How to use Chocolates to express your feelings

June 28th, 2016

From decades we are using chocolates to express our feelings to other. If you want to make them feel special, give them a nice box of chocolate, made a mistake; surprise them by giving a basket of their chocolates. You can use chocolate to express your gratitude as well; there so many ways chocolates help us in expressing ourselves.

In this post, we will talk about different chocolate gifts you can give to your loved ones to express your feelings.

  • Personalized Chocolate Basket: If you want to tell someone that you love them, chocolates will definitely help you in getting the positive answer. You can gift personalize chocolate basket filled with their favorite chocolates and other gift items. They will definitely feel special by seeing the efforts you made to make that basket.
  • Personalized Chocolate Bag: Chocolate bag can be used to say sorry to others. You can fill the bag with different assorted chocolates and gourmet chocolates. Making chocolate bag is not easy so when you give a chocolate bag to that person to tell them you are sorry, you can also send chocolate by post if that person lives in different town.

  • Chocolate Boxes: if you want to express your gratitude to the person for helping you or for having a favour from them, you can give them a chocolate box filled with different types and shapes of chocolate. You can also personalize the look of the box according to you, you can use either cardboard box or metal box and you can also ask the maker to make compartments in the box for some special gift. You can use stickers or use a picture on the lid to make it more striking.

  • Corporate Chocolate Gift: If you want to crack a deal or cracked a deal, you can give a corporate chocolate gift to your clients or partner. This helps in strengthening the relationship between the two.

  • Personalized Chocolate Gift Items: Sometimes chocolates are used to express how the other person is important to you, and for that, you can send different items made of chocolates like cookies, cakes or even make home homemade chocolates. The effort you put in making these items will definitely make them feel special, and they will feel lucky to have you by their side.

Now, that you know which chocolate gift item you need to express yourself, but do you know where to buy them? You can buy chocolates online or from stores but, buying chocolates online is a better option because you can choose from a large variety of option because those chocolates are made according to the order and the option to personalize the chocolate is also high. You can also buy readymade boxes or bags as well or you can buy the products and chocolates to prepare the gift yourself, the choice is yours.

Now, go ahead and prepare your own chocolate gift to express how you feel to the people you love.

Foods you should eat in your diet every day!

April 2nd, 2016

There are some foods we eat on a regular basis but not all of them are healthy. You might be avoiding some beneficial foods because you are so used to the type of food you eat every day. If you want to stay fit and healthy internally plus externally, you need to have all these foods in your entire day. Read our list to find out…

  1. Fruits – You don’t need to eat every fruit but include apples, strawberries and kiwis in your morning breakfast. Add fresh orange juice to the mix and you will have the healthiest breakfast ever! You might not realise this but these four fruits can do a lot of wonders for your body.
  2. Dry fruits – Have walnuts and almonds without fail on a regular basis. This diet works for children and adults too. You cannot miss out on having these two important dry fruits. You can even order chocolate by post and coat the dry fruits if your kids don’t like eating them just like. The chocolate can help them to get used to this taste and chocolate has its own benefits too.
  3. Yogurt/curd – Whether you have flavoured yogurt or plain curd at home, it is extremely important to include it in your diet. Curd is known to have bacteria that helps the internal system and removes all the harmful ones. If you are lactose intolerant, you can have buttermilk with more water and less curd.
  4. Spinach and carrots – Leave aside every other green vegetable and focus on including spinach in your diet. Don’t forget carrots too! These two vegetables are extremely beneficial and known to fix several health problems. You can have a salad with these or cook it with rice or just have it like that only. Don’t forget to include them.
  5. Dark Chocolates – Yes, you are reading right. Dark chocolates are helpful for the heart and they keep you away from several heart problems. A piece of dark chocolate a day can keep make your heart healthy. If you send chocolate gifts by post, don’t forget to send dark chocolates instead of milk chocolates. This is great for kids too. You can even shed some weight if you include dark chocolates in your diet. If you dislike having a certain healthy juice, you can always add some chocolate sauce to enhance the taste and increase the health value of the drink.
  6. Whole grains – Whole grains are great for your health, hair and skin. They help in flushing out all the toxins from the body, which purifies the blood. Do we need to say more?
  7. Green tea – If you love drinking tea in the morning or evening, switch to green tea. Avoid sugar and go for honey instead. You will see the changes in your health, skin, hair and body after few weeks. If you are on a weight loss regime, this will help you.

These 7 foods work wonders for your health and you shouldn’t skip them at all!


Types of Chocolate That One Can Send In a Chocolate Basket

March 31st, 2016

Chocolates are such an indulgent treat, and who doesn’t like them? They are creamy, smooth, sweet, and most importantly, they are delicious. Giving someone chocolates during their birthday is something that people do all over the world, and is a much-appreciated trend and something that should never die.

So when you live in a place where such an exotic treat is available for you twenty-four seven, it doesn’t take very long for services like chocolate by post to come up. These services have made life so much easier in terms of gift giving. Gone are the days when you had to pray and hope that the parcel you sent to your sister for her birthday gets to her on her birthday.

Today, you can just call the chocolate delivery company on the day of the birthday or anniversary and have them deliver a beautiful chocolate parcel to the person, whose birthday or anniversary it is.

As a result of this, the question that comes is regarding the type of chocolate that you can send over and what size will the parcel be.

Here are the few types of chocolate that you can choose when you think of sending someone a chocolate basket.

  • Dark chocolate: Just like its name, this chocolate is a deep, almost black, coloured beauty. These taste bitter because the cocoa content in them is a lot higher than the regular milk chocolate ones. Also, dark chocolate is said to be good for your health as well. So not only will you be giving someone a delicious treat, it will also be good for him or her.
  • Milk chocolate: These are the ones that are light brown in colour and are sweeter in comparison to dark chocolate. A lot of people prefer milk chocolate over dark because they prefer their chocolate to be sweet. The reason why this chocolate is sweet is because of a higher milk content, so all your dairy milk and nestle chocolate bars come under this category.
  • Semi-sweet chocolate: This is the variety of chocolate that is somewhere in between dark and milk chocolate, but it tends to lean more towards the dark, resulting in it having an echo of bitterness. Not only are these chocolates delicious to eat, they are also perfect for baking purposes because they do not overpower the sweetness in the dish.
  • White chocolate: As the name suggests, these are entirely white and are really sweet. They are not exactly chocolate since white chocolate doesn’t have a whole lot of cocoa in it. The two main ingredients here are milk and vanilla. These chocolates go really great with almond-based dishes.

Ordering chocolate baskets from any delivery site from the internet is so simple and easy. Make sure that the company, from whom you are ordering the item from, has an outlet in the city where it is supposed to be delivered to. The array of chocolate to choose from are massive and every item is as delectable as the next one.

How can chocolate improve your beauty?

March 31st, 2016

As many are the reasons to eat that chocolate bar you love, there are reasons for you to smear it all over your face. Chocolate is not just yummy to taste but also has many benefits for your skin and body. So, if you had believed that you must eat only boring salads to get that glowing skin, then be happy because you can eat chocolates too. Indulge yourself in this delightful treat to look your best.

 When I say chocolates are healthy, mind you it is not all chocolates. Some chocolates are healthy for you. They can make a significant change in the improvement of your skin. To be specific, only dark chocolates have beauty and health benefits that you are looking for. Dark chocolates containing at least 70% cocoa are very good for your skin. Thus, most of your favourite chocolate bars do not qualify as a beauty product.

How dark chocolates can enhance your beauty?

  • Chocolates contain naturally occurring substances called as flavonoids. The flavonoids lessen the risk of heart attacks and strokes by keeping your platelets less sticky.
  • Dark chocolate also relaxes blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.
  • It can also increase the production of some mood enhancing hormones, thus making you happy and fresh.
  • You can also combat stress by eating dark chocolates. It reduces stress hormones and that can in turn reduce wrinkles on your skin.
  • Chocolate contains flavonoids called flavonol that protects your skin from damages caused by harmful sun rays. They can also fight free radicals, and increase in good blood circulation.
  • If you are getting chocolate by post make sure you get dark chocolates because, they can improve your skin hydration and thickness.
  • Dark chocolate along with a little bit of caffeine is a great skin detoxifier. You can get rid of your dead skin and get new and supple skin.
  • Chocolate is also good for your hair. It promotes blood circulation in your scalp and leads to growth of hair. It also reduces hair loss.

How to use chocolates for good health and beauty benefits –

Along with eating chocolates, you can also use them externally to improve your skin and hair texture. There are many facial treatments using chocolates.

  • You can go in for a chocolate facial and come out looking young and beautiful and smelling delicious.
  • You can get a chocolate mask to repair damaged skin and get rid of the dryness.
  • There are several scrubs available in the market, which have chocolate content. They help in the exfoliation of your dead skin.
  • Chocolate pedicure is done to soften dry and rough feet. It can also moisturize your feet skin and make them shine.
  • You can use chocolate wax to get rid of body hair. It can also de-tan your skin and leaves a sweet smell of chocolate on your body.

If chocolates are your weakness, do not worry. But make sure that you have them in limits. Replace other chocolates with dark chocolates. Get dark chocolates delivered and eat your hearts full.

Chocolate – The universal gift!

December 8th, 2015

Chocolate is probably the best thing that was ever invented! This also happens to be one of the most universal and easy gift items. Whether someone eats chocolates or not, they will be happy to get this gift! There are different varieties of chocolates you can give someone like dark chocolates, semi-sweet ones, milk chocolates and chocolates with fruits. The best thing about chocolates is that you can easily send chocolates by post. If you are out of ideas then here are some chocolate gift hamper ideas for different occasions…

1. Christmas – Since Christmas is around the corner, it is time to spread some love and joy. If you want to surprise a family member or friend, then you can put some cute packaged chocolates in stockings. Other than this, you can make a bundle of chocolates and pack it with Christmas decors on the basket. It is very simple to work with chocolates when you are making a hamper. You get tons of different sizes of packets, boxes, etc. in the market.

2. Homemade delights – If you are an amazing cook, then utilise the talent to create fancy chocolates for your loved ones. You can make this your special Christmas hamper or birthday hamper. All you need is all the ingredients to make the chocolates and cute boxes. Don’t forget a note inside each box!

3. The official gift – In case you have to give secret Santa gifts at work, then a box of chocolates does the job. You can either just give a box or buy different chocolates and put it in a fancy packet. When it comes to giving gifts at work, you don’t have to add too much decoration. Put in efforts when it comes to the closest loved ones. They truly deserve it!

4. The love hamper – If you are giving a bundle of chocolates to your better half then try something unique. Add flowers, a cute soft toy and tons of their favourite chocolates in the hamper basket. You can also try making a scrap book in which every page has a small chocolate bar stuck to it. Other than this, you can also make a bouquet out of chocolates. You can find such innovative gifts over the internet else at a high end gift shop. It is not difficult to try making something innovative at home, but if you are running out of time or haven’t picked up anything till the last minute then buy a big box of the chocolates they love with flowers.

5. Other hamper ideas – You can either focus on making a hamper completely about chocolates else you can add little things with a big box of chocolates to make it grander and fuller! You don’t want the hamper basket to look empty and incomplete. If this is the case then simply add tons of chocolate bars and you are done.

Chocolates are the easiest gifts to work with. You can gift it to a 10 year old, 35 year old or even a 60 year old!