Types Of Cakes You Can Choose For Gifting Your Loved Ones

January 7th, 2019

It is impossible to celebrate any occasion without cutting cake. Cakes are a quintessential part of any celebration whether it is birthday, anniversary, farewell, baby shower, reception, graduation; Mother’s/ Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, so on and so forth. What makes cake so amazing is the variety of choices available.

You can get the birthday cake delivery online on the said date and place once you place the order choosing from a variety of options. Here’s a look at some of the delicious cakes that you can order online:

  • Chocolate cake

Just like chocolates, no one can ever say NO to a chocolate cake. Even in chocolate cake you can find a lot of variety. A cake filled with loads of chocolate frosting is quite tempting. Excess Chocolate and chocolate truffle cakes are quite popular and one of the most preferred cakes for any occasions, especially birthdays.

  • Fruit cake

Fruit cake is another delicious option which not only tastes heavenly but also looks attractive. The white creamy cake when adorned with colourful fruits is a sight to behold! It is very tempting and favourite cake for fruit lovers.

  • Plum Cake

Who said you can have plum cake only on Christmas? If a friend or loved one loves plum cake, why not get it custom-made on order for their birthday. Even few online shops offer the flexibility of customization in cakes.

  • Strawberry cake

People who love strawberry are a fan of strawberry cake. The pink cake adorned with strawberries on the top is perfect for a wedding reception, birthday, Valentine day or baby shower. You can even make a choice if you want a round or square cake.

  • Pineapple cake

This may be relatively a lesser chosen cake but there are people who love pineapple flavour and prefer ordering it or getting custom made for themselves or someone they know who loves pineapple.

  • Chocolate chip cake

Another variation in the chocolate cake is the chocolate chip cake. It contains loads of chocolate chips inside the cake as well as is covered on top with chocolate chips which simply melt in your mouth when you take a bite of the cake.

  • Red Velvet cake

Just like chocolate cake, there are many people who are diehard fan of red-velvet cake. For some people the colour itself is quite attractive. There are people who prefer red-velvet cake for Christmas as it goes with the Christmas vibe. Others love to gorge on the beautiful heart-shaped red velvet cake on Valentine’s Day.

  • Butter scotch cake

If you love butter scotch ice cream, you are going to love the butter scotch flavour cake as well. It is one of the yummiest and creamiest cakes that you will want to have again and again.

  • Tier cakes

If you have a penchant for classy looking cake or have more guests coming over, ordering a 2 or 3 tier cake is one of the best ideas. Even here, you can pick from a lot of variety.

If a loved one or a friend stays at a distant location, why not send birthday cake online as you can pick from a wide variety and get it delivered at any location across the Uworld.

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