Valentine’s Day with a TWIST!!!

February 7th, 2013

Usually Valentine’s Day comes with a very sweet, charming and passionate feeling towards our loved ones. People express their feelings through unique and innovative ways to impress their loved ones and make this day special for them. However any relationship seems to be lifeless until it has some humor in it. So we thought about bringing you a series of funny, interesting and unusual love quotes to make this Valentine’s Day exciting and memorable for your loved ones.
The First Part of the Series is based on humorous and some unusual Love quotes.
Love is a box of chocolates. It is here to enhance the sweetness of our relation but not your weight.
• Love is blind so am I, until I see You.
• The dentist asked me the reason of pain in my cheek bones, I told him about YOU, as the reason of my lasting smile.
• People told me to write about my cheerful love life. I told them my grammar sucks for writing an inspirational book.
• My social life is described by You, Me & US.
• You might be someone’s first love, but I want to make you mine forever.
• Ah, I forgot your name. Can I call You mine? And in case you forgot my name too, call me Yours.
• Love is a drug which even doctors would love to overdose.
• I wanted to give you my complete heart but that little naughty cupid bruised it with its arrow.

Share these amusing love quotes with your special ones and cheer them up this humorous Valentine’s Day. We would love to hear your versions of humorous love quotes.