The Concept Of Celebration

June 27th, 2018

The concept of celebrating a particular day has been prevalent since the time the human civilization started. We celebrate in order to enjoy, in order to feel special and wanted. Celebration of festivals, which can be religious, cultural or social, boosts our energy. We end up meeting our friends and relatives after a long time and that celebration forms our memory, and we really live in memories. However, in recent times the entire idea of celebration has changed. Life has become too fast and hectic. People rather choose to celebrate forcefully by taking time out to laugh and relax. The emergence of laughing clubs, meditation centers, yoga institutes, dance and music institutes have come up to provide relaxation to people, and relieve them of stress.

Gifts And Celebration

No celebration is complete without gifts and food. Now days TV reality shows are telecasted on every festival to add to the celebration. People in large numbers, participate in these shows. The show comprises of various activities which the participants need to complete within a stipulated time and the winner usually receives gift or gift hampers. These gift hampers are sponsored by different companies in order to promote their products among masses. This is a type of marketing tactic to increase sales and overall profitability.

Types Of Hampers

Initially gift hampers were limited to sweets and snacks, as every festival, every celebration or every auspicious day was associated with having a sweet bite. But with the growing health consciousness of people, sweet hampers are gradually getting replaced. Gift hampers as said earlier are also very good marketing tool for companies. Sweet hampers have been replaced by fruit hampers, mostly imported. This is also a strategy for the International companies to launch themselves abroad. Hampers such as dry fruits, spices, edible oil, cakes and cookies are increasingly becoming popular, since the tastes and preferences of people are changing with the changing times.

Festivals And Gift Hampers

Gift hampers have seen their popularity not only in TV reality shows but also in real life. India especially is a land of festivals, with so many religious communities living in a single country. Festival means exchange of gifts. Festivals such as Diwali, Eid, Dusshera, Holi etc, boost the sale of gift hampers in the market. Recently gift hampers such as fresh fruit hampers, chocolate hampers, perfume and cosmetic hampers have come up. Exchange of gifts increases our bonding with people and as said earlier, that we live only in memories, celebrations and exchange of gifts increases our good memories with friends and relatives.

Festivals are celebrated to hold our traditional practices as they form the core of our belief system and cultural practices. On the other hand social gatherings along with cultural festivals are organized by social groups or communities of a particular area, so that people residing in a particular area get to know each other, thereby living harmoniously. Such arrangements are also made in offices, inviting the individual’s family to participate in the functions. These are done in offices to strengthen the bonds among colleagues, so that they get to know each other better, and realize that they have a life even beyond their office.

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