It’s a choco-delicious gift

January 21st, 2015

Chocolates have stormed the gift market with so much ease that whenever somebody says gift, a chocolate treat is what comes into mind. The chocolate sales are up on the rise given the festivities and occasions that are being celebrated. Gone are the days when the sweet box was the gift to be accompanied with wishes, chocolate is the new sweet.

Chocolate can be gifted because, firstly the sweetness of chocolate can be controlled, and it is also available in various forms like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, etc., hence a variety of choice is provided. Secondly, any combination of dry fruits, nuts, and fresh fruits can be mixed and enjoyed with chocolate.

Let’s see why chocolate has become a prime gift at present:


Chocolates are easily the go to gift when in distress, be it due to having no idea or having limited time and access. The chocolates are, undoubtedly, a lazy man’s gift. They are readily available, be it a supermarket or the store next door. They needn’t be booked in bulk to shop unlike traditional sweets.

There are many stores that gift wrap chocolates and make them feel like a present. Home deliveries of bunch of chocolates are also provided during festive seasons to further reduce the burden of carrying the soft melting piece of deliciousness to your safe haven.

Best thing about chocolate is that nobody says no to them.

Long lasting shelf life:

Chocolates have a long shelf life, more than traditional sweets, which have natural ingredients, which result in getting spoilt if unattended. Chocolates on the contrary have a longer shelf life and purer quality due to being packed and parcel from the company itself.

Traditional sweets have few takers now due to adulteration and media crying hues for mixing and mincing harmful chemicals to make the sweets in huge amount costing fewer amounts. Hence, chocolates have boomed this festive season and traditional sweets are becoming tradition.

Appealing to the eye:

The public has always been attracted to the brands, and hence, chocolate brands and quality provided by them has always been a major attraction. Producers like Mars, M&M, Lindt, Afterdark have been top leading brands for ages and people shell out money more than required for buying such top end chocolates to make their loved one feel special.

The common human emotion always believes that more costly the gift, more special it will be for the occasion. Hence, premium brands have been springing up in the competition.

Value and worth:

Chocolates have been available since long and were always branded to be kid’s goodies, before long adults started buying their way in with chocolates, and hence the value, worth and taste came into the game. It is readily available for gifts via online shopping.  The quantity and the quality provided by chocolate in the value is very satisfying than that of any traditional sweet, and hence is a major buyout gift nowadays. Chocolate always wins.

Chocolate gifting is the new tradition of saying anything you wish with a smile and sweet way. Sending chocolates to people back home is considered a ritual when travelling abroad. Many online shops now help delivering gift wrapped chocolate boxes all over the world helping consumer reach his dream. Chocolate once and for ever!