The Fatless Cake!

June 20th, 2015

Yes, you read right. We often forget that cakes can be fat free too. If you skip some regular ingredients and opt for others then you can eat a healthy cake. Like, a walnut and dates cake obtains its sweetness from dates and not sugar. This cake is extremely good for people on a diet and diabetics.

If you are all set to make the fruity sponge cake then keep reading…

The preparation time of the cake is 10 minutes and the baking time is around 25 minutes. So, in about 45 minutes, you can cook a perfectly amazing fruity sponge cake!

Things you need:

  • A little butter or vegetable oil for greasing the baking pan
  • 50 grams of plain flour
  • 3 table spoon cornflour
  • 1 tease spoon of baking powder
  • 4 eggs, the yolk and white should be separated
  • 175g caster sugar

Now, the things you need for the filling inside are:

  • 295 grams mandarin slices
  • 200grams of low-fat from age frais or fro mage blanc (also known as white cheese)
  • And lastly a little icing sugar for dusting

Here is how you have to prepare this delicious yet fat free cake: –

  • Pr-heat the oven to about 180 degrees. Then grease the base and sides of your baking pans. If you are using sandwich tins to cook then use a greaseproof paper.
  • Then in a container, filter the flour and baking powder together with the help of a huge netted funnel.
  • Beat the egg whites with an electric beater and keep going until it is stiff. Gradually add sugar to the mixture and keep beating at a faster pace. Now whisk the egg yolks in the whites’ mixture.
  • Add rest of the ingredients for the cake in the egg and sugar mixture and keep stirring until it is properly assorted.
  • Now put the mix in the baking pans which we had greased earlier and level the tins well. Bake for around 20 minutes until it puffs up and has a light golden color. Insert a toothpick in the middle to check if the stick comes out clean. This indicates that your cake is well baked.
  • Let this sponge cake rest in the containers and leave it to cool. After few minutes, gently take them out of the pans and let it cool from the bottom too.
  • Now for the filling, you need to mix the mandarin pieces and the low fat from age fries together in a bowl. Make sure the peels are in tiny cuts and not large ones. Large pieces can disturb while eating. Apply this in between the sponge cakes.
  • Make sure that all the filling has been put properly in between the two cakes. Once done, dust with some icing sugar on the topmost layer and serve it.

This cake is famously eaten during breakfast hours. Bake for your loved ones and spread happiness. If you are too lazy to bake at home, then send cakes by post UK from an online gift store.