Celebrating Parents Day with huge bash

July 28th, 2015

Parent’s Day is a special day in everyone’s life for it gives an opportunity to express one’s gratitude to their mentors and idols- parents. Celebrated every year on the last Sunday of July, Parent’s Day has become a trend in the recent past. Started along with the celebration of mothers and father’s day, Parent’s Day holds great importance and hence is looked upon by everyone. Every child chalks out plans to make this day special for their parents as a gesture of ‘thank you’ for everything. Here are some amazing ideas, which can help to make this day a memorable one for your parents:

Gift of time: The best gift that children can give to their parents is the gift of time. Take a leave from your busy and hectic schedule and plan out a vacation or a short trip with your parents. This will give enough time for bonding with them and also help them enjoy themselves. In case, you are facing really a troublesome time in your office, make way for a great brunch or dinner and ensure you are spending couple of quality time with them. Another good option is to plan out a home cooked meal including all the savories that your parents love. This could actually be a great surprise for them. Believe it or not, but time is the best gift that one can give to your parents to bring a smile on their face.

Watch videos of the past years– This could be one of the exciting ways of celebrating Parent’s Day. Play the video tapes of past years, such as your first birthday or the day of graduation and watch it together with your parents. Watching your wedding tape can also be a good option as it will be like reviving golden memories, which are worth treasuring.

Sending flowers and gift hampers– Yes, we do understand that you are staying away and the likes of making it to your parent’s house on this D-day remains an unlikely chance. Well, the world of internet has brought gamut of options for you. With a help of few clicks, one can send flowers anywhere in the world through the option of online portal. Another alternative is gift hampers delivery, which consists of assortment of items which are as per the taste and choice of your parents. Include sweet free chocolates, savouries, fruit baskets and other items which are your parents favorite.

Throw a get-together party– A good way to help your parents enjoy is to throw a get-together party, including all your parents’ friends and colleagues. Give them a party bash with sumptuous food and vibrant music to set their mood. Let them spend their evenings merrily with the fervour of youth. Arrange some recreation such as dance, song or drama sessions, which can help them to enjoy this moment till the hilt.

With these ideas, make this Parent’s Day special for the most important people of your life!

Tips for Corporate Gifts

July 21st, 2015

Giving gifts to friends and relatives is easy. You know them, you know their likes and dislikes and what they need. That helps you in picking up just a perfect gift for them. But how do you decide gifts for the ones you don’t even know or know well like your clients, your boss, colleagues, etc. There are a lot of reasons you may need to gift in your corporate circle. It’s tough, but then what are we for? We are here to give you ideas for corporate gifting. Pay attention:

1.  Mugs: Mug engraved with company’s name or brand name makes such a wonderful promotional gift for clients.

2. Pens– Pens engraved with company’s name are the most commonly used corporate gifts used for promotional purposes.

3. USB– These are extremely useful, innovative and comparatively cheap to be used as promotional tool. Engraved with company’s name, these are one of the best corporate gifts. And you can also add to it company’s personal touch to make your esteemed clients feel special.

4. Umbrella: These are the old gifts that have been used as promotional gifts, and of course, old is gold. This is something everyone needs and appreciates.

5. Caps– Caps with company’s logo embroidered on it makes a wonderful promotional gift.

6. Mouse mats– Everyone uses a laptop or desktop and everyone uses a mouse. So, it is evident that everyone needs a good mouse mat. So have it engraved with your company’s name and gift it to your clients.

7. Calendar– These are old and gold promotional gifts. You can put in the pictures of your products and get your company’s name printed at the bottom of the calendar.

8. Business card holders– These are elegant and very business-like gifts for your boss, colleagues and clients.

9. Leather organizers– These make the classic gifts for your boss and colleagues and are a perfect promotional gift. You can keep all your appointments and important visiting cards at one place and carry it along without hassle.

10. Magnetic key holder– Everyone keeps keys and most of them keep misplacing it. Magnetic key holders make a wonderful, innovative and appreciated give away promotional gift.

11. Adhesive rings– These are modern and fascinating gifts. These can be attached to the back of every device and make them easy to be held. Attached at the back of the devise, these also act as a stand for the device.

12. Rolling cubes– Two cubes with messages on all its sides that can be combined and used. Engrave company’s name on dice holders. These make thoughtful gifts for corporate clients.

13. Key Rings– These are one among the oldest corporate gifts. You can get them customized according to your corporate image.

14. Table timepiece– Table clocks are thoughtful and sweet gifts for corporate.

15. Pen holders. Pen holders or pen stands are one among the oldest and safest corporate gifts.

Apart from these, there are many other gifts that can be used for corporate gifting. Beautiful paper weights, shopping bags, gadget covers, etc. are taking tolls in market. For your much esteemed clients and boss, you can use few collective items and get the gift hampers delivery for them at their office.

5 Best Gift Hampers for Father’s Day

May 29th, 2015

Searching for a perfect Father’s day gift idea? You are at a right place then, we have put a lot of effort in creating the best gifts for all the dads around the globe. Whatever is the choice of your dad, you can find good gift ideas from here.


Present your lovely dad with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and make him happy. We have an exciting range of flower bouquets that can surely please your dad. Iris and Freesias, Seasons Delight, Gerbera Joy, Blues and Blooms, Picasso, Multicolor Roses and many other bouquets are easily available on our website. Show your love to your dad by presenting any of these stunning bouquets.


Chocolate orange sponge cake, Dundee cake, quirky 4 sharing sponge cake, traditional sharing sponge cake and many other types of cakes are there that can be presented to your father on the lovely occasion of father’s day. Add a touch of personalization by adding your personal message. All these cakes are delivered fresh to your place and are so perfect to taste,


Who doesn’t like chocolates? Yes, there is no one who doesn’t like them. Same is the case with your father, he also loves chocolates. A chocolate hamper could be the best gift for him on father’s day. Chocolate bite size hampers, balloting bear chocolate gift, nestle gift hamper, green and black gift basket, chocolate coated hazelnut nougat could be the best gifts for your dad if he is an absolute chocolate lover. Select any of these and make a ravishing gift hampers delivery to your father to make him feel special and loved.


Fruit baskets are also the best gift on the father’s day, they are not only very much healthy but also very pleasant to eyes and look beautiful when they are beautifully packed. Present him with a dry fruit basket or with the fresh fruit basket on this beautiful day and make him happy. These are the perfect way to your father’s fitness as well. Premium fruit basket, sweet celebration fruit basket, festive fruit basket fruit and nut basket and the celebration fruit basket are some of the exciting fruit baskets that are available to please your Dad. You can easily choose them to present to your father on the father’s day.


Our balloons for father’s day are a mean to add a little fun to your esteemed celebrations of father’s day. Make him surprise with your lovely father’s day balloon surprise and let him enjoy this wonderful day with the best of your memories. Choose to send balloons bouquet for your dad to make him exclaim with laughter on receiving such a lovely and enthralling gift.

World’s greatest dad balloon, love you dad balloon, best dad balloon are some of the exciting balloons hampers readily available on our website.

Dads are so special, as they are the inspiration in your life and they are always there for you whenever you need any guidance or support. Why not celebrate this Father’s Day in by sending him some breathtaking gifts.

Send Gift hampers by post and make your friends happy

September 25th, 2013

For each special event, gifts are very essential. You can make feel anybody special by offering gifts and blessings to them, and you can even demonstrate the extent you care for them. There are numerous events where you can present a gift to your beloved ones, for example, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, relational unions, commemorations, father’s day, etc. You can demonstrate your fondness and love towards your close and dear ones by sending gifts to them, something that is their favourite. It makes them feel unique and you can even want a grin all over. No matter where you are and your loved ones, you can send gift hampers by post. The wishes of a person could be passed by the gifts. Any individual presents the gifts to show all their adoration, warmth towards the connection.


  • Different online stores of gifts

There are distinctive gifts accessible for each event, occasion and festivals, for example, toddler shower, birthdays, get well, thank you, corporate and so forth. You can even request the gift basket, gift hamper, either through on the web, telephone, message and so forth. They pack the gift, design it and deliver to the proper area at the right time which is specified by you. These professionals make the packaging in a unique way that even if your gift is simple, it will look like gorgeous. These are exceptionally simple to buy than to head off to the typical shops. These individuals dispatch the gifts in the utmost care. You can even send the gifts for the individuals who are staying in different states.

There are numerous online stores which give distinctive mixture of gifts. You can select the best one according to your prerequisites and plan. They even furnish midday delivery with less sending charges. A few of the gifts that are accessible in online stores incorporates official box of sweet sensations, boutique brew box, Jack Daniels box, pretty in pink, Moet & Chandon bubbles, be delectable and unwind and so forth.

  • Different styles of the gift hampers

These gifts are also accessible in distinctive styles, for example, apples and oranges, wicker bin, boxes, spoil hampers and so forth. You can make your companions pleased, excited and euphorically by sending gifts to them through these online archives. They ship the gift at a lesser cost to your relatives, friends, companions, acquaintances over the country. You can even pass any message and express your sentiments to them. These individuals even recommend you the gifts for each event. There are great experts and masters in making the gifts according to your necessities, thoughts, plan and events.

Give a gift to your close and dear ones and make their day unique and vital. The gifts acquired from the online stores are presented in astonishing, engaging, shocking and extraordinary way. A couple of online stores convey your gifts either through speed post or private courier. You can select the gifts according to your plan. Gift hampers by post – is the best and viable path picked by numerous individuals now-a-days to send blessings to their beloved ones.