Selecting Appropriate Flowers for the Occasion

July 1st, 2012

Selecting Appropriate Flowers for the Occasion

Even though flowers can be appropriate for all different occasions you should make sure that the blossoms you select are appropriate for the situation. Indeed, Flowers are a way to express romantic interest or convey kindness. They can also just be a holiday gift, mother day gift, father day gift, Eid day gift or a birthday present to send flowers internationally in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan etc.

Sympathy Bouquet

For a sympathy bouquet try an understated arrangement. Orchids or lilies add interest but still stay within a basic white color palette. You can also go with the recipient’s favorite flower or color such as an iris for someone who loves purple from http// White roses are cost effective and gender neutral.

If you’re sending a birthday bouquet to your relative or to a friend, it should be lively, bouncing and cheery. Look for a mixed bouquet instead of just sending one flower. This can also incorporate bold color schemes like orange flowers or yellow flowers. Pick a bloom with a sophisticated but tropical look like dendrobium for a touch of vibrancy.

Floral Arrangement in Vase

Add personal touches to flowers before you give them as a gift. You could do this with your choice of vase. Try a basic box that can represent a birthday present. This can also be an item that your friend can use long after the bouquet is gone, such as an antique pitcher. Give a fun arrangement of balloons or a teddy bear to complete the look. Just make sure that all of the items coordinate with the floral arrangement so it’s still the focal point.

Custom Flowers

It’s also important to get a unique look when you buy traditional bouquets. Roses are a staple for Valentine’s Day, but you can add small touches for a customization. Instead of just one color of roses you can go for a mix of pinks and whites.

Receiver Personality Touching Flowers

Another option for choosing appropriate gifts is to consider the recipient’s personality. You can gather this information from wardrobe choices, home decor, or even what car your friend drives. Roses work well for a traditional personality. Daises and sunflowers are vibrant and convey fun.

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