Try These 5 Types Of Gift Hampers When It Comes To Sending Gifts To Your Loved Ones

September 12th, 2017

When it comes to gift selection, most of get very confused in what to purchase and what not. In such times of confusion, gift hampers happen to be one of the most suitable and convenient gift options. A hamper originally refers to a basket that has a handle and a lid attached to it. One can most commonly see its use in the olden days as a picnic basket that would be used to carry around to carry cutlery and picnic food.

Over the years, the traditions of picnics have worn out and hence the use of these picnic baskets declined severely. But with the option of gift hamper, the utilization is still going on.

In today’s article I would be telling about a few types of gift hampers that I keep in mind when I have hampers delivered uk:

  1. Wine hamper- as the name suggests the wine hamper has a collection of different types of wine, cork screw and also wine glasses. This is a very sophisticated gift and one may use it as a gift option for semi formal events. For instance, you could take a wine hamper when visiting your boss’ for dinner, or if invited to a friend’s home. Going to an invited house empty handed is considered ill manners. What could be better than a wine hamper?
  2. Food hamper- this is one of the most popular type of hampers. Now you could either have food items such as meat and bread or a combination of fruits and canned nuts or pies and muffins. The choice is totally up to you.
  3. Sympathy hamper- these hampers are given to those who are going through a tough time especially like dealing with the loss of a loved one. These hampers are sent to express grief and concern. One can choose to gift anything in these hampers. It could have scented candles, or fruits and nuts, or food items. Anything that shows concern and love makes a great sympathy hamper.
  4. Baby basket- often when we are invited to a baby shower, we know that there are several things that the mommy-to be would be needing. In such cases baby baskets deals with all the necessary items that are needed for example, pacifiers, bibs, bottles, rattles etc. one can also gift all the toiletries that the baby will be needing, like shampoo, oils, powder, soap etc. In addition to these, you could gift baby shoes, blankets and pillow. You may choose nay combination you like.
  5. The spa basket- the spa hamper contains all the bathing items that one needs to pamper themselves. Such basket specifically contains bath salts, scented candles, aromatic soaps and gels. You could gift this to someone you know has quite a stressful routine, this will get them delighted.

So these were a few hamper ideas that one could choose from, depending on the various types of occasions that comes by your life. And just in case you are too busy, you also have the benefit of hampers delivery by post.

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