Eid ul Fitr Celebrations in Pakistan

August 7th, 2013

Eid ul Fitr is considered to be one of the most exuberant festivals in Pakistan. This Eid comes after the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims have gained innumerable bounties of Allah during the blessed month through special supplication and fasting for the sake of Almighty. Eid is considered to be a bounty from Allah to Muslims in return to their fast for the whole month. Hence Muslims all around the world make special arrangements to welcome this zealous occasion according to their cultural traditions.

In Pakistan also, Eid preparations start right after the 20th Ramadan when only 10 days are left in the festival. In fact many people start shopping during mid Ramadan to avoid rush in markets in the end.  The official holidays are declared for three to four days on Eid dates according to Islamic Calendar. It is a three day festival but it actually starts on moon sighting night for the new month.

This is the most exciting and zesty night commonly called “Chaand Raat” (Moon Night) because people go for shopping and social gatherings with their loved ones. The markets are jam packed all over Pakistan and even if they do not have to shop, people just flood into markets to enjoy the public gatherings in the markets and the glittering stalls. Many women and young girls go out for Henna art, bangles and jewelry shopping as there are special stalls arranged in every market with exclusive and colorful variety of bangles and henna art with artistic designs.

The first day of Eid is spent in the most traditional way among families, friends and relatives. The first day starts with Eid prayers and then families gather in homes and enjoy special meals for Eid. The most traditional dishes are sheer khorma, kheer, mithai, and sweets since the festival is the depiction of pouring sweetness among each other. Another important tradition is to give Eidi to young ones means the elders in the family have to pay certain amount of money to kids or youngsters as a token of love and care for them. The youngsters specially kids keenly wait for this special custom and enjoy collecting money on Eid.

All three days, people enjoy and relax in family gatherings such as special dinners, lunches and picnics are arranged and families are invited to enjoy the festivities. During such gatherings it is customary to exchange gifts and sweets while greeting “Eid Mubarak”. People take food hampers like fruit baskets, cakes, Flowers or Mithai (Sweets) for the family they are visiting.

The Eid ul Fitr is thus an enjoyable and memorable festival in Pakistan because of its traditional values. Families unite on such festival and appreciate their family unions through large gatherings and giving gifts to each other. However people who are outside Pakistan away from their families really miss all these rituals. But now they have the choices available to be a part of these lovely celebrations and greet their families by sending gifts to Pakistan as there are many online stores providing such opportunities. Like Express Gift Service UK is one of the leading retailers which offer you to send Eid Gifts to Pakistan to your loved ones and be a part of those memorable celebrations.