Qualities of a Good Florist

March 27th, 2015

Many persons looking for a good florist are often confused or disappointed.  This is due to the large number of florists in the market. Because of confusion, many people settle for any florist in their vicinity.

In such a case, you will be left frustrated when you find the florist not up to the market nor suited to your needs. To avoid settling for any sundry florist that comes your way, it is better your search for the right florist. This is a difficult task, but you can use the following tips to select a good florist:

  • Creative Flair: The number one quality of a good florist is his or her creative ability. It is quite simple to choose a creative florist when there are many florists in the city.  A creative florist will have a good collection of flowers, as well as ideas on how to arrange them into lovely bouquets.Flower arrangements can be considered as an art form as they depend on the artistic ability of the florist.  A flower arrangement is a mix of different foliage and flowers that are assembled with grace and beauty. It should not only be good looking, but also uplift the spirit.

    But creativity is not limited to making beautiful flower arrangements. It implies capturing the heart and mind of the buyer and the recipient. The florist must have complete knowledge of the colours, durability and symbolism of different flowers.

  • Client Connection: Check whether the florist is willing to connect with the customer. For this, take time and visit a number of florists in your city. You will encounter a florist who is keen to develop a relationship with you. At the same time, you may meet florists who are insensitive to your needs. In such a case, the natural and wise thing to do is to go to a florist who is keen on a strong relationship with you. This is because the secret behind a good floral bouquet is mutual understanding and communication.

  • Stock of Different Flowers: Different florists have different kinds of flowers.  A good florist is one who has an array of flowers in his stock. It is quite frustrating to get in touch with a florist who has limited choice of flowers. The different varieties of flowers are suited for different occasions. It also gives you the chance of developing a long term professional relationship with your florist.

  • Quality of Flowers: The main aspect of the florist is the quality of flowers available with them. Professional florists invest in cutting edge equipment to help preserve flowers so that they are not damaged or spoilt. Go for good quality and do not settle for substandard. Getting stuck with low quality is a frustrating experience.

  • Pricing:  The last aspect is the cost of flowers or flower arrangements. It is true that good quality comes at a price but is not always the case. Find a shop that offers lovely flowers at reasonable prices. This will help you to plan and budget for events requiring flowers. You might even get discounts on ordering online flowers.

These are some of the tips to help choose the right florist.

Enraptured by flowers since millennia

March 26th, 2015

Are you one of those who are charmed by the softer side of life? Do you lose yourself in books for hours without a trace of regret and like reading about kings and queens and their royal tales? Do you revel in the warmth of sunshine and enjoy the fragrance the breeze brings to you while strolling in a park? Then you are definitely someone who shouldsend flowers as gifts this coming festive season! Flowers have a rich history; read on to know about some interesting facts about the beauties of nature.

  1. Roses and secrets – It is said that during the Middle Ages, people used to hand a rose from the centre of the ceiling to bind everyone in an automatic pledge of secrecy. Popular amongst politicians and Council meetings, it was not unusual to find a beautiful rose dangling from the ceiling, in plain sight of all, thus leading to the rise of the phrase “sub rosa”.

  2. Healing Asters – Did you think that only the Egyptians were particular about how their departed souls were to be buried, jewels and cats and servants included? That’s not true. Scientists have found that many French soldiers, who were buried, were laid to rest with asters which are believed to have several healing flowers. Although there was no hope that the dead could be revived, the flowers used in the burials symbolized their wish that such deaths need not have taken place.

  3. Curious Chrysanthemums – Like certain words have different meanings when used in different languages, there are certain flowers that are also looked at differently in various parts of the world. Chrysanthemums are considered holy and loaded with healing powers by the Japanese and their great kings preferred to sit on thrones shaped in the form of these flowers. At the bottom of their wine glasses, one could also find these flowers’ petals so each sip of wine they took brought them pleasure and health at the same time! These same flowers however are associated with death in Italy!

  4. Holy Holly – Those familiar with intricate details of the Bible would surely be able to understand the phrase which this refers to. The pointed leaves of this plant were used to represent the thorns in the crown worn by Lord Jesus as he was led to the crucifixion spot. The pearls of blood that dripped were symbolised by the cherries of the plant. Hollies were also used to make garlands by ancient Romans and the Medieval Monks believed that these plants kept evil spirits away.

  5. Vibrant Violets – These flowers are associated with a very interesting man who shaped world history in a big manner – Napoleon Bonaparte. His love for Josephine is known to everyone and it is said that he gifted her violets for each of their anniversaries. He was also known as the Corporal Violet due to this penchant for these flowers and is said to have died with a necklace that had a locket containing violets he had picked up from Josephine’s grave site.

So choose from the plethora of floral beauties; make a vivid bouquet of them and you can easily brighten up someone’s da with just them and your smile!

What Flowers to Choose For Various Occasions?

March 24th, 2015

Occasions have to be properly planned in order to make it a memorable one. For that, decorations are required, which will help keep an event appealing. Among the top decoration items for any occasion, flowers are the most widely used. Naturally occurring with a diversified range of colours and scents, these definitely add something much more than the artificial decorations used by many. Besides that, they can be well-versed for a broad array of occasions as per your likings. Take a look at a few that might help you decide the right kind for décor arrangements.

  • For weddings:

Weddings arrangements might seem irrelevant without flowers. The bride and groom – or perhaps a decorator are to decide what types of flowers would suit an occasion.  This usually depends upon the tone that is to be chosen for the wedding.  Good combination of colours, scent and size can have a great impact on the type of planned decoration. Others choose these attributes on the basis of a wedding carried out in a particular weather. The shape and size of the flowers are also of great importance. There are flowers such as marigolds that might need garland-based decorations or there can be roses planned in huge bunches. Surely, the choices are many.

  • For birthdays:

Choosing a flower that is suited for an anniversary-based occasion might depend upon the chronic age. For instance, a birthday party for a young one might have flowers of the lightest colours, while for an old and mature person – the colour taste might be darker shade. Though there is no universal rule to support this decoration planning, yet there are many who choose flowers according to such features. Birthday bashes are more about a friendly approach rather than a romantic one as in weddings. So, flowers such as orchids, lilies or pansies might do the trick.

  • Funerals:

Not all occasions are considered to be happy ones. Funerals too require flowery decorations and also for paying respect to the dear ones who have been lost. These are old traditions followed for centuries making flowers well-suited for such events. Flowers such as daisies, carnations, etc. can be chosen for such events for sure.

No doubt, flowers have a tendency to express a lot through their natural appeals. Aiding us in life of joy or sorrow can be marvellously handled with these beautiful blossoms. People love them for a lot more than just their decorative aspects. Presenting them as a gift for a lover or a dear friend can also show the kind of respect these can provide to the people. Trying out the flower delivery service from a capable store would definitely help one to choose these little decors with perfection. A variety of flowers can be bought through the right stores at the best prices. Another good reason to choose such stores would be the variety they offer in return for such flowers. Experience comes in handy when such aspects are taken into consideration.