Types of Chocolate That One Can Send In a Chocolate Basket

March 31st, 2016

Chocolates are such an indulgent treat, and who doesn’t like them? They are creamy, smooth, sweet, and most importantly, they are delicious. Giving someone chocolates during their birthday is something that people do all over the world, and is a much-appreciated trend and something that should never die.

So when you live in a place where such an exotic treat is available for you twenty-four seven, it doesn’t take very long for services like chocolate by post to come up. These services have made life so much easier in terms of gift giving. Gone are the days when you had to pray and hope that the parcel you sent to your sister for her birthday gets to her on her birthday.

Today, you can just call the chocolate delivery company on the day of the birthday or anniversary and have them deliver a beautiful chocolate parcel to the person, whose birthday or anniversary it is.

As a result of this, the question that comes is regarding the type of chocolate that you can send over and what size will the parcel be.

Here are the few types of chocolate that you can choose when you think of sending someone a chocolate basket.

  • Dark chocolate: Just like its name, this chocolate is a deep, almost black, coloured beauty. These taste bitter because the cocoa content in them is a lot higher than the regular milk chocolate ones. Also, dark chocolate is said to be good for your health as well. So not only will you be giving someone a delicious treat, it will also be good for him or her.
  • Milk chocolate: These are the ones that are light brown in colour and are sweeter in comparison to dark chocolate. A lot of people prefer milk chocolate over dark because they prefer their chocolate to be sweet. The reason why this chocolate is sweet is because of a higher milk content, so all your dairy milk and nestle chocolate bars come under this category.
  • Semi-sweet chocolate: This is the variety of chocolate that is somewhere in between dark and milk chocolate, but it tends to lean more towards the dark, resulting in it having an echo of bitterness. Not only are these chocolates delicious to eat, they are also perfect for baking purposes because they do not overpower the sweetness in the dish.
  • White chocolate: As the name suggests, these are entirely white and are really sweet. They are not exactly chocolate since white chocolate doesn’t have a whole lot of cocoa in it. The two main ingredients here are milk and vanilla. These chocolates go really great with almond-based dishes.

Ordering chocolate baskets from any delivery site from the internet is so simple and easy. Make sure that the company, from whom you are ordering the item from, has an outlet in the city where it is supposed to be delivered to. The array of chocolate to choose from are massive and every item is as delectable as the next one.