Fruits As Gifts- You Have Got A New Way To Gift Health To Someone

March 31st, 2017

You always wish good health and prosperity for your family and beloveds?

Do you?

I guess, of course!

In fact, to wish for their health and prosperity, you make a lot of efforts. Starting from selecting something appropriate for their lifestyle, you make all possible efforts to elevate their health.

Well, frankly speaking, it is quite good. You should do so.

But why you still send them unwanted gifts when you can still send them something healthy and something benefitting.

What could it be?

Fruit basket!!

Well, you might be laughing at the idea of gifting fruits on auspicious occasion, but it is all true. I am actually compelling you to think twice at the idea of gifting fruit basket to your beloved no matter if it is birthdays or anniversaries.

Why is this best-sought idea?

Not only it is the latest trend of today’s generation but, even in old traditions and custom, fruits were one of the suspicion gifts to be exchanged. People used to exchange their well-wishes and love by exchanging the baskets assembled with handpicked food. Also, as these were all natural and easily available, people always had an option of sharing the health and nutrition without thinking twice about the pennies.

Therefore, as these make a perfect solution which is easily available and affordable, why would you spend your money on some French Art piece or scenery, which will fade away with time.

Variety of list to select from

Choice and selection of fruits are based on the availabilities and seasonal varieties. This is one of the most critical factors that needs to be considered while gifting packaged fruits to your loved ones. At the same time, the choice of your loved one is extremely important while considering the packaged fruits. Fruits which can be gifted can include –

  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Banana
  • Cherries

Do not forget to check the packaging as fruit gifts need to be packaged properly within nice and customized baskets. You can put on the names of your loved one as a display which shall definitely add some value to your gift wrapping as well.

You can DIY too

Today is the time of making gifts customized by adding your thoughts doing it by yourself. In fact, how appreciating it would be at the end of your beloveds, who would see your efforts on the fruit baskets which you would gift them.

Well, it would be damn appreciating and hence, you could give it a simple start. You can just bring a basket home (maybe a cane or bamboo basket), fill it artistically with the handpicked fruits around you, cover with ribbons or cellophane papers and put a wish’s tag.

Ta-da-aaaa- Your fruit basket is ready to gift!!!

Fruits are wishes of good health

Not only in India but in every other country, fruits have become very common as gifts. Such gifts are preferred on special occasions for your loved ones.

Also, there are chances that you might feel sending it to abroad, there are many online vendors who ensure doorstep deliveries within budgeted costs.

Orange, the most famous citrus fruit

August 12th, 2016

Oranges are the most underrated fruits. We eat them regularly, but they do not get the credits that they deserve. They are sweet, they are juicy, they are filled with nutrients and they are light on the stomach, what more do you need from a fruits? As the name itself says, oranges are orange in colour. But, sometimes the peel may be yellow or green. The taste varies from sour to very sweet. You must include oranges in your fruit basket for its inherent benefits.

Here are some interesting facts about oranges –

Scientific description –

Orange is a citrus fruit belonging to the family Rutaceae. In reality, orange is a hybrid, of pomelo and mandarin which are citrus breeds. There are many types of oranges such as bitter orange, mandarin orange, sweet orange, bergamot orange and trifoliate orange. Usually an orange is round in shape. The outer peel is acidic and easy to remove. The inside consists of many pockets of crescent shaped fruits. These have a soft skin and many seeds inside them. The pulp inside this skin is soft and juicy.

fruit basket

History –

The mention of sweet oranges is seen in Chinese literature as early as 314 BC. But today, we can see oranges are cultivated all around the world. They grow the best in tropical and subtropical climates. India, Brazil, US, Africa, Australia, Europe and many other countries grow oranges.

Consumption –

The fruit can be eaten fresh or ground into a juice. It can also be added to cakes and pastries. The oranges also make great pudding stuffing. As they are rich in vitamin c, oranges are the best fruit all around the year.

Uses –

  • They are used to produce citrus. 70% of the citrus produced is by oranges.
  • The presence of phyto nutrients has helps in the healing of body damages.
  • It will help in lowering blood pressure.
  • It has many anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is a very important fruit in increasing the immune system.
  • It helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body.
  • It is protective against cardiovascular diseases.
  • It will help in preventing kidney stones.
  • Oranges are a good source of fibre and thus will offer relief from constipation.
  • They help in the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • The oranges are good for the skin. It rejuvenates the skin and lessens dark spots and tans.
  • It can also reduce ulcers and the risk of stomach cancer.
  • It strengthens your respiratory system.
  • It protects against rheumatoid arthritis.

Preparation –

  • Oranges, apples, pineapple, and grapes should be cut into medium sized pieces. To this add a dash of salt and pepper. It is a very light and tasty salad to eat on a hot summer day.
  • Take an orange and juice it up. Use the juice instead of water while baking a cake. The flavour of oranges will add to the deliciousness of the cake.

With oranges having so many benefits, it is but fair to use them in your fruit baskets UK. They are tasty and healthy.

Top 10 health benefits of Grapes

June 29th, 2016

Keeping a fruit in one’s regular diet is very beneficial. People often tend to ignore fruits, but it is a very important item, which should be included in a regular human diet. It is good to have seasonal fruits when they are available and there are many fruits, which are available throughout the year. One should always maintain a proper fruit basket and keep on munching on fruits whenever possible. Even if one cannot maintain a proper and healthy diet, a fruit per day diet plan should be followed.

Grapes are commonly known as the queen of the fruits. There are varieties available like green grapes, red grapes and black grapes. All of them are rich in Vitamin C and are very beneficial to human health.

fruit basket

Why one should keep grapes in their diets?

The reasons are innumerable.

  • Ripe grape juices are great home remedy to cure migraine and other kind of headaches since many years. One should have pure ripe juice of grapes every morning in an empty stomach. No water should be added to it. The antioxidants present in this fruit like riboflavin help a lot on preventing migraine attacks.
  • This fruit is very rich in fiber and minerals. There are a lot of polyphenols present in it, which helps to keep the nerve system strong. As a result, they are beneficial in keeping the neurotic diseases away from an individual; especially the attack of Alzheimer’s.
  • Grapes can cure indigestion problems. This fruit has dietary fibers, which keep the digestion system normal by keeping regular clear bowel movements on track.
  • Some advance researches have come to the conclusion that grape juice can also help in preventing breast cancer. It has anti mutagenic properties, which are beneficial to protect a human body from any kind of cancer attacks, especially breast cancers.
  • Grapes are also very good for eye sights. They are enriched with lutein and zeaxanthin, which are very good for eye health. It keeps the cornea and the other membranes of wyes good and healthy.
  • This fruit is also rich in pterostilbene, which works as insulin in a human body and thus keeping the blood sugar level in control.
  • If one indulges into munching a handful of grapes every day, then the cholesterol level in their body also remains in control.
  • This fruit is also good for treating kidney diseases. It helps in reducing the acid level in uric acid present in a human body and thus, releases the pressure it can create on both the kidneys.
  • Grapes, especially red grapes, are said to have therapeutic values to cure asthma. This fruit has a lot of moisture and it increases the moisture level in human lungs relieving them from breathing troubles and spasms.
  • Grapes have a lot of anti viral qualities and help one to get rid from viral infections. It also helps one to protect their body from polio attacks and other herpes viruses.

One can order variety of fruits from online and get their fruit baskets delivered at home.