How to Arrange For Wedding Flowers Cheaply

February 25th, 2015

Flowers look lovely on your wedding day, but they can also cut a deep hole in your pocket. Weddings use a lot of flowers such as bouquets of bride and bridesmaids, corsages, boutonnieres, peddles of flower girls, pew decorations, altar arrangements and décor for reception.

Costs of flowers for a wedding can go up to $10,000 or more. But there a few tricks to cut down on your expenses without sacrificing your lovely flowers for a gorgeous wedding.

Here are a few tips:

  • Re-use flowers: The first way to cut down on cost is to re-use flowers from the church, at the reception. Give someone the responsibility to do this transfer before guests start arriving at the reception. The second way is to use bridal and bridesmaids bouquets as table arrangements and centre piece arrangement at the reception.
  • Go for seasonal/ cheaper flowers: Using flowers in season can save you a pot of money. Consult your florist on what are the options of flowers in season. It will be much better than using exotic flowers not in season, which have to be shipped from faraway and will add the shipping cost.

Similarly, among the seasonal flowers, go in for the relatively cheaper ones. Remember cheap does not mean unattractive in the case of flowers. Carnations are some of the cheapest flowers available but they look lovely.

Wild flowers are a lovely and cheap alternative. You can handpick these flowers from many public gardens and parks. But you must get permission for picking them beforehand.

Flowers that are difficult to cultivate are more expensive like orchids and Calla lilies. White flowers are also costly as they damage easily.

For cheap blooms, avoid seasons and occasions like Valentine’ s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Easter and prom season. Here the demand for flowers is high and options may be limited.

  • Go for hidden perks:  There are many tricks to get gorgeous flowers for your wedding without paying a cent. Firstly, if your wedding is to be held on other festival days like Christmas or Easter, the pews and altar will already be decorated and you will not need extra floral arrangements.

This is also true for weddings to be held in parks and gardens where the flowers and greenery will be already present and you need not spend money on decorations. The natural blooms in such parks will provide a spectacular backdrop.

Another trick is to include greenery in your arrangements. For an elegant, simple look, use a lot of greenery in place of flowers. For getting a look just as stunning as flowers, go for different types of leaves.

 You can also cut down on cost by sharing flowers. This can happen if you have your wedding slated on the same day as another wedding. You can save flower arrangements in the church in the morning for an evening ceremony and split the cost.

  • Go for artificial flowers: Artificial flowers, especially silk flowers look beautiful and cut down cost by a great deal. Not only are they lovely to look at but are durable and can be arranged as per your liking, weeks before the wedding.  You can reuse silk flowers already used at another wedding by borrowing or buying them. You can also sell them online after use.
  • Order online: If you find local florists expensive, you can order flowers online. They will send flowers by post.

These are some great ideas to cut down expenses on your wedding flowers.

Brighten one’s day with the gift of Flowers!

February 25th, 2015

Flowers have an austere beauty, which is simply mesmerizing. It leaves an awe-inspiring lingering thought that pervades the mind and soul for a long time. The art of gifting glowers has been prevalent ever since and the trend continues even today. Flowers can brighten the look on anyone’s face and make them happy instantly. Research has revealed that flowers have a special aroma and effervescence, which has a pleasing effect on the mind and soul of a person. Flowers can be gifted hand to hand.  However, in today’s world, the word distance has been anguished to zero level since there are many online portals, which help to deliver flowers online anywhere anytime. Hence, sending special flowers in UK is now a matter of clicks.

Every flower is special in its own unique way. In fact, each flower has a meaning of its own. The colours in flowers also reveal a different kind of meaning which can be used as a technique for gifting purpose. Here are some interesting facts about flowers, which very few only know of.

  • Meaning of flowers– Yes, each and every flower has a different kind of meaning of its own. While sunflower symbolizes admiration, marigold expresses desire of richness. Poppy is for consolation while pansy is for loving thoughts. Many relate passion flower with passion while the others consider orchids as a symbol of delicate beauty. Peony is a symbol of healing power and hence is considered ideal to be gifted to someone, who is recuperating from some or the other kind of illness. So, there is platter to select from and express ones emotions without using words. Stephanotis is a symbol of good luck, which is usually gifted to corporate during their times of endeavour.
  • Colours of different flowers and their meaning– It is amazing to discover that each and every flower of different colour has a different meaning of their own. While a red rose represents love and romance, white represents unity and yellow is the universal sign of friendship. Tulip is another versatile flower whose different hues signify different kinds of meaning. Pink tulip is the classic symbol of caring. Purple represents royalty while white signifies forgiveness. Faithfulness is etched in violet colour while yellow tulips are a good way to propose the near and dear ones since it means that one is hopelessly in love with them.


Flowers can easily make one day. Today, loads of options are available with us. One can either select a particular strand and the small gesture can mean something or else make a bouquet with assortments for expressing a mix and match feelings. Teamed up with card messages, flowers can be considered as an ideal gift. One can either design a bouquet on their own or take the help of professional florists who are adept in designing them in an apt manner, which conveys the right message to the right person. With fresh flowers, brighten ones day and enjoy the surreal beauty of them!