Best cost effective treatments to increase you face glow

April 2nd, 2015

Skin care is one of the most emerging touchy areas of women concern. And form ages women pay attention to it. It’s a great reality that skin undergoes many changes with time and aging. And the most appealing site of the picture is that we can slow down and even stop the effects with effective skin care. The markets are loaded with skin care products. You can find a cleanser from $5- $150 and thus you get confused that product will actually be affective and if you make price as a standard then budget can be a big problem. No doubt that many companies have made remarkable products with huge researches and they are very effective too but no one can deny the effect of natural products use.

If you love to use a cream that have Aloe Vera extracts then why not go for fresh aloe Vera for your skin? It will be more beneficial for our skin. But a little lazy trend gives so many places to the artificial and full of chemical products. We find is convent to just open our bottle of cream and apply rather than going to the kitchen and making a chemical free fresh skin mask. But believe me these few treatment will not only increase you facial glow but also there are less costly. Even when on a Christmas days you want to gift something unique to you friend you can make a Christmas gift UK by combining the list of product mention here and present it with this amazing tricks of glowing skin.

Milk cream and almond cleanser:

It is a great cleanser to clean up the skin and remove all the dirt along with nourishing the skin and give it essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Take 3 table spoon of milk cream and Wisk it well, then take 5-7 almonds boil it in water and remove skin and make a paste. Add it to the cream. Apply this mixture at night on face for ten minutes. Then do a gentle message and remove it with cotton.

Lemon and vinegar toner:

Classic toner which will help to remove all the dirt form the face and leaves your skin soft and healthy

  • Take one table spoon lemon and half table spoon vinegar. Mix it with one table spoon of water.

Fruit facial mask:

A rich mask which is packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals for a health glowing skin and very easy to make.

Take half table spoon pulp of banana, orange and tomato and mix it with one table spoon of honey and apply to the skin for ten minutes for marvelous glowing results

Aloe Vera and honey mask:

The two most health and nourishing products for skin aloe Vera and honey when combined to make a mask the results will be unbelievable

Take 2 table spoon of honey and mix it 3 table spoons of aloe Vera gel and apply to face and neck after cleansing. You will see the different in minutes.

5 Exciting Christmas Hampers for a lasting Impression

March 25th, 2015

This Christmas time is special. It’s the time of joy and happiness. Sharing the moments with the loved one makes it more enchanting and memorable. On the time of Christmas we always wonder what to gift to our loved one? There are great sales going on these days, one can find most of the stuff very good pieces event then the fever of our gift rejection always makes put us in a worrying situation. In such case Christmas Hampers are the best option, as they are loaded with miscellaneous items that not only give it variety but also have a less probability that the hamper will be gone wasted especially if it contains some eatables along with other gifts.  So now you don’t have to worry. We have 5 great ideas for gifts hampers that will sought out your problem.

Christmas Hampers

Chocolate Hamper:

The craze of chocolate is on the top in Christmas day, not only they are available on good price but also people enjoy eating it as it gives a sense of internal happiness and joy. Even those who are on weight watching diet or have diabetic issues, they can’t stop them self from eating chocolate and the best reason they have is that it’s the time of joy so eating some on Christmas day will not hurt that much. So whenever you get confused in the gift selection. You have one warm welcoming gift option always available i.e. a chocolate hamper gift. You can make one by yourself on select form a huge variety available in markets.

Cookies and cake Hamper:

It is the love of every child and adult, cookies and cakes. God knows why there is so hell of attraction in all these cookies and cake stuff that no matter how much you eat the craving never stops. And its craze is on its peak on and near the Christmas days. So the gift of cookies and cake hamper will never go wasted. And it will also sizzle up the party time with this hamper.

Party time Hampers:

Christmas is a time to call for parties. Enjoying the time with family and friend is the biggest joy. So increase the charm of the occasion by gifting party time hampers. These hampers are loaded with wine, champions, wafers, cookies, crackers. Chips, nuts, jams, cheese, butter, creams and other stuff that will make your any time a party time. These hamper are having a great liking by the receiver and has no possibility of going wasted. And your gift will be remembered for years.

Personal accessories hamper:

These types of hampers are easily available in the market and you can also make at home. They are loaded with products of personal use. Like toiletries, creams, lotions, cuff linkes, ties, hair accessories, hand bags, or any other things.

Fruit and nuts hamper:

The most consumed item on winters. The healthy and nutritious, whenever you want to gift to someone you really care about and you want that person to live a healthy life then gifting fruits and nuts is always the best option. It shows your true care and loving feelings for the receiver.

Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

September 22nd, 2014

While Christmas approaches, you get busy decorating the home as well as selecting gifts for friends and family.  The latter task has become more and more difficult with the sea of gifts available.

During the holiday season, one mistake that you should not commit is to select the wrong or inappropriate gifts. Here is a list of gifting gaffes you must avoid:

  • About me gift: This gift is about the giver rather than the recipient. For instance, if you get into competition with your siblings on giving the more expensive present, you will lose out on making the recipient happy by choosing what she likes. Similarly charity donations in the recipient’s name also sometimes fell into the ‘About me’ category.  This is because you might gift to a charity you like rather than to a charity close to the heart of the recipient.  Sometimes you may not give any thought to the type of charity also.

  • The re-gift: When you pass off a present you possess as a gift to others, you belittle the feelings of the recipients. Unless it is an heirloom of the family, the re-gift will not be appreciated by a recipient as it reflects that not much thought went into the gift and the gift was not chosen with the recipient’s liking in mind. But re-gifting is a common practice. The art of re-gifting is to consider whether the gift will be liked by the recipient, and then, remove all traces and signs that it is a re-gift. But most re-gifts tend to flounder as they are usually last minute ideas, picked out of desperation.

  • The statement gift: All gifts are intended to pass on a message of love and caring. But statement gifts tend to communicate certain type of disapproval or judgmental commentary targeting the recipient. For instance, a mother kept giving her daughter a dress two sizes smaller than hers every Christmas. It was meant to inspire her to lose weight, but ended up making her feel unloved and belittled.

  • The well meant misfire: Misfired gifts happen during the time when you suffer from momentary lapses of empathy. You are not thinking of the recipient but only about yourself. Such mistakes often happen in the stress of holiday shopping.

  • The passive-aggressive gift: Passive aggression is hostility wrapped in soft bunting. It is special type of statement gift which when handed over is meant to deliver a blow to the ego of the recipient.  For instance, presenting some luscious chocolate to a friend who has just successfully lost weight is a sign of jealousy rather than kindness.

  • Non-gift: This is an item the recipient would have purchased anyway. The worst of the lost are major purchases made without consulting the recipient and exudes the ‘about me’ message.

  • Ties, Celebrity perfumes and iPods: The silk tie is the most clichéd gift you could get for your man. It reminds him of the worst thing –his job.  Gifting cologne indicates that you think he stinks. An iPod is a hackneyed idea as most people already own one.

These are some of the worst gift ideas for Christmas. Why go in for such obviously wrong choices when you can impress with simple and thoughtful gifts like fruit, flower or hobby Christmas hampers by post.