Send a Gift Cake — the Perfect Surprise

August 3rd, 2018

Nothing can be more delightful than sending a gift cake straight to someone’s doorstep to feel your dear one very special to you. Beautifully wrapped and delicious in taste with a personalized message will surprise your dear one remembering you forever.

Preparing a Cake for Sending by Post

Cakes are generally stored in a cool and dry place because the freezing may dry out the sponge. Even it is not fit for home freezing. You can get food items including cakes by post in the UK. One thing that makes the delivery of cake by post a little bit challenging is that it can’t be sure the parcel will stay intact even if you write handling instruction or mark ‘this side is up’. And here lies a threat that the icing and decoration may shift its position while the parcel is picked up for delivery. Considering the undesired fate of the cakes, the bakers have developed a special packing process so that the cakes stay upright during the transit journey and preserve the freshness.

Choosing the Right Packaging System for Sending a Cake by Post

Generally, a strong corrugated box is chosen for sending the cake by post. The cake should fit the box and there should be space around for padding sides, bottom, and top. The cake should be taped with bubble wrap all around and put into the box so that it can be fixed in its place without any movement. If there found any gap in the box should be filled up with the packing peanuts to absorb any pressure from the outside. You can also use scrunch up paper to ensure minimal movement during delivery. Once the cake is securely placed into the box shut the box with packaging tape and appropriate label.

How much does It Cost?

The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the gift box. The rate chart plus VAT is there available with the company for delivery of the parcel at the destination point. On paying the amount the delivery will be ensured on the next day. A special Saturday delivery provision is also there with a nominal extra cost.

Is There Any Personalized Choice for Gift Cake?

You have every option to personalize a cake that you want to give your loved one with pleasurable design and scrumptious flavor. Mouthwatering Cartoon cakes, Batman Cakes are the most fascinating to the kids. Kung Fu fans like the Kicking Po. If your loved one is a girl child, you can try a Barbie cake to make her cheer. If your friend is a golf lover, a golf cart cake will be a trendy and sophisticated choice for a perfect match of the occasion. If you want to celebrate the anniversary of your best friend by storm, a personalized photo cake will add a cheer to the party. If your near one is fond of art, a Canon flashy camera cake will be an unmatched gift cake than any other else. All the cakes come in different flavors such as butterscotch, vanilla, black forest, red velvet, pineapple, chocolate, and many more that will be prepared as per your choice.

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