Chocolate – A Piece of Pure Bliss

May 28th, 2015

History of Chocolates

The chocolate is a confectionery, mainly derived from the cocoa, cocoa butter, and fine sugar. The history of chocolates dates back to the pre-Christian time during the Mayan civilization, where chocolate was used in different rituals. Later, in the 18th century, Christopher Columbus along with his crew happened to seize a large canoe of cacao beans and traded them later. Earlier in Spain, it was often used as a frothy drink usually after dinner time. Over the centuries, the concept of savouring the chocolate has definitely evolved to a great extent. Now, chocolate is the greatest comfort food with definitely certain health benefits.

Chocolates- The Best Expression of Love

There has been something special about chocolate since the very beginning. Chocolate has been associated with all types of special occasion and a lot of warmth and love. Whether it is a birthday or a marriage anniversary, Valentine’s Day or mother’s day – chocolate has always remained the best way to express love for any occasion. Chocolate is generally, more popular with woman and children. It has been associated with every other emotion as well. It has become the unspoken word of love and affection for all generations and occasions. For children, it is the ultimate joy and satisfaction. Even in cases of depression, mental agony and loneliness, chocolate has always, faithfully remained the only friend and support for the bereaved soul.

Types of Chocolates

There are different types of chocolates all over the world to cater to the different tastes of the huge fan following for this confectionery. The unsweetened chocolate, also known as the “Bitter Chocolate” is generally used to form the base of cakes, cookies and brownies. The “Dark Chocolates” are usually high in the portion of cocoa and very less of milk chocolate and sugar. The “Semi-Sweet Chocolates” are usually used in different recipes for cooking purposes. The “Bitter Sweet Chocolates” are high in cocoa butter, vanilla and lecithin. It has more liquor and less sugar than the semi-sweet chocolate. Chocolates that are rich in cocoa butter are popularly known as the “Couverture”. These chocolates contain a high percentage of cocoa and some of the very popular brands are Valrhona, Felchlin, Lindt and Sprungli, Cacoa Barry, Guittard and Scharffen Berger. The “White Chocolate” is also very popular which is mainly made with fine sugar, milk solids and no cocoa solids at all.

The “Milk Chocolate” is the most popular and desired amongst all. The main ingredients that go into creating this pure bliss are mainly the cocoa powder, milk powder, milk solids, condensed milk and cocoa solids. The perfect texture and smoothness just melts in the mouth to give the best feel ever of a fine chocolate. The Hershey’s chocolates manufactured in North America and the Swiss Chocolates made in Switzerland are the El Dorado of the chocolate lovers globally. There are various flavours of milk chocolates as well as chocolates with roasted nuts and raisins

Reaching Out For the Chocolates                   

Chocolates are abundantly available all over the world. It is easily reachable through numerous local stores and shops. Life becomes all the more euphoric if you can send the chocolates by post, instead of venturing out to the shops. With recent technology and globalization, online availability has increased the demand of the chocolate industry and simultaneously has continued the flow of supply to make lives happy with every bite, everywhere.

A story behind delicious chocolate

February 27th, 2015

Who doesn’t like receiving chocolate gifts by post? We all love the flavours and texture of chocolate in various forms – whether they are shaped as bars, candies, in pastries or even in the form of sauce. People with a sweet tooth swear by chocolate and consider it the greatest creation of God. Even people who are not fond of sweets and candies occasionally crave a bite or lick of this yummy treat! But here are some fun facts related to chocolate that would make your tryst with the dark hero even more enjoyable!

About the name – Ever wondered how chocolate got its name? Well, most people believe that the word chocolate has its roots in the Aztec word “xocolatl” which means “bitter water”. If you were to bite into a bar of dark chocolate, you will realise why it was thus called. Cocoa beans, from which chocolate is made, are actually bitter. When you mix the extract with milk and sweeteners such as butter and sugar, you actually get the edible chocolate variants available in the market.

A source of energy – Surprised? Most people are only aware of protein shakes and fruits like bananas that are considered instant sources of energy. Studies have proven that if you were to consume just one chocolate chip, you will get enough energy to walk about 150 feet!

A stellar companion! – Russians and Americans have been two of the most active nations when it comes to exploring space, the galaxy and our neighbouring planets. Did you know that each time one of their spacecrafts took off, the astronauts had a small stash of chocolate with them?! It seems that whether you are on or off the planet, there are some cravings that just don’t change and chocolate is the most delicious of them all.

Mood enhancer – People, who consume chocolate have often mentioned on how happy and light they feel after consuming some amount of chocolate in any form – solid or liquid. This is not because chocolate rouses the mushy feelings within them! This is because consumption of chocolate is known to increase the supply of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the compound that is released by the brain which keeps us calm and happy!

When chocolate became blood – Well, this is not one of the fun facts but is a slightly bizarre one! Alfred Hitchcock, the famous movie director, used chocolate in a really unique manner. There is a scene in his movie “Psycho” wherein he used chocolate instead of coloured water or fake blood in a shower! That must have been one of the most tasty crime or thrilling scenes that was ever shot in the history of filmmaking!

Chocolate has and will always be a popular choice with children and adults alike. So the next time you have to gift something and are in a fix about what to gift, consider chocolates, especially the flavoured ones, and the chances that you will go wrong would be very slim indeed!

Mesmerize your dear ones with the gift of chocolates!

February 25th, 2015

Irrespective of whether one is at college, doing a job or relaxing after retirement, chocolates counts as one of the most important and favourable gifts in the current scenario. Perhaps there is no one on earth who doesn’t like chocolates. The mere flavour is sufficient to arouse a quotient of pleasure and satisfaction. There are many occasions when chocolates are gifted to the near and dear ones. One such event is the Valentine’s Day occasion. A specific day is allocated for gifting chocolates, which is designated as the Chocolates Day. Other festivities like homecoming and prom nights can be made extra special with the gift of chocolates.

It has been found that market research points to the fact that popularity of chocolates has taken a sharp curve in the recent present. Loads of factors attribute to this fact. Here is a list of top 5 factors, which clearly depict why chocolate gifts by post is one of the best and popular ideas of gifting.

  • Easy a convenient delivery– With the advent of new technologies and the concept of online buying and delivering of gifts, sending chocolates through online portal is now very easy and convenient. Range of varieties are available, which can be chosen and then the personal details along with shipping address can be punched in to get hassle free home delivery in the desired locations. Convenience is one of the factors, which make gifting chocolates a good option.
  • Nice and elegant pick– For those, who have a dearth of ideas in the gifting domain, chocolates provides the convenient option. Team it up with a card or bouquet of flowers and the complete package is done.
  • Premier appeal– Thanks to the packaging industry, chocolates are now wrapped up in brilliant packages. Attractive colours with various packaging designs such as that of Ferrero rocher, a glamorous appeal is extended which is sure to satiate the appetite the appeal of one and all. The packaging itself represents that of a gifting pattern, which forms the crux of the gifting ideas.
  • Accessibility– The fad of chocolates has extended its pang from the children’s zone to the adults. Adults are now as much a fan of chocolates as the kids. This has led to the cropping of chocolates as a popular gifting item. Occasion such as father’s day, mother’s day and other occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries are some of the occasions where one can easily send chocolates through posts. All the more, it has more accessibility than any other form of sweet since they are available in every nook and corner of the city.

  • Myriad of varieties– Chocolates comes in different varieties and one or the other form is sure to appease your taste buds. Dark chocolate is available for chocolate lovers while the not so in-to chocolates have the option of milk and white chocolates. Other options include truffles and flavoured chocolates such as Belgian flavour.

So, surprise your dear ones with the gift of chocolates!