Understanding the Difference Between Various Chocolate Types

October 18th, 2019


Chocolate acquires its magnificent taste from the cacao bean. However, if you notice cacao beans developing, you will not feel like eating them. Cocoa by itself is essentially quite bitter, thus one more ingredient need to be added to make the treats tasty.  At times, a chocolate can have as less as ten percent cocoa! Even though the amount of cocoa is less still the chocolate tends to be yummy. So, here the question is what is the actual difference among flavours of chocolate? Primarily, this difference lies in how much of the actual cacao bean is incorporated into the chocolate when compared with other ingredients. (more…)

Top Party Themes For Your Special Occasions

May 8th, 2017

Be it the sultry and sweaty summers or be it the snow-capped winters- there’s always an escape route from the monotony- and that’s where the bashes come into the scene. Though you do not need to have any particular occasion to celebrate yet once in a while when you throw a bash let it not pass off as a regular gathering. Be it a private party with a handful of your close ones in the guest list or be it the one with a pretty long guest list- choose a theme for your party that will satiate your guests to most.Here’s listing down a few party themes that will add bling to your special celebrations.

Alice in Wonderland

For a change let the oversized cards play the décor of your bash- queen of hearts majorly. Alice in Wonderland is one of the most loved themes, and yes, this theme can pull off a kids’ party as well as an adults’ bash. Be it a house party or be it a venue- based one, save the rabbit’s burrow look for the party entrance. Make sure that your guests get plenty to quench their thirst with colourfulmock tails and shooters.

Serve the drinks in small-sized corked glass bottles, reading ‘Drink me’ in funky fonts. A table loaded with cookies and designer cupcakes, with the icing of ‘Eat me’ on each.You can also arrange interesting party games like ‘find the key’- with riddles guiding your way. This lovely theme can be planned from afar for a special one as well. When you throw a surprise bash on your loved one’s birthday despite being unable to make it to the party yourself- nothing can beat this sweet gesture. Send over a box loaded with her favourite assorted chocolates by post to make it a perfect 10 on 10.

A cocktail per room

Are you hosting a house party? Here’s the perfect theme for your weekend house parties. Arrange a cocktail station at each room and let your guests shake up the sippers themselves. Provide a set of ingredients along with the instructions at each cocktail station and let the fun begin.

Clock your breakfast menu at midnight

Looking for an out-of-the-box theme? Check this one out. Clock your birthday bash right at midnight and pamper your guests with the best of breakfast menu. Grilled cheese with oregano or grilled cheese and mayonnaise on breads and thin crust pizzas- let your bash be dominated with cheese this time. Pancakes and muffins can do the rounds for desserts. French toasts, Spanish omelette, pasta with broccoli tossed in white sauce- choose varied options for your menu. Let white, sun-kissed orange and sky- blue dominate the décor.

Masquerade ball

Here comes the vintage theme for your special gatherings. Let it be all feathers in vibrant colours and champagne all the way. A strict dress code of flowing gowns and super fitted suits is a must for this theme. For a little twist, arrange for masks in pair. No matter who your guests enter with they will be waltzing around the ball room with their mask partners.

Well every invite does not go attained all the time, owing to the work constraints. Missing your bestie’s bash? Your presence cannot be compensated but a smile can be sent over a long way wrapped in glittery covers with chocolate gifts by post.

A Perfect Gift Wrapped with Love and care

August 16th, 2016

Are you planning to give a gift to someone you know? If it is so, then don’t come up with the same old ideas of giving clothes or watches as gifts. Add some sweetness to your gift, let the special one feel it. When talking about sweetness and feel, the best option can be a chocolate. Exactly, chocolates can make any one happy and excited instantly. Moreover, there are absolutely no issues related to size, design or shape, a chocolate can mesmerize any heart.  Without any extra effort, send delicious Chocolate gifts by post to your desired address. Today, fast courier services are getting the presents delivered faster than never before. even the packings of these chocolate boxes is done in such a beautiful manner that the receiver opens it with heavy heart as he doesn’t want to take his eyes off from the tasteful gift wrapping.

Would You Like To Know the Benefits of Chocolates?  Well, here are some of them:

  • Do you know that according to a recent study, eating chocolate can help a person stay thin? Some researchers have discovered that persons who often eat chocolate possess lower body mass indexes as compared to the ones who don’t.
  • According to a Swedish study the consumption of more than 45 grams of chocolate every week i.e., around two bars, lead to around 20 percent reduction in stroke danger among ladies. These sweet, scrumptious bars carry flavonoids. Antioxidant properties in these prove very helpful in fighting strokes.
  • If you are a heart patient then too chocolates have something good for you. Yes, these prevent blood clots, which in line lessens the danger of heart attacks. Blood platelets cluster together more slowly in chocolate consumers.
  • Chocolates are also helpful in reducing the scope of cancer. Cocoa comprises a compound known as pentamer, which interrupts the ability of cancer cell to spread. With its existence, the cancer cells cease to divide. .
  • As per the Italians, chocolates are helpful in reducing the risk of diabetes. Consuming chocolate upsurges insulin sensitivity and it lessens the danger of diabetes.
  • Chocolates also play their role in improving the quality of skin. Especially, the dark chocolate. The flavonoids in dark chocolates guard skin of women from the UV rays of Sun. IT is not a myth. In fact, a study by Germans prove it.
  • Chocolates are also very effective in cheering up the mood. For example, if you are stressed, upset over something or very tired, just unwrap a chocolate bar and eat it. Soon all your stress will be drained and you will find a sense of positivity in yourself.

To conclude, chocolates not only cheer up the mood instantly but these carry numerous benefits which make giving chocolates as gift a perfect idea. Thus, what are you waiting for, let your chocolate bars add love in your relationship and simultaneously, protect the special one from so many unwanted troubles.  So, whether you want to give your chocolate present by hand or want to send chocolate by post, in the both scenarios, the sweetness of the chocolate bars will strengthen your bond.