Gifts For The Woman Who Had Been There From The Making To The Made!

May 8th, 2017

Knock! Knock! It is that time of the year again when there is a dire need of a checklist of special gifts. Well, it is not the Valentine’s week we are talking about; it is the special occasion of mother’s day. Though a single phone call from you can make your mum happy, yet a special gift for her is a mandate on this occasion. Flower bouquets, assorted chocolates, perfumes or novels from her all time favorite author- send over her simple favorites with online services of gift hampers UK. Here listing down a few out of the box gift ideas and new wraps for them.

Here’s something beautiful for your beautiful mum

Mothers are on duty for 24×7 throughout the year without any day-offs- yes they take day offs from work, only to engross more into the needs of her loved ones. This mother’s day plan something different to make her feel special. An enroute to salon for a day can be one option. Massages, fish spa, hair spa or even a body spa can be as refreshing as ever for her- get a spa voucher for her on this occasion. In case you have a greater budget then you may plan for a holiday package for a couple of days as well- including friends for the trip can be the perfect icing on the cake.

Wrap it up in differently

Perfumes, chocolates, make-up items- put all of it a glass jar- just the like the one you can spot at the stationery shops filled with candies. A ribbon or two can do the rest of packaging, and your gift is all set. Wrapping the little tit-bits of your mum’s favorite cosmetics in a pair of fur slippers is a new idea altogether.

With the overburdening workload we are left we often miss out on a lot of chat sessions with our mums. So this mother’s day take out a little more time from your busy schedule and make it up to your mum. Put down all you have to say to your mum into short messages scribbled on colorful ‘sticky notes’ and attach each to a little gift-box. An array of colorful ribbon tied boxes, wherein you can mix n match several gift items, is definitely worth a try. In case summing up your messages in short phrases seem to be little more towards the poetic end, you can straight off write a letter to your mum and cork it up like ‘a message in a bottle’, and send it over along with her gift. For those staying far away, you can avail the services of the online stores of gift hampers UK.

They say that diamonds are a woman’s best friends- but for our super mums these precious stones are too main-stream. If your budget approves, then go for a smart gadget instead of expensive jewelry. Let her not wait for someone else to get her a cab, or to bring her food from her favorite restaurant.  A smart phone or a tablet is just a small initiative to equip the lady, with all the modern techniques of being self-dependent, who has once led you on the path of self-sufficiency and enlightenment.

Gift Hampers- The perfect gift for any occasion

March 24th, 2015

The problem of indecisiveness when looking for good gifting ideas is very common. Almost everyone has to encounter this menace from time to time. The inability to zero in on a perfect gift often drives people nuts during the holiday or the wedding season. Finally unable to come up with anything good, they are forced to go with gifts that are called the safe gifts like a box of chocolates, scented and colourful candles, expensive bubble bath, imported perfumes or office stationery. Even though these gifts do not fail, yet they lack the personal touch usually associated with gifts. Gifts like these are more often than not considered mundane and impersonal.

Why go for gift hampers?

It is simply due to its convenience that the trend of presenting gift hampers has caught on like wildfire. Gift hampers simply swap out the indecisiveness out of the idea of gifting. The guesswork needed to find the perfect gift is also taken out of the equation. Gift hampers can never be boring as it can be personalized to suit the recipient’s needs. Also, the selection of the items in the hamper can be done by the presenter to show their thoughtfulness and closeness to the recipient.

The universal gifting item

The gift hamper is the perfect gift for a finicky person. The collection of items in it makes sure that even if the person does not like one or two items; he will love the rest and still be able to appreciate the presenter’s gift and effort. These kinds of gifts can be easily presented in weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, as thank you gifts or simply as return gifts.  Hence, the gift hamper is a universal gift that can be simply handed out to anyone while safely hoping that they will love it.

Corporate gift hampers:

Corporate gift hampers in UK are also handed out in offices as a token of thanks and appreciation to the employees from the management. Some companies hand out the gift hampers to their clients during the festive season to win their good faith. The company logo on the items also serves as advertising for the company. Gift hampers, thus, enable the corporate businesses to present people with something that they will like irrespective of their gender or age.

Tips for the gift hamper

Different ideas should be used while assembling a gift hamper. Using the same safe gifts in a hamper does not make it an interesting gift. The services of a gift hamper designer can be taken to come up with a fun and original product.

Unless intended for that very purpose, presenting people with gift hampers having religious messages like “Merry Christmas” is not always welcome as not all people celebrate it. Instead a simple of wish of “Happy Holidays” would be more appropriate.

A gift hamper can be presented as a single gift to a family or a group. The recipients can choose from the items in the hamper. This reduces the presenter’s effort of individually wrapping everyone’s gifts.

How to Gift Baby Shower Hampers

March 11th, 2015

One can decorate baskets to give the new mum at her baby shower. Celebrating baby shower is a great way to congratulate a new mum and help her prepare for bringing up the new born.

One can do well by gifting a baby shower hamper based on a theme.  Especially, if the baby shower itself has a theme, one can incorporate it into the baby shower gift hamper.

Here are a few tips for creating baby shower hampers:

  • Choosing the Basket:  Select a basket, which complements your requirements. If you can afford a big budget, consider spending a little extra on beautiful wire baskets or decorative, hand crafted wicker baskets. You can give the recipient, a basket which they can use for a long time after the baby shower party, by selecting a sturdy and handsome one. Also, remember to select a basket that is large enough to hold all the goodies you have selected to gift the new mom. If you pack small items in a large basket, they will look lost, over whelmed and paltry. Or else, do something creative like making the basket with your own hands. You can learn how to do one by referring to crafts magazines.
  • Hampers Based On Themes: If the baby shower has a theme, incorporate it into the design of your baby show hamper. For a shower based on the theme of ‘birds’, choose a basket made of natural fibres. Fill it with nature related items like cleaned pine needles and place decorative eggs amidst other gift items. Some things that fits thematically in the gift hampers are egg shaped soaps. Place brooch, comb, barrette and bird shaped paper weights inside the hamper.

Instead, if the baby shower has a beach theme, the contents of your gift hamper will be different. This makes for an excellent gender-neutral gift hamper. Fill your basket with sea shells and some green ribbons to resemble sea weed. To further adhere to the theme, replace woven wicker baskets by beach pails. Try and get metal pails from crafts shops and paint them attractively in pastel shades. Fill hamper with sea shell shaped cookies, marzipan and chocolates.

  • Gender Neutral Themes: If the gender of the baby is already known, it is easy to go forward with pink and blue decorations. For a gender neutral theme, experiment with the colour palette and choose colours that do not fit the boyish or girlish stereotype. A charming and inexpensive way to decorate a hamper is using colourful ribbons. Just thread a few satin ribbons along the edges or around the handles of their basket. You can include pink and blue along with other pastels like buttercup yellow, moss green and lavender.

Decorate with silk or paper flowers. Buy ornamental butterflies and bees from local crafts shops and keep alongside the flowers. The decoration of the baby shower basket can be made complete with stars and other celestial objects. You can wind silver ribbons around the basket and fill it with moons and stars. Such ornaments can be found at online crafts shores that stock such Christmas decorations, the year round.

  • Baby Items: Fill basket with baby items. These may include stuffed toys, powder, lotions, ointments, diapers, teething rings, bibs and baby clothes. Arrange items carefully according to a colour scheme.

These are some ideas for baby shower gift hampers. Get hampers delivered by a reliable courier if you cannot do it yourself.