Why Should You Consider Buying Personalized Cakes for Your Loved One’s Birthday?

November 26th, 2021

Most people have a big, beautiful cake at their event or function, whether it be a birthday party, a wedding, or even an anniversary function, but have you ever considered the benefits of personalised cakes over the all-day cake you buy from a store? The traditional cake is fine too, but the cake should reflect your personality for an important occasion like a birthday! This is why many prefer a custom cake over an ordinary one. It can be argued that cakes are a very important aspect of an event since it gives the guests a way to commemorate it in a useful manner.

 Therefore, no function is complete without a special cake! It doesn’t matter the type of cake; it’s always a crowd-pleaser. Whether it’s the flavour, the look, or the presentation, it’s all amazing. One of the most exciting aspects of owning a perfect cake is that one can customize it so that it will fit any occasion. The perfect cake can lift any mood, add a little sweetness, and add joy to any occasion. Following are some benefits of getting yourself a personalized cake:

  • Depicts a lot about your personality: There is no point in having a party without adding any hint of your personality to it. You need an attractive cake to complete your event. Therefore, custom-made cakes are a reflection of you and about who you are as a person. You can customize the cakes to add your thoughts and personality to your event, so if you are looking for a way to complete the event with your personal touch, this is how you can do it.
  • Gives the receiver a memorable experience: You need to show that even though the occasion is being celebrated, you have taken the extra step to make it more special. That is how you can make it more memorable than it is. If you want cakes, go for the best custom cakes available to make your event stand out. Organizers should give an unforgettable experience to the birthday child and guests by ordering a custom cake. By ordering a cake, attendees will feel like they are part of the event.
  • They are price-effective: You might find it surprising to learn that choosing a personalized cake can be cost-effective. Different factors affect how much a customized cake will cost. In addition to the labour and delivery fees, the flavours, styling, and add-ons are usually charged separately. However, these can be tailored to fit your specific needs and deliver the flavours of your taste. Additionally, you can customize how the cake looks.
  • Can be made to match the theme of your party: The cake may not always look good when it has nothing to do with the event or the person it is celebrating. Guests are very attentive to everything that is done at the event. However, when you see a custom-made cake, it is bound to seem perfect.

So, now you would have got the benefits of having a personalized cake for your special events, which can make them more special. 

Send Customized Picture Cakes And Surprise Your Loved Ones

November 18th, 2020

Cakes are desserts that, during holidays and festivals, have become an essential part of the dining table. Cakes are also a sign of caring for your loved ones and longings. Without a cake-cutting ceremony, no big or small celebration is considered complete. The enjoyment of the party is enhanced by a delicious cake and makes it unforgettable. Customization often adds to the cake the extra charm and elegance as it lets the recipient feel that you are unique.

You can get personalized birthday cakes for any occasions. Some cakes contain personal messages written in icing on end. Others may have favourite superheroes or cartoon characters hanging out to wish you a happy birthday. However, the new trend is for a cake to feature a picture of the person who celebrates the birthday or anniversary.

Those special treats are called picture cakes. The picture on the top of the cake looks like one you might see on your wall in a frame. The difference, however, is that the picture on your cake can be eaten.

How do these picture cakes work?

Thanks to modern technology, creating an edible image that can be used as a cake decoration is a reasonably easy procedure today. First, one needs the picture that you want to put on the cake. You’re good to go if you have a digital photograph that is high in resolution.

You can then print an edible photo, just as you would print a photo on a printer at home. With the right materials, some home printers will print edible images. Select printers that are only used to produce edible photos in most bakeries that make photo cakes. You only need two more things if you have a digital picture file and a printer: paper and ink.

In general, the material used for edible images is referred to as “icing paper” or “frosting sheets.” They made the earliest versions of icing paper out of rice. There are many different kinds of icing paper and frosting sheets available today, however. They are made from a range of compounds, including potatoes, corn starch, and mixtures of sugar and starch. Similarly, non-toxic, edible inks are used on the icing paper or frosting sheets to print the images. These special inks are made from food colouring and sugar.

There are very little texture and no noticeable taste in most edible images. On a moist surface, such as the top of a frosted cake, they are built to dissolve. The photo looks like it was printed directly onto the top of the cake itself until applied and dissolved.

Send customized cakes online

Over the years, technology has improved, and happily enough for all, it has reached the point that edible printers, inks, and papers are now available to make decorating a lot easier. You can now easily send personalized cakes with an image of your loved one that we will get it embossed on the cake.

A lovely selection of online picture cakes in a variety of types and designs. These cakes can be ordered from the comfort of home and sent on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year and other special occasions to surprise your loved ones. You only need to have an image of the recipient to personalize the cake.

Different Types Of Cakes For Different Occasions

July 13th, 2020

Many festivals are coming, and they carry our desire to have sweet,delicious stuff – particularly cakes. If it is a birthday party, an engagement or a regular party — there’s typically one thing that’s common — a cake. We all love to enjoy cakes on those occasions. On these days we are also busy with so many other issues.Which cake exactly are we going to get on that particular day, and how are we getting it? etc. A pretty cake ready which can be delivered to the place will be an absolute delight.

The cake is the perfect mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, and flavours is the world that serves us on all occasions. Occasions are those moments when candy and healthy food make our day.When you have world of cakes at your fingertips for all your special occasions, you shouldn’t care much about the sweet stuff. There are several types of cakes, andyou can also get personalized birthday cakes. There are also eggless cakes available these days, and this has also opened the cakes door to the pure vegetarians.

A vivid contrast cake in red will do for marriage or anniversary.

A red velvet cake will be the perfect option for enhancing the joy and excitement of the moment, such as marriage or Anniversary. Thanks to the combination of lovely colours, this cake ‘s ravishing look make an endearing treat for the occasion. The combination of the red and white colour is unusual and complements each other with its contrast.Red indicates strength, affection, passion and energy while white represents innocence, calm, clarity, and harmony. Red velvet cake is one of the delicious cakes on your friend’s special occasion and would offer a bright smile.

Cakes based on your favourite flavour are perfect for meetings.

When after a long time you meet with your friends and family, you can get lovely and sweet cakes to add joy and happiness to your festivities. There are different flavours in cakes such as chocolate, mango, raspberry, pineapple, red velvet, etc. This mouthful of joy and happiness would make one worth remembering for your get-together. Chocolate truffle cake the one that can be used as a lovely choice for moments of get-together too.Chocolate is such a flavour that is most widely used in desserts, and the chocolate truffle cake will bring back many of your childhood memories.

Get a personalized cake for kids.

You can go for the customized or personalized cakes for the loving kids at home where you can have a cake in the perfect form of a cartoon character that the kids love. Or you can add his photo to your kid’s cake and get the custom cake for a beautiful birthday celebration. Specific cartoon-shaped cakes such as ChhotaBheem, Superman, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Batman, etc. are gaining fame due to the indulgence of different colours and glitters over the cake.

There are many online platforms from which you can order the cake you want and get it delivered to the desired location.