Unique Ways By Which You Could Celebrate Your Birthday This Year

May 11th, 2020

All of us are aware of the incentives you avail during your birthdays? Irrespective of your age or gender birthdays are a special occasion in our lives. Be it the birthday of your siblings, parents, kids or your wife this occasion presents an opportunity for you to bond together. It showcases one year where you have grown up and adapted to the various changes. A feeling exists that you have gone on to complete one year of your journey in life. This is the day when you entered this planet. You are bound to feel special on this day as people wish and convey their regards. Some might even order birthday cake online for you. The best part is that you are presented with various gifts and goodies.

Your mother could make things picture-perfect or even it is a great sight to see them make your favourite sweet. Just remember that birthday is not a day where you are going to add one number, but it is the good deeds that you have achieved in life. Try to make one resolution on your birthday and make sure to fulfil it. You should be matured from the previous year and analyse on how things have gone this year. It is necessary to figure out how you have evolved over time. A suggestion is to make this event special by celebrating it in such a way that is bound to make it special.

To celebrate your birthday this coming year there are certain unique ways to explore. Do remember that most solace is found within you or in isolation.

  •  A personalized birthday cake- you can treat yourself with love and respect. Do everything that you expect from others. The key is to be aware of what is your worth. You have to be a person in life who loves himself or herself. Once you love yourself you can only expect the same intensity of love from others. The feeling that you deserve from others you tend to get. Now, this birthday tries to celebrate by your own self looking at the mirror and to experience one hell of a ride.

You want to treat yourself with loyalty and luxury. Opt for a session at a spa or a long bubble bath. You can even head over to the salon and opt for a nice hair massage. If you are nature freak you can enjoy this birthday in the lap of nature. You can enjoy the air along with the bridges and order food to have a great blast. You can order online birthday cakes and share them with your friends. Ideally, you can surprise yourself once you resort to such a mechanism as it would be a great way to surprise yourself. Just see how it feels when you are bound to love yourself.

On the other hand, if you are looking to spread the message of happiness on this birthday. Then you can visit an orphanage and shower the younger lot with gifts.

Six Fun Things To Do On Your Best Friend’s Birthday

April 26th, 2020

Just as your birthday is special to you, so is your best friend’s birthday an extraordinary day in your life. As a friend, it is your duty to make your friend’s birthday a happening and a memorable one. This may imply that you have to don the robe of the party planner. All these years you must have taken your best friend out for lunch or dinner at a good restaurant or sent online birthday cakes. However, this year, you may try out newer things on your friend’s birthday. We list below six fun things to do on your best friend’s birthday.

  • Hit up at the bowling alley – Bowling may sound a simple birthday party idea, but it is surely a fun one. Get your entire group of friends together for some bowling fun. You could even dress up according to a theme.
  • Plan for a movie night – Instead of going the usual way of watching a movie at a movie hall and splurging money on eatables and tickets, why not organize a movie party at home for your best friend’s birthday party. You can also compile your best friend’s favourite movies and watch it together. There is no better way to celebrate your friend’s birthday by watching a movie in your cosy home atmosphere, tucked inside a blanket and munching on your favourite homemade snacks.
  • Organize a picnic – You can invite all the loved ones of your best friends for a day picnic in a park. Chilling under the sun, playing indoor and outdoor games, sipping squashes and munching on candies can make for a great birthday for your best friend.
  • Schedule a yoga or dance class – A healthy way to treat your best friend on her birthday is by scheduling a private yoga or dance class for her/him and the entire gang of friends. If your friend is a fitness geek, this would definitely make her happy.
  • Treat at a spa salon – Birthday is one day in which you get all the attention and pampering. You may make your best friend feel special by planning a full day at a spa. This definitely depends on the budget that you have. If money is not a constraint, you can treat your friend at a luxurious spa. If your budget is limited, you can gift her/him do-at-home facial masks and other cosmetic products.
  • Organize a food party – If your friend is a foodie, you can organize a food party in your home. Prepare our best friends favourite food and drinks and invite all your friends to have some incredibly lip-smacking food. We are sure this would bring more happiness than treating a friend at a restaurant.

We are sure, all of the above unique and fun ways along with placing order birthday cake online, will definitely bring a smile on your friends face and the memories will be cherished for a long time to come.

10 Most Adorable Smash Cakes for Your 1 Year Old

May 25th, 2016

Smash cakes are the latest sensation of birthday parties for one year olds. It is a fun way to introduce your child to the spongy creamy world of cakes and let him fascinate with its beautiful flavors in his own way. Smash cakes are not birthday cakes but are just small cakes made for the guest of honor i.e. your child. They are given to the kid to dig into it with hands and enjoy the scrupulous cake while playing with it. Since, uptil one year most kids have not eaten much of sugar, so getting on a smash cake with a bang is a really funny and exciting moment for both the parents and the kid as well.

Nowadays, it is easier to order birthday cake online, so if you are efficient enough you can bake a smash cake on your own for the kid and save some bucks because ultimately it has to be destroyed by the little player. So you won’t have to worry much about the cake and the money but just let the kid enjoy his precious time. There are distinct types of smash cakes that one can get for her kid’s first birthday. Since it is a memorable event, you would like to capture it on camera for sure.

Sprinkled Smash cake

When all creativity fails, bring your cake some sprinkles to make the topping. It can be of one color like pink or blue or multicolored.

Simple white cake

It can be a plain cake with white frosting and some colorful syrup strips to make it more presentable.

Simple Blue & red cake

Bake the cake with blue frosting and put some polka dots with red frosting on it. It will be a smashing cake.

M&M Smash cake

Bake the chocolate cake with some M&Ms covering all over it. Most kids would certainly go to pick the M&Ms first. Yes, they are tempting!

The 1 Cake

You want to go directly to show it in the cake? Just get this classic one cake of vanilla flavor carving the number 1 beautifully into a smashing cake.

Plain Little Green Cake

Bake a plain cake with green fondant to cover it. Put a little multi color candle to simply make it adorable. It is a great cake to be smashed by your toddler who enjoys to play in cream.

Colorful Candy Cake

Get this pretty plain white cake with multi color frosting on the edges and with a colorful big candy to ornament it in the center. It would be a great attraction for the toddler to enjoy the colorful candy along with delicious cake bites.

The Giant Cup Cake

It is a trendy cup cake a little upsized to let your kid fully indulge into its base. It can be of any flavor from creamy vanilla, to chocolate fudge. Cover the topping with white frosting and add some colors of dots with your choice.

Cheerio Cake

This cheerio cake is perfect if you are short of cake materials especially frosting and toppings. You simply bake a mango or orange flavored cake and decorate it with cheerio delights. Ta da!!! Cake is ready to be smashed.

Naked Layered Cake

This awesome cake comes with layers with vanilla butter cream and strawberry jam sandwiched between two layers of moist sponge cake. You can easily make this cake delivery if you are out of time or have no skills to make it.