Spread your happiness and love by presenting gift hampers

January 23rd, 2015

Gift hampers are usually wicker baskets made for camping trips. These are usually used for storing and transporting food items. For Christmas and New Year celebrations, hampers with food and drinks are the popular gifts given to people. However, there are hampers for almost all occasions of celebration like Easter, Mother’s day, Hug Day and others.

The luxury hamper kept near the Christmas tree gives an amazing feeling during the celebration. When the hampers are homemade, they can be crafted in different varieties. These can be made out of simple coloured cellophane material. But many find it easy to buy wicker baskets from the market for making hampers. Moreover, by using a pretty plate in the hamper, you can present your gifts in a very nice way. For creating a lining on the bottom of the hamper, one can use crepe paper and shredded paper. You can find these papers in the common art shops or online gift stores. But again, it is possible to make your own shredded papers using a shredder. Adding some glitter to the hamper can give the celebration the look necessary.

Some of the most favoured hampers are –

Chocolate Hampers

Fill the hamper with chocolate and sweets, and this can be the best gift for Valentine’s Day or Chocolate day. After all, nobody can say no to chocolate hampers with full of delicious chocolates. If you can make them by yourself, it will add plenty of festivity to your occasion.

Cheese Hampers

Cheese lovers can enjoy your gift hampers when you fill them with delicious cheese bakery items. Add some wine to the cheese items, which can give the gift hamper a very good look and content.

Christmas Wine Hampers

A bottle of wine is a must for Christmas hampers, but you don’t have to follow every rule. You can choose to put in Turkish delight vodka that will definitely impress. Giving limoncello will make it have a Christmassy touch.

Bath spa hamper

The bath spa hamper contains gifts such as soaps and gels, which are used in the spa. The hamper includes scented items like lotion, soaps and also eye mask and foot rub.

New baby hamper

These baskets contain small items for the baby like baby clothes, washcloths and blankets. This hamper is made to contain all the items for the baby.

College student hamper

This hamper is meant for the college student, which may contain books and pens along with snacks. The hamper may also contain things for the dorm room if the student stays in the dorm room.

Even though, there are many gift hampers readily available or standardized, there is no need to follow all the standards. One can make one’s own gift hamper by keeping the requirements and interests of the recipients in mind. Or one can opt to buy from a wide variety of the cheap gift hamper in UK available in the markets or online stores.