is less still the chocolate tends to be yummy. So, here the question is what is the actual difference among flavours of chocolate? Primarily, this difference lies in how much of the actual cacao bean is incorporated into the chocolate when compared with other ingredients.

Primary Ingredients

All chocolate comprises chocolate liquor, which in spite of its name was not meant for cocktails. To prepare chocolate liquor, cacao beans are fermented and roasted.  Once fermented, the kernels are taken out and ground to form a pasty fluid.  This fluid might then be hardened in moulds to make bitter chocolate, pressed to lessen the cocoa butter content, and then crushed to make cocoa powder, or mixed with sugar and more cocoa butter to make sweet chocolate.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is very well-liked for chocolate bars. For a chocolate to be called milk chocolate, it should contain no less than twelve percent milk. This can be in the form of regular liquid milk, milk powder, condensed milk, or any combination of those. Milk chocolate also typically comprises cocoa butter and sugar.

Milk chocolate is also necessary to hold at least ten percent cocoa liquor. Basically, as long as your treat contains ten and 25 percent chocolate liquor and also includes milk, it is milk chocolate.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates have anywhere from 18 to 99 percent cocoa. Check with the label of your chocolate treat to find out precisely how much cocoa it comprises. Keep in mind that treats with increased chocolate liquor content will be far bitterer, so if you are looking for a sweet treat you will want to look for one with adequate sugar to stabilize out the bitterness of the liquor.

Unsweetened chocolate is made of unadulterated chocolate liquor mixed with a fat – typically cocoa butter. It is also known as baking chocolate or bitter chocolate. The flavour of this chocolate is powerful, but it is not typically eaten on its own. Rather, unsweetened chocolate is used for making brownies, cookies, cakes and similar foods.

White Chocolate

This chocolate is made from sugar and cocoa butter and comprises no cocoa solids. Cocoa powders are made by removing almost all of the cocoa butter from chocolate liquor and enabling the solids to dry up. They are then grounded. There are two major types of cocoa powder – natural, which is more acidic and Dutch process.

Compound chocolate indicates cocoa mixed with vegetable fats like palm oil. Not an actual chocolate, this is part of “chocolate flavoured confectioneries” and “chocolatey coatings”. Few white chocolates are also made devoid of cocoa butter and fall into this group.

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