How to host a successful corporate party

April 29th, 2016

Parties are a fun time to enjoy with close ones. Corporate parties give you a chance to let your hair down and enjoy some light moments with your colleagues. These parties are also the gateway for new business opportunities that may help your company expand and make huge profits. Hosting a party at your location can increase your exposure to all the prospective clients and introduce your business to them.

Here are some wonderful tips to plan a successful business party that people will keep talking all year. Organise a business party and book for cakes next day delivery on the previous day –

Guest list –

The number of guests and the guests itself will be important decisions to make. Be careful on who you are going to invite. It is not your child’s birthday party. Do not include family or friends. Let the guest list be of your office workers, potential clients, and faithful customers because it is your time to say thank you, advertisement industry people because you need some publicity and other people who might be helpful for your business.

Theme –

A party should have a theme, this is an unwritten rule. So, plan a theme for your party. Let the theme be nice and fun. Do not be too daring or over the top. When deciding the theme, think about the lifestyle, interests and style of your customers, business partners and co-workers. Suit theme, sports theme, and retro themed parties are great for business events.


Find people who are willing to organise your party. This is because business events do cost a lot and there are people who are willing to sign heavy cheques in return of publicity they get from such parties. You can also tie up with another smaller company that is willing to share the burden. Do not forget that the other company should be of a different line and noncompeting with yours. This way you will get greater exposure and chance to meet new people.

Date –

The date and day of the party is very important. Make sure it is on a weekend because hard working people hate to go out on weekdays after a busy day of work. Prefer evenings as it sets a right mood for the party. Also, do not plan any events on the beginning or end of the financial year as everyone is busy working hard.

Good service –

You should have planned everything before hand, from how many chairs for seating to how many desserts will be served. The quality of the food and drinks must never be compromised no matter how much it costs you. Serve tasty food of at least two cuisines; do not leave any scope for complaining. Order next day delivery cakes the previous day and enjoy your cakes with your clients.

Follow up –

Your job is not over once your party is over. You will have to gather all the contacts and follow up by sending thank you notes. It may be a personal card or an email.

After you finish all these steps, consider your party a grand success for sure.