More about Christmas

May 28th, 2015

Christmas is a cheerful and joyous festival where in everybody gifts people. The reign of Christmas has been going on since decade and kids still believe that Santa is real. But there are some unknown facts too about this holiday. We list down some of the most intriguing facts about this incredible and blissful festival.

  • Scientists have predicted that, the reason Rudolf’s nose is red is because of some respiratory infection.
  • Germans were the first ones to create a fake Christmas tree. They made it with goose feathers. They dyed them into green and light green colours.
  • Every year almost 3 billion cards are sent out on Christmas in USA.
  • In earlier times, the trees were decorated with apples, nuts and other fruits.
  • The reason why it is said, Twelve days of Christmas because it is believed that it took the 3 Kings 12 days to find Jesus.
  • If everyone gave gifts in the Twelve Days of Christmas, the total number of gifts would equal up to 364 gifts approx.
  • The song Jingle Bells was written by James Pierpont in the 50s.  It was originally called “One Horse Open Sleigh” and was actually made for Thanksgiving and not Christmas.
  • The tallest tree ever displayed was in Seattle in 1950. It was 221 feet tall!
  • It takes 15 years for a Christmas tree to grow.
  • British people often wore and some families still wear crowns made of paper while they eat the Christmas dinner. These crowns are kept in a tube known as Christmas cracker.
  • Christmas wasn’t acknowledged as an official holiday in the USA until June 26, 1870.
  • A yule cake is a massive log cake that is burned during the Twelve Days of Christmas. Some scholars suggested that the word means revolution which represents the recurring of the sun. A burning yule log and its remains are good for families since it brings good luck and also kills the evil spirits.


  • Santa Claus was a real person who was named St. Nikolas of Myra. He existed during the fourth era. He is the world’s most known and popular non-Biblical saint, and painters have drawn him more than what they created any other gods paintings except mother Mary.
  • It is heard that the first printed reference to a Christmas tree was done in Germany in 1531.
  • In 1962, the first postage stamp of this wonderful festival was issued in the United States of America.
  • Approximately 30 to 35 million real living Christmas trees are sold each year in the United States of America.

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