13 amazing summer flowers!

July 7th, 2015

The sun is shining in a lot of places and that means summer is here. These flowers aren’t made for summer but their charm and colors do have a summer feeling. With the list of the flowers, we also tell you what they are significant for. They are some of the most famous flowers given during the summer time. Check out the list:

  • Begonia – These beautiful flowers come in a wide variety of colours. They are a native to tropical climates. The message behind these flowers is, beware and cautious. It is said that this is what Begonia symbolises.
  • Chrysanthemum – The meaning behind these flowers are joy and optimism. These flowers have a long history which goes back to before the 15th century. So you can imagine how popular these flowers are!
  • Orchid –Orchids represent love, beauty and strength. If you are giving this to your partner then trust us, they will love it
  • Gardenia – Want to let someone know you admire them? Then gardenia is what you should gift. They traditionally mean secret love and so it is a great way to let someone know you like them a lot.
  • Gerbera – If sunflowers are not in the store, then Gerber are great replacements. Otherwise too these flowers are a very popular choice. Found in several beautiful and different colors, they represent innocence, purity and cheerfulness
  • Hyacinth – This colorful plant and wonderful looking flowers are one of a kind.
  • Iris – Iris is another flower that is famous. The name hails from Greeks and stands for faith, hope and wisdom.
  • Lily – Lilies are delicate and gorgeous. There is no reason why you shouldn’t gift these flowers to anyone. Lilies are a symbol of beauty and love.
  • Lilac – Lilac too has been named by the Greeks. It is a perfect gift for your teacher since it represents youthful sincerity
  • Magnolia – The white blooms signify beauty and dignity. Magnolias are grown during the summer.
  • Marigold – This stunning bright flower is found in vibrant colors like oranges and reds. It represents passion and creativity. They are largely used as gifts and we think they do make perfect flower gifts!

Poppy – Poppies are exotic and gorgeous looking blooms. They symbolist beauty, magic and eternal life. If someone you know loves red, then these are the perfect flowers for themRose – Last but not the least, how we not mention roses. They are probably the most famous flowers ever gifted. Often found in different colors, the red rose is a famous symbol of love all across nations. So if you aren’t sure of any other flowers, rose is always a good option.

So pamper yourself with one of these beautiful flowers this season and if you want to gift flowers to someone then you will find some best online flower delivery options over the internet. Pick your favourite one and gift it to someone. We hope this list helped you in knowing what each flower traditionally means.

4 tips for beginner for creating a striking bouquet and floral arrangements

June 16th, 2015

Receiving flowers is an awesome feeling. Especially girls are more curious about the flowers. Complementing any gift or any decoration with flowers will look awesome. Some people are blessed with an intrinsic sense of creating remarkably amazing flower arrangements and bouquet and other simply rely on best online flower delivery. It’s a wise idea to use florist when you want to give flowers to someone or want some amazing creations for your dinner, party or any other special day, as they are the experts in the field. But creating your own flower arrangements are not that much difficult. You just have to be a little bit careful about the colors, use greenery and some other sidelines and make a symmetric pattern using small and large flowers that is aligned with the occasion.

Here are a few basic tips that will guide you to create some amazing flower arrangements and bouquet. Mastering with these tips will help you make striking arrangements. So get creative and use these ideas to get you started:

Focus on theme:

The basic thing that should be considered first is the theme of the bouquet. Flowers have their own meanings. The color of flowers communicated in their own language. Before selecting any flower first make sure that you are selecting the right color and flower to convey the true message. You might experience that whenever you go to a florist shop for buying a bouquet, they first ask you that for what occasion you are looking flower for? In this way they will be able to share their expert advice. So you can easily select one out of the few choices they made. If you want to make an arrangement for Christmas party, then the color of red and white will be the most appropriate according to the event. Similarly, yellow is for joy and friendship, white is for peace, red for love and affections and so on.

Selection of flowers:

The best way to create a striking flower arrangement is by focusing on symmetry. The actual beauty of a flower arrangement is its balance. If you are using rose buds, then you can complement the bouquet with lilies in contrast. But, roses never look good if combined with sunflower. It’s wiser to select two or three kinds of flowers. Mixing buds and flower will create a beautiful arrangement. It’s also a good idea to select the same size of flowers if you select one kind of flower in different color. And if you want to create a bouquet with different flowers, then select every kind of flower in same size.  Following are the examples

Add evergreens:

Take a bouquet from ordinary to extravagant, with the addition of cuttings from evergreens. Greenery is the base of any kind of floral arrangement you do. Use greens that have a lot of texture. And it will enhance the beauty of the arrangement. Greens in a floral arrangement are the absolute foundation. They’re the structure. They’re the center. You want to begin in your vase by just placing different greens at different heights. You can always cut them shorter. You can always place taller greens in, they are great to add some softness in the arrangement and they also act as filler.

Shape of the arrangement:

A good shaped floral arrangement is the one which gives the most professional look. It’s wise to choose the flowers with stamps of equal size, so that you can easily shape as desired. Even a single flower or some side line greenery popping out from the symmetry will damage the beauty of the arrangement

Containers for the arrangement

It’s not only the flowers themselves that can be adapted to create a floral decoration.

Choosing to arrange them in a festive container is the easiest route to flower decoration success.

 Always select a container or a vase that complements your bouquet theme. And if you can’t find anything good, then simple crystal container will look awesome on any occasion. You can also wrap   your bouquet with cellophane paper and then tie a decorative ribbon knot.

Most trendy Summer Flower Bouquets

June 1st, 2015

Officially speaking, summers are with us now. And when the summers come, they did not come alone, they bring with them warmer temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and an array of brightly colored summer flowers. These are all the perfect things to enjoy. No doubt, summers are the great time for celebration, relaxation, and outdoor fun. July parties, vacations at the beach, backyard barbecues and other fun, summers are surely the fun part of the year.

This year capture the exuberance of the season in an awesome style; go for the stylish, gorgeous and stunning summer flowers that are the true reflection of the happiest time of the year. Many varieties of summer flowers with splendid colors and stunning arrangements are the perfect thing to gift to your loved ones. Hot pinks, sunny yellows and golden orange flowers are the perfect way to celebrate the summer season along with your friends. Summer flowers and plants are the perfect gifts for your summer barbecues, family reunions and every other summer party.

These summer flowers and bouquets can be ordered online from any of the largest flower delivery companies on the internet. You can easily find on these websites amazing flower baskets, flower bouquets and a variety of flower arrangements.

Delight your loved ones with these vibrant flowers this summer. Send them flower bouquets and baskets utilizing the best online flower delivery services.  When your loved ones will receive them, they will be pleased; their face will glow exactly like these fresh flowers sent to them. These flowers can be presented on many occasions like as thank you gifts, on birthdays, on the birth of a baby, or for sympathy as well.

Following are some of the amazing flower bouquets that are perfect as gifts for this summer season and to celebrate happiness with your friends and family.

Mystique Pink

With the exciting pink and purple shades this bouquet is a perfect pretty and feminine arrangement. It contains in it the hot pink carnations and yellow Alstroemeria and the purple and pink carnations as well. All these really suits to beautiful evenings of summers and also to the day light parties.

Lemon Drizzle

Best way to bring the sunshine indoors, the vibrant yellow color is a perfect reflection of the summer season.

Iris and Freesias

With its beautiful fragrance and vibrant colors this is a very beautiful flower arrangement to present to your loved ones

Blues and Blooms

The cool blue color of this bouquet is a blessing for the eyes.
it consists of blue Iris with crisp fresh tulips tucked between in  a classic spring color display.

Mixed Roses

12 vibrant roses, all in one arrangement are the perfect gift to brighten your home.
Pink Aqua Roses are joined by white, yellow, orange, cerise & bi-color Roses and complimented by stems of Panicum Grass to create a sensational display

Sunny Smiles Bouquet

With the bright, happy sunflowers, hot pink germinis, dainty hypericum berries, lustrous alstroemeria and jazzy pink roses combined with luxury green foliage; this is a perfect bouquet. Every one among your friends and family will love to have them.

So just mesmerize your loved ones with any of these breathtaking flower bouquets and make their summers special.

Make flowers last longer!

May 28th, 2015

If you love your flowers but do not know how to save them from dying, then we have solutions. Taking care of a flower is difficult, and it is tougher when you grow them in your garden. Installing new flowers in the garden takes time, effort and management. So, while you are at it, here are some tips and tricks for beautiful flowers that will last forever.

  1. Check the soil-

While gardening, it is necessary to know if the soil is appropriate to grow flowers.

  1. Fertilize –
    Fertilizing is important. Flowering plants need all the three nutrients.
  2. Water-
    To know the amount and requirement of watering plants is another essential thing. Be sure you sprinkle some water on the petals of a blooming flower.
  3. Insects prevention-

Different flowers attract different kinds of insects and keeping them away from the flowering plants is super important. Use sprays to prevent insects from entering your garden.

These were some basic tips if you are growing your own flowers through gardening. If not, here are some ways to make your bouquets of flowers last longer.  These easy home remedies are everything you need:-

  1. Soda
    If you are a fan of soda then do not drink away all of it. Since your flowers too love soda. Put a little in the flower vase with water and cut the stems and place the flowers in it. This will help the blooms stay longer.
  2. Bleach-

Add a little bleach with water in the flower vase. Make sure the quantity of bleach is lesser than water. The chemicals in the bleach will help the flowers from decaying. And will kill the bacteria’s that damage the flowers.

  1. Vinegar
    You can use light vinegar or apple cider vinegar, both work wonders. Dilute the vinegar with water and a little sugar in the flower vase. Cut the roots of the flowers and put it in.
  2. Sugar
    Sugar is food for flowers and plants. So, adding sugar in the water in the jug of the bouquet will help them live longer.
  3. Aspirin

Just like it cures our headaches, it can cure your flowers too. Dissolve aspirins in a large amount of water and place the flowers in it. This will increase the acidity of the water and prevent any bacteria from ruining the flowers.

  1. Clean vase-

Though you are trying the best ways to protect the blooms from dying, remember to use a clean vase too.

  1. A penny-

A copper penny acts as an antibacterial agent and so it helps the flowers in lasting longer. Drop a large copper penny in the flower vase and see the magic!

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