Fresh Ideas On Birthday Cakes

May 19th, 2018

Any birthday is incomplete without a birthday cake. A freshly prepared homemade cake is sure to lock happiness on your big day. A cake baked with the hands of the special person or even your mother, has its own touch of genuineness and happiness in it. Also a cake ordered with a large over-the-top topping of sugar and butter confectioneries, along with heaps of fluffy frosting and capped with a bundle of candles is sure to make your heart flutter.

Let us have a quick look at some of the newest recipes of the birthday cakes at a glance.

  • Cocktails are loved by people of all ages. It is hard to find such a person who does not love cocktails. Hence a mojito cake will be perfect for the cocktail lovers. For friends and relatives who love to enjoy your triple Cocktail cakes will be amazing. Out of the innumerable names of the cocktail inspired foods like the dirty Martini butter on the steak and the Pina Colada tarts, the mojito cake will no doubt win all competition. This is usually prepared with rum and mint, infused with sugar syrup which is there after brushed deliberately all over the light cakes sponges. The entire cake is then finally covered with lime buttercream. You can also order your personalized birthday cakes, online. You will be amazed to see how fresh they deliver it and also how quick. The flavour, get up, toppings, everything will be provided just as you want it.


  • How many times have you heard and felt it yourself that, birthdays are incomplete without a chocolate flavored birthday cake? Chocolates are a favourite among everyone, be it children or adults. A chocolate Malteser cake is basically a chiffon cake which is covered extensively in chocolates. Chocolate icing covers the cake from top to bottom, and this is the packing material to hold a modest, five huge sacs of maltesers. This cake owns the prestigious position as a party centerpiece; also the chocolate and the malt combo works extremely well in creating a delicate and light spongy texture, which melts in the mouth along with the exotic chocolates.


  • Now if are someone who lives in the summer countries, you can order personalized cakes such as the ice cream cake. This can be the coolest option for a birthday in summers. One big advantage of this cake is, this can be made in any flavor that you choose. Ask for strawberry ice cream flavor along with white chocolate, or you can also go for the devil’s food cake, punched with ice cream. These cakes are so made such that, ice cream is cleverly perforated in every layer of the cake.

You can also make this cake at your home but make sure you keep it in the coolest place, as this can melt away with time. Basically you can add any flavour of your choice and embellish the same with any fruits or nuts that you choose. Strawberry clotted cream, pistachio, vanilla ice cream etc. are some of the very common toppings and flavors added.

Show Your Feelings – Send A Cake at Special Day

May 18th, 2018

Cakes are considered as a most mind-blowing delicious and good wish gifts for special persons across the world. In the UK it also considered as a royal gift. According to them without cakes, the celebration will not be completed. People love to eat this delicious flavourful dessert at any time or occasion. It is a perfect gift for all age groups. We all enjoy a beautiful colourful personalised cake. It makes us very happy to share a delicious cake with our friends. It increases the joy of our life. A cake has an extra quality to make our mood cheerful.

Cakes are the most important and symbolized dessert gift items to wish your loved one. We use cake to celebrate any occasion like a birthday party or an anniversary. The cake is the symbol of love, caringness and best wishes. Wish good luck to your friend; you can send a cake to her address. A beautifully decorated colourful personalized cake will surely bring a smile to the face. It can make a day more cheerful and special. Now, on the basis of the increasing demand for cakes and the various uses of cakes helps to invent new ideas to make it more attractive and symbolized to the recipient.

On the basis of different requirement, we can classify cakes as below:

1, Personalised cake – On the birthday for your little love, you can order a personalised cake to make his/her dream fulfilled. Design his dream superhero or her lovely Barbie doll and make his/her special day memorable.

  1. Bright Contrast Cake – To celebrate an anniversary a special cake is always the main attraction for the guests. The couple can wish to make a cake that could be reflected in the love, passions and the sweet memories of their relationship.
  2. Delicious Cup Cakes – If you are a cake lover then you don’t need to wait for any occasion. Cupcakes are ready for you to satisfy your taste. Variously flavoured cupcakes are available in the UK. These pocket-friendly cupcakes are now very famous in the UK.
  3. Special types of Cakes – The Valentine Cake has a high demanded cake especially on valentine’s month for their love. These types of cakes are highly decorated. The love, passions are reflected from the design of the cake. It makes the moment more special to them.

The cake is the perfect gift for the best wishes to your family, friends or special one. But it is not all about the recipient. The pleasure and love of the sender is also a measurable factor here. If your sending cake can make the day of your loved on special then it also brings a smile on your face. The cake can feel them your presence even in your absence.

In the UK the system of cakes delivery is now very quick. They are very punctual about their duties. They are well known that the celebration of your special occasion should not be delayed due to any reason.

Some Examples Of Gift From The Web

May 8th, 2017

The convenience of having all kinds of gifts at your fingertip and getting them delivered at the rightful address without any hassles cannot be described in words. Swift and efficient delivery is the byword and customer satisfaction is the mantra. There is no reason why one should not use the cyberspace to get access to a plethora of gift items with the press of a button instead of going to retail stores and save the trouble of delivering the item by simply typing in the delivery address and relaxing. Some of the examples of various items that are easily delivered by post are as follows.


Cake is an integral part for celebrating various special occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas Day, Wedding anniversaries, Mother’s day, Easter, Valentines’ Day, etc. Now there is no need to visit a baker to get a cake prepared because you can simply send cake online to someone which is delivered by post to his/her address. You get access to a wide range of cakes personalized for different occasions with a variety of innovative decorations such as red heart shaped cake with a special message on it, chocolate cake with roses, butterfly design cake and many more. Cakes can also be browsed according to categories such as cakes for kids, men and women.

The cakes are also categorized in accordance with people’s tastes and preferences such as eggless cakes for vegetarians, alcohol free cakes, gluten free cakes, sponge cakes and chocolate cakes. There is no dearth of varieties or flavors in any category of cakes or any lack of abundance of designs. The customer can also order a customized design for the cake.

The cakes are baked using only fresh and high quality ingredients. Gift wrapping of the cake is done with skill in order to make it aesthetically appealing for the recipient. Care is taken that only fresh cakes delivery is made to the customer.


Chocolate gifts are very popular among people, especially exotic ones from all over the world. Chocolates are widely gifted during Christmas, Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s day, Easter, Eid, etc. Now you can order handmade chocolates in magnificent designer boxes for delivery to your friend or family. Whether it is Belgian chocolates in equally stylish boxes or heart shaped chocolates in heart shaped boxes, all are available for swift delivery by post to any address. Browse your way through many other mouth watering selections of chocolate in many categories such as dark chocolates, white chocolates, milk chocolates, chocolate truffles and chocolate bars. Luxurious vegetarian and alcohol free chocolates also form a part of the extensive collection of chocolates.

The chocolate boxes are carefully wrapped and even a satin ribbon is attached to complete the look of a gift. A special message by the sender can also be incorporated on the wrapper.

Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears are cuddly playthings that can be gifted to both children and adults. Teddy bears are available in a variety of forms such as tiger, lion, cheetah and other teddies bearing different messages. Teddies have been categorized according to gender and price. All are available for delivery by post.


Easy Tips for Planning Birthday Bash!

November 9th, 2015

Birthdays are one of the most important days in people’s life. After all, this was the day they were born and their life started, and it is because of this day that they are there in our lives as friends, relatives and acquaintances. So the day is all the same important for us as well. Looking at it technically, you should not be celebrating birthdays, since with each birthday you just get older. However, being optimistic is the common human nature and we tend to remember the happiness related to events. Planning the birthday party can be a hectic job. You need to keep things surprise or at least, least obvious from the person whose birthday it is. Seeing the usual glitches that happen in surprise parties, here is a list of advices that will help you get through the planning glitch free. Here’s how:

  • Send invites via messages or mails and not calls or cards

The first glitch happens when you call up all the relatives and friends, who are to attend the birthday for inviting. You do not just waste a lot of time but also make a clear way for the birthday boy or girl to find out from one of those relatives. Therefore, the best way out is to write a mail and send it to everyone. You can mention all the terms and guide them to not reveal it to the person concerned.

  • Order Cakes Online

Ordering cake online for the occasion is the best thing you can do to keep the surprise hidden. It is essential to not leave any bills or other information around for them to see. Ordering online ensures that the cake will be delivered only when you want which also keeps it fresh. It saves you from the trouble of opening the gate time and again wondering if it is the baker who has come to deliver cake. Thus, a fresher and more delicious cake at a smart price is easily available on many sites. Ordering online cake delivery is not an issue, the delivery guys are ready when you are ready, so no hassles at all.

  •  Don’t Host The Party At Home

Well, if it is the birthday of one of your family members, you should make it appoint to not plan the celebration at home since it will be a very foolish step to take. They can come home anytime and all your plans might end up in dust. You can pick up a hotel or another similar location for the same. You can also opt for a friend’s place that is comfortable with the party idea.

Surprise parties are no doubt very tough to plan, especially if it involves a person who is from your own family. There are so many common friends and relatives who might end up breaking the news to them. Therefore, you need to be extra careful with the planning and the preparation of the bash. These tips might prove to be useful the next time you plan a bash for someone close to you.

It is not a cake walk

November 7th, 2015

Cakes are the perfect way to melt your heart. Be it of various flavours, it is loved by all. Those who are interested in cake delivery must know that there are plenty of varieties, which can be served at your doorsteps.

Choose like your Taste

Apple Cake: Perfect for your breakfast. Made of sugar, butter, flour and eggs and of course peeled off apples. A flavoured cup cake that makes your heart melts in the morning.

Brownie: Brownies are those which one can have anytime of the day. A preparation of cocoa, cream butter and sugar it tastes yummy all the time.

Cheese cake: The major ingredient is obviously cheese in this case. A fancy cake, which has its own history! Melts in the mouth as you put it in.

Butter Cake: The softest cake ever and the yummiest also. Do no choose an extra flavour when you are having a butter cake. Have it the way it is. You will love it.

Dump Cake: A perfect Christmas cake for everyone. Why? Because it is made with plenty of cherries and dry fruits! You can have it warm with whipped cream. It is delicious.


Triple chocolate cake:  Made of chocolate pudding and nuts, this is a pure chocolate treat for all. It is soft and supple because of the cream. Do not refrigerate this cake otherwise the charm will be gone.

Turtle Cake: Made of condensed milk and thick butter, this solid cake goes well with vanilla ice cream.

Danish Layer Cake: The layers of this cake are made of jelly. It can be of various flavours like pineapple or orange. A thickened jelly forms the inner fillings of the cake. The rest is made with flour, egg and milk.

Fudge Cake: It is a dry cake blended with hot pudding.  Many chocolate chips are poured into the blend and mixed well to add more taste.

Fruit Cake: Take varieties of fruits and punch them together. Mix it well with butter and milk and add it to flour and sugar. A fruit cake is the most traditional recipe of cake making – it is old yet gold.

Mississippi Mud Cake: Smash brownies and add warm fosters to it. Mud cakes are those that are perfect with a glass of red wine in winter. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Coconut Cream Cake: This cake is made by combining cake mix and coconut water. Some holes are made in the body of the cake and coconut waters are sprinkled inside through that. It is best when served chilled.

Sherry Almond Cake: It is obvious that sherry and a lot of almonds are blended with the cake mixture to bake this cake. Butter is added to it to make it softer. It is a bitter sweet cake which is loved by all.

Pumpkin Pie Cake: Enjoy the taste of a cake and a pie at the same time. It is always served with a topping of whipped cream.

Ambrosia Cake: A cake made of pudding and butter. It is soft, delicious and is an all time favourite.

Take your pick and relish!