What Can Be a Healthy Gift?

August 31st, 2018

Everybody looks for productivity in everything. When you want productivity in everything then why not give gifts to people that add well to them? Certainly you might have given plenty of gifts in your lifetime right? But have you ever gifted health and fitness? (more…)

Get the Best Party Ideas and Plan the Surprise Party Today

August 28th, 2017

How to make our loved ones make special is what we all think, we try to find all the unique ideas to make them feel how important they are. Be it a birthday celebration, a wedding or just a casual occasion, surprising your friends and family members by sending them some luxury gifts is always fun. Luxury gifts are not always about gifting expensive jewellery, high-end gadgets or elegant clothing but the real luxury is health hence now there are many gifting options that you can send to your loved ones that are healthy and can show them how much you love them. Some of these healthy gift options can be luxury fruit baskets, which are the customised baskets where you can add all the different fruits and nuts.

Imagine you have a sent a basket full of fresh and tasty fruits added with some yummy chocolates to your special ones, you can get to see that smile on their faces. We all love our parents, they have done a lot for us now it’s time to make them realise that how important they are to us. Remember, when we used to be kids and we had our birthdays, our parents were the ones who used to be more excited, making plans about the celebrations used to get started months before, the surprises, the gifts, the guests, the decorations everything used to be pre-planned, now when we are all grown up why not pre-plan parent’s birthdays and anniversaries, it’s the time to make them realise how important they are to us, that our lives are incomplete without them. Today, due to our busy schedules most of us have to stay away from our families and parents but that does not mean that we don’t care for them. Here we bring some ideas to help you select the best gifts for them, not just gifts here are the ideas for birthday party celebration, anniversary celebration etc,

  • Superhero themed party –  If you are planning to celebrate the birthday of your child then nothing can be more fascinating than planning a Superhero themed party, get all the decorations done making the venue look like a place where all the superheroes can be found, dress your kid as his/her favorite superhero, plan the return gifts accordingly and yes don’t forget the cake, make sure you get their favourite flavoured cake with a superhero designing.
  • Monsoon inspired party- You can plan a kitty party with your friends and enjoy the monsoon with the monsoon themed party. The decor can be done using fresh flowers and leaves, rain dancing and mouth-watering monsoon special snacks.
  • Health inspired party – This can be a unique style of party, in today’s world everyone is so busy that they don’t even have time to take care of themselves, so why not plan a party to pamper your loved ones at least for a day. This is quite a unique party, you can order unique fruit baskets UK, and can give offer these as a return gift.

We have a lot more ideas for you, we ensure to help you plan the best surprises for your loved ones and show your care to them.

Why you must include Zapota in your daily diet?

March 22nd, 2016

The next time you go to the fruit shop, do not forget to bring home a bunch of zapotas. Commonly known as chikoo in most parts of the world, Manilkara Zapota is a sweet fruit mainly grown in Central America, southern Mexico, south Asian countries and the Caribbean region. This juicy, soft calorie loaded fruit deserves to be in your fruit basket. The other names for chikoo are sapodilla, sapota, mudapple and so on. It is a seasonal fruit found twice every year.

Chikoo consists of a brown coloured skin on the outside and a light brown soft and juicy pulp. Each fruit consists of six or less hard, black seeds. The flavour of the fruit is somewhat malty and very sweet. Zapota must be eaten only when it is ripe and soft as the unripe fruit contains saponin, which can dry out your mouth. An average fruit measures about 4-8 cm. 100gm of the fruit consists of 83kcal of energy. The fruit is rich in carbohydrates and is a great energy fruit. Zapota is now eaten throughout the world, and it can be found in fruit baskets UK also.

The fruit zapota has many health benefits and hence preferred by people all over. Here are some nutritive values of the fruit –

  • As the fruit has sufficient fibre content, it aids in the process of digestion. Zapota is rich in dietary fibre content. If you have indigestion or constipation, you now know which fruit to eat.
  • It also contains minerals such as copper, potassium, iron, folate, pantothenic acid and niacin. These help the metabolic body activities.
  • There are several vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin E in Zapota. These nourish your skin and hair. It is also beneficial for your lungs and heart. The antioxidants also boost your immunity.
  • Zapota protects the inner lining of the mucous membrane of your colon.
  • The tannins found in zapota have anti inflammatory properties reducing gastritis, enteritis, reflux esophagitis and other gastric disorders.
  • Chikoo is good in treating cough and congestion.
  • The diuretic nature of chikoo helps you rid body’s waste products through frequent urination. It thus avoids water retention. If you want to get rid of kidney and bladder stones, then eat the crushed zapota seeds.
  • Zapota is very good for lactating mothers as it has all the essential nutrients. It is also good during pregnancy to overcome nausea and dizziness.
  • The calcium, iron and phosphorous in zapota can strengthen your bone.
  • As it is an easily digestible food, it can be eaten by children as well as adults.
  • Its haemostatic property helps in preventing blood loss in piles cases.
  • Eating zapota during diarrhoea can be useful as it has purgative properties.
  • Zapota is a good detoxifying fruit, and it can lend a helping hand in weight loss regimes.
  • Due to its high latex content, zapota can cure tooth cavities.

Although the fruit has so many health benefits, eating it in limits is important as the fruit contains high amount of carbohydrates. One zapota a day can be very nutritive and healthy too.

Express your feelings by sending flowers

March 12th, 2015

Sending flowers is a great gesture to share sentiments towards each other. Since the times of Greek and Roman civilization, flowers have been used to express emotions. Over time, people have found different flowers to suit different emotions based on the colour and aroma of flowers. Red roses are used to express love and passion, white flowers are used to symbolize peace and condolence, and yellow flowers are used to propose friendship and happiness.

When to send flower gifts

The special thing about flowers is that it can be sent to people of all ages. You can send flowers to your dear ones regardless of their status, profession or occasion. It is always acceptable when you send the right type of flowers to a person. Flowers are a wonderful gift for someone who has his/her birthday. You can send a combination of flowers to your loved one and create excitement in the person. Even, if you want to express your love and gratitude towards mother, then flowers are a perfect gift for the occasion like Mother’s day. Other occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Women’s day, Get well soon and Funeral can also very well welcome flower gifts.


For sending flowers to your dearly ones or to someone you care for, you have to pick flowers based on the type of relationship and occasion on which you want to express your feelings. Flowers can be sent at any time by mail or in person. In the traditional sense, sending flower gifts refer to collecting flowers from the garden handing them to the other person. But today the trend has changed. You can easily buy a bouquet and send them as flower gift. When people live remotely from each other whether it is two friends, daughter and father or lovers, flowers can bring them together by connecting their feelings. Flowers create a dramatic feeling of expression between the loved ones.


Since many of us live a busy lifestyle, we tend to forget the importance of expressing emotions. In the fast paced world, we look for fast ways to share our emotions. Flowers, in this case, can be used to send emotions quickly and get a positive response from the partner. If you find yourself busy, then selecting and sending flowers in UK to your dear ones can express your hidden feelings.


Flowers to send for expressing romance

  • Red Rose – Passionate love and romance
  • Daisy – Innocence and sweetness
  • Carnations- Fascination and longevity
  • Iris – Trust, Hope and Faith
  • Orchids -Beautiful seduction and magic
  • Lilacs -Delicacy and touch
  • Lily – Truest sense of love and charm
  • Wildflowers – Rare and special
  • Sunflowers – Vibrant, colourful, ambient and cheerful
  • Tulips – True Love and perfect love, tulips come in pink, yellow, and red colours.

Based on the expression of different flowers, you can select and include them inside the flower bouquet and send to your loved ones.

Features of the best fruit basket

March 12th, 2015

Fruit baskets are great for birthdays, holidays, get well, or corporate gesture. The recipient senses a delight of taste, sight, and smell while receiving fruit basket as a gift. There is a dramatic sense of caring and love that gets connected with two people after sending fruit basket as a gift. Other than filling the basket with a variety of unblemished ripe fruits, one can also include an award winning wines, chocolate, gourmet cheeses, nuts and dry fruits. There is a lot of self-satisfaction at the sender’s end after receiving feedback from the receiver of fruit basket. A fruit basket can be bought from a shop and personally presented to your dearly one. But, if they are far away, then you can choose to buy it on the internet and deliver by mail.

Fruit baskets as healthy gifts

If you are looking for a gift that is special and healthy at the same time, then fruits basket is an excellent gift to buy. This is the reason why many consider fruit basket as the best get well soon gifts. When a person is a health conscious and spends much time in keeping the body in condition, sending fresh fruits in a basket can immensely please them. After all, a vital part in maintaining health and being active lies in eating healthy foods such as fruits.

Items in the fruit basket

Some of the fruits that can be included in the fruit basket are apples, grapefruit, oranges, pineapple, and pears.  Before you pick fruits, you need to examine them carefully by hand to ensure freshness. This involves selecting fruits without blemishes and bruises. Exotic fruits such as kiwi, mango and pineapple add more accents to your gift basket. The easily perishable fruits such as blueberries and strawberries will require a hard container to keep them protected. To make a grand basket, people can include milk chocolate, flavored nuts, garlic cheese, summer sausage, yogurt covered pretzels, dried fruit, honey wheat crackers and other delicacies. While you are preparing the fruits basket, ensure that strong fruits stay on the bottom and soft ones at the top to avoiding crushing.

Type of Basket

When it comes to choosing a basket, people usually go for simple wicker basket that is readily available at any thrift store. Remember, basket gives an outer appearance to your gift and you must ensure that it is well made and decorated. A good quality basket will provide adequate space to include a variety of items in it. Cheap baskets may not make a good impression to the receiver. They might be thrown away quickly.  So, spend some extra dollars to get a nice basket, and it will showcase how much you care for them.

Packing material in the basket

Packing material on fruits basket should be colorful and decorative. You can buy the material from local craft store. To decorate the basket, you need to cushion it with packing grass and wrap it using plastic wrapper. At last, you can tie ribbons on the basket to create a gift impression.