Why To Choose Cake Gift Delivery Online

May 29th, 2020

Cutting a cake is a crucial part of any celebration or festive occasion. Do you have an event coming up? You must make plans for getting a cake.

People all over the world desire cakes that are of high quality and matches the smallest of budgets. One of the best ways to gain both such benefits is by ordering for a cake, online. Hence, select the online cake and celebrate your special day with better enjoyment. Cakes of all kinds from sponge to chocolate versions are much loved by both adults and children.

When it comes to ordering a cake online, you can gain latest and unique collections of cake easily. Usually, cakes of various kinds and varieties are available but not all can be present at a single location or website. Yet, online platform can offer wide choices. You can buy all types of cakes, of various colours, shapes, flavours and sizes from online stores.

Online shopping is fast becoming the best way to shop for cakes and to arrange cake delivery online. Many of the online stores assure delivery of top-quality cakes in a highly presentable form. Besides, it makes it easy to choose cake type, place order and keep track of delivery of cakes.

Sometimes, online stores like Expressgift.com feature various kinds of cakes in a single website. You can conduct safe and secure transactions through such sites.  Many offer the option of placing your order, 24/7. They provide reliable payment options and efficient delivery services. Place an order and sit back, waiting for the cake to be delivered in the right place, at the right time.

There are many hidden benefits of ordering cakes online:

Right Flavour

Websites that deliver cakes to various places provide a wide range of options to select from. They may feature filters to narrow down your search. For instance, you can choose a flavour or design from the drop-down menu on a website. You can purchase a regular design or a cake with an exotic flavour.


An online store can offer more options for personalizing your cake. For instance, you can buy a photo cake that features pictures of your family as décor. Another idea is a Barbie cake for your little girl. Thus, you can select personalised birthday cakes fitting your requirements.

Delivery At Doorstep

You can avail of multiple delivery options to get cake delivered at the right time. For instance, you can schedule a delivery in advance to save time. While ordering a cake, you can arrange for its delivery at the right time for a birthday or wedding party. By this, you can never miss the special occasion of your loved one.


Online cakes usually cost less, but you can save more by selecting a cost-effective payment option. For instance, you can select a payment app which offers cash back option for ordering a cake.

Element of Surprise

Online cake delivery can be a pleasant surprise for your neighbour, colleague, friend or relative. In case you wish to cultivate friendship with others, you can order cakes online for their special occasions.

These are some of the main reasons why you should order cakes online.

5 Incredible Benefits of Ordering Cakes Online

July 25th, 2019

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Ordering cakes online is happening all over. If you have not tried this yet, then you should try out this one as it has got a lot of benefits. Cake delivery online does not involve you to scout every cake shop in your place and look for that perfect cake with the correct flavors which will pacify both the guests and the one whose birthday you are planning. Simply, you need to sign in to the website of your choice and select the cake that you want. And the best thing is that you can do all these things in just a few minutes and that too from the comfort of your house. (more…)

Cakes: What to know about them?

May 16th, 2019

Cakes are really delicious and they are also very much irresistible. People of all ages do love cakes and it is very tough to imagine celebrating any event without including this item. It is also stated to be among the best desserts available in the world. A delicious, hot cake cannot be ignored or neglected. A slice of cake is an absolute must on the birthday, anniversaries, and other events. The fact is that the choice and list pertaining to cakes is quite huge. Hence, there always arise confusion about the type to be selected for the event. Whether to go for colorful and vibrant looking strawberry cake or the much classy chocolate cake is a tough question to answer. With each and every person having his/her own choice and taste, getting the most appropriate one can be really challenging and confusing. (more…)

Give a surprise to your mom

June 29th, 2018

You must know the fact that your mom every year on your birthday rejoices this day with huge splendor, care, and love. Every year she sends an invitation to your friends, gives order for a cake and gets busy with preparing dishes for the guests. She is able to manage all things single-handed with intense attention and takes care of every minute concerning your birthday celebration so that the occasion turns out to be a successful one. Now it is time for you to pay back and you are not in a position to close your eyes to all those efforts she has been doing throughout many years. You ought to be thankful to mom, and you are able to prove it to her by arranging a surprise party on her birthday.

However, your mom is not inclined to ask for all this; still, she may love to get surprised with your intentions. A right gift can help her to have a different feeling for you as a child, and hence you just need to check some of the offline and online stores from where a beautiful gift for her can be availed. So, organize a surprise party for her birthday, and by such a gesture you will also make her feel the importance she has for you. Below are listed a few steps needed for planning the party.


In the first instance, you are needed to choose a conducive venue for this party. If you have planned to throw it in your home, you shall have to be very much vigilant because you have intended to surprise her and mothers tend to sense at once if there is something fishy. You will have to undertake planning somewhere else or decorate your home at the end close to the day.


Given to the fact that your mom happens to be a mature woman, you must ensure that the entire decoration is poised and elegant but not funny in any way. You can use some colored flowers, and pale colors will do for the decor very well. Decorate the place with Chinese lanterns.


No party is complete without cake, and such ceremony needs one big send cake online to your home having favorite flavors your mom likes.


Make a list of invitees very simply. It can be very suitable to call invitees on the phone or drop in personally to keep surprise factor alive. People who are close to your mom need to be called.

Dress code

You should not set any unique dress code but go for casual of formals. Do not use rave themes because she may dislike it. If it is a thematic party, go for retro or set the theme of the 80’s.


You are able to fetch food from some restaurant and make it sure the foods contain your mom’s favorite menu and ensure a big customized cake delivery online so that your mom is happy.


Do not use higher volume music. Go for slow melodies.

Cakes and their different stories!

July 19th, 2016

A cakeis the best possible dessert one can think of. Previously, it was nothing but a sweet piece of flattened bread, which was enjoyed. Through the years and ages, cake has evolved into something as delicious as it appears to be now. Now, different varieties and flavors are available in cakes. To send sorry cakes online, one can also choose from the available varieties.

There are many things that are related to the history of cake.

History of Cake

Many years ago, Celtic people used to celebrate a festival called Beltane Festival. They used to lit a bonfire on a hilltop and rolled down round shaped cakes from the top of the hill. If the cake does not break, it will bring good fortune; that is what they believed. At present, cutting a wedding cake is a very common ritual. But earlier it was a bit different.  People used to end a wedding ceremony by breaking a big bread loaf on the bride’s head or by simply throwing pieces of bread on her. When a couple invites their friends and relatives in their wedding, they bring a layered cake piled with apple stacks in each layer. The popularity of the couple depends on the number of layers on the cake.

Cheesecakes have a very ancient origin. It is said that during the first Game of Olympics, cheesecakes were given to the athletes.

Cake has different inventions

  • In ancient Rome, breads were made of honey and milk to make it soft. Later, it was enriched with egg and sugar and was given the name of cake.
  • The word Cake has a Viking origin. Those, who are keen to know about cake delivery online must know the fact that the word cake originally comes from the word Kaka.
  • Sponge cake found its origin in Spain during Renaissance period. The main ingredients were beaten egg, thickened milk and sugar.
  • Cheese cake is an invention of Greece, which was made of goat milk then.
  • French word, gateau (cake) had come into the English Language during the 19th century but was not used for any cake recipe instead it was used for referring to a dish, which was made with meat.

There are some fun facts about cake

  • In Germany, Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated on 11th June.
  • The National Cake Day is on November 26th.
  • The concept of birthday cake came to light in England in the year 1785.
  • The world’s largest wedding cake was made in the year 2004 and it weighed 15,032 lb.
  • In 17th century England, fruit cakes were kept under the pillow of an unmarried. It was believed that this will give them sweet dreams about their fiancé.

For sorry cake delivery, one has to take help of online cake websites, which can take order and deliver the cake at your doorstep or to the given address in a proper time. So, it is easy now to send cakes to your loved ones and make them happy.