Send Chocolates, Spread Happiness

October 1st, 2016

Chocolates stand for happiness. If you gift someone a bar of chocolate even if for no occasion, you will be appreciated as well as loved by the concerned person. I remember once receiving a bar of one of my favourite chocolate brands on my birthday sent by my father. The sheer joy that those chocolates had caused in me is one of the most enriching experiences of my childhood. Very often, we send our friends and dear ones’ chocolates and various delicacies while time and place becomes a constrain for us to be present at the occasion physically. Worried about how to do this job if you want to surprise your loved ones? Read on then.

Sending chocolates by post these days has become very much easy as there are hundreds of online delivery websites who would be delighted to do this part of the job for you. Here are some of the tips you might need while you choose to send chocolates by post.


  • There are multiple of websites available for sending chocolates by post. Don’t trust any websites blindly. Check them minutely before placing orders as once you order something, you will have to be cautious about the credentials of the particular websites. Don’t forget to mention the address you want to send your chocolates at. These days, quick deliveries are a special feature, so try to go for them even if you are not running out of time.
  • Choose chocolates carefully. You will be resented with a multitude of preferences in front of you at the websites. Before placing the orders, keep in mind the different varieties of chocolates. You would get a handful of them. Be it a dark chocolate or a milk candy, or something a bit posher like Fererro Rocher or Montezuma’s chocolate bar collection, it is up to you to make the last choice.
  • If wanted, you could go for various combination gifts. Suppose you would send someone chocolates but that option seems insufficient for you. Here comes the idea of the choosing combination gifts. You would, if you like send your dear ones’ chocolates, cards and complimentary flowers if necessary.
  • The packaging is very much important to look for. The chocolates you are choosing to buy and send to your friends, must be packed in a fresh manner and if possible, ask them to pack it pointing to your preferences. You will be properly helped with this choice.
  • Boxed chocolates are pretty much fit as sending as gifts because of the fact that most chocolate companies make the getup of the boxes in such a creative way, it not only looks beautiful, also creates a special significance for the person who is going to receive the gift.

These are the some of the important facts you should keep in mind while choosing chocolates as gifts. If you ask me, I am always more of a milk chocolate person. But definitely the dark chocolates are the best ones to send for as it is also congenial to our health. Once properly delivered, don’t write to forget a testimonial to the people writing them a simple thank you chocolate delivery as they would be taking care of your need and accomplish the task with great care.

Things to Know When You Want to Send Chocolates to A Distant Friend

September 30th, 2016

You say boldly that distance does not matter at all. But when special occasions ring the bell, sometimes you really feel deep down in your heart that by the stroke of luck if he or she is with you now, so that you can gift the best one to your beloved one. However, it is not possible that what you design for life it will exactly behave the same way. Well, nothing to get morose, as you have option to send the gift. Now let us get some idea on this so that you can make the right gift planning.


  1. Customized chocolate ideas:

In fact, this is one of the finest approaches to your beloved one those whom you want to convey your heart’s message that, you actually miss the person a lot. Now as he is far away from you, so it would be wonderful to send chocolates by post. But one thing you should be careful about, make sure to add all those chocolates which have always remained close to his or her heart. In this personalized chocolate gift section, you can actually pen down the name of the occasion that you exactly want to celebrate distantly.

Additionally, you select different types of chocolates to grab the flavour of different countries. Even if you want, you can add a chocolate goodie bag that you can ornament with milk caramel chocolates, pecans or chocolates with marzipan or almonds. Now certainly this hamper will have a special love touch of yours as each of these contain handpicked item.

  1. Continental chocolate hampers:

Preparing a ribboned hamper with some selected continental chocolates will certainly create a delightful ambrosia. Now while you select the pack, just do be sure to include a variety of shapes, which will look like a colourful puzzle. This irresistible moreish chocolate pack should have a circle shaped, oval, heart-shaped, rectangular ones. All these are set inside a single box. Even you can also incorporate some milk and dark chocolates sizzled with nuts to add rarity to the chocolate gift box. This continental chocolate would be a great idea if you want to send chocolate UK.

  1. Exquisite chocolate basket:

A canned basket full of savoured chocolates definitely gives a mouth filling gladness to heart. With this basket, you can actually do a trick and include some captivating toffees or spicy ginger you can experiment a bit along with other flavours as well. You can even put some minted chocolates as well. In the midst of all these, you can also design a small pouch stuffed small cocoa butter candies to augment some extra piquancy to the basket. Undoubtedly, your loved one will surely admire your endeavour. On the whole, this will also feel like walking on air with the rich smoothness of the chocolates.

Well, these are some of the sought after chocolate ideas, which you can apply as per your convenience. No need to take any stress as you can simply design this as per your taste and anticipation.

A guide on how to taste the little slice of heaven – ‘chocolates’

September 23rd, 2016

This particular type of food is derived from cocoa, but from the journey to cocoa and finally becoming our most beloved chocolatesis a long and a tough one. But hey it’s worth it! I bet the best job among all who helps the cocoa to become chocolate is obviously that of the chocolate tasters. Nothing can be better as a paid job. Let us take a look at how we can make our chocolate loving taste buds to a more serious chocolate tasting connoisseur’s buds.

Here is your ultimate guide to understand the flavours, aromasand various textures of your ultimate beloved chocolate:

  • First start by tasting with all your senses.

chocolate by post


Look at the colour of the chocolate well. It should tend toward the reddish brown shade as that is the indicator of good quality. The finish should be glossy not matte.


Next comes the aroma, which is very important for chocolate tasting. A maximum part of chocolate tasting depends on how you can understand the smell well. Always look for a rich smell. You should be able to detect other smells from the chocolate like smells of spices, fruits, flowers, nuts, etc. depending on what ingredients or flavours are put into it. Some chocolates smell like medicine which indicates it is of a very low-grade.

So next time send some chocolates by post to your friends and family for some fun loving smelling experiment. Plus, it will be a bonus gift for them.


The chocolate should make a snap sound when you break the piece. This sound also depends on the amount of cocoa present on the chocolate.


Take bites slowly and the flavourswill reveal themselves slowly to you. Always take a deep breath while you let the chocolateslowly melt inside your mouth. This helps in proper understanding of the flavours present. There should be no grainy feeling when you bite it. As cocoa butter melts at body temperature the chocolate should melt right after tasting it and should not take much time. There should be a buttery and creamy taste after it starts melting. Try to identify the bitter sweetness as it melts. Try to recognize if there is any floral, fruity, spicy, woody or nutty taste in the chocolate. Do not rush in the beginning as chocolate tasting takes a lot of time to develop.

  • Wait for some time between tasting different samples so that the previous flavour goes away.
  • Drink some water in between samples to clear away residual chocolate form your palate. Sparkling water can help you in cleaning your mouth.
  • Clean your mouth well before beginning any tasting session.
  • You can use apple or bread for cleaning your palate of lingering flavours from your last meal.
  • Always ensure that the chocolate is not very cold and keep it for some time in the room temperature before tasting.

This was your basic guide to chocolate tasting. Now go and start tasting with your friends and family and those of who are staying away from loved ones can also share this experience with them.Just send chocolates to them via online gift companies.