Is White chocolate really a chocolate?

May 19th, 2019

Who does not like chocolate? With more varieties being introduced in the market, people of all ages do find it simply irresistible to have one and cannot ignore it. The fact is that chocolates can be had at any point time and whenever desired. According to the experts, white chocolate is not chocolate actually, since it comprises of milk and not cocoa solids. Often, palm oil or some filler are used along with plenty of sweeteners. It derives its rich colour and creamy texture due to cocoa butter

Its history

This white bar was first produced by Nestle. New bars were produced commercially in 1936 in Switzerland. Originally, it was created to use excess milk powder being created during 1st World War. But after the war, it not used any more. Hence, new white bars were being created from the surplus. It also uses cocoa butter extracted from cacao bean during the production of cocoa powder. White chocolate uses cocoa butter, something that is found in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Its popularity is such that one can send chocolates uk to any place and to anyone on any occasion.

With price of cocoa butter dramatically increasing the last decade, a good number of chocolate manufacturers have been using less of this ingredient. Fillers like vegetable oil are being used in the chocolate.

The manufacturers have been trying to experiment new flavours from this favourite confectionary. It includes flavouring with pomegranate, turmeric, lime, chilli, mango, sea salt and rosemary, including Thai curry shrimp. Non-dairy milk and goat’s milk can be used for preparing non-white chocolate. Superior chocolate having lemon salt and lemon oil can be availed. Mustard and kale were used along with Silican almonds and broccoli by a German manufacturer. Roasted blueberries, raspberries and strawberries were used by other producers. Such white confectionary is said to be an improved version of chocolates. Flavoured bars having vanilla, matcha and sesame seeds can also be purchased. However, instead of white colour, it is grey. There are other combinations which include pistachios, orange and Za’atar (spice blended in Middle Eastern countries).

If the chocolate bar is found bright white, then it is bleached (cocoa butter is not white but yellow in colour) and is likely to be deodorized. But, it will be wise to go through the label prior to making the purchase. Bars can be purchased that contains only sugar, cocoa butter, milk solids or milk powder and perhaps lecithin and vanilla.

Personalised chocolate gifts and bars are best purchased from online stores that offer authentic chocolates, gift hampers and huge discounts on the purchase. They also have on offer new flavoured bars to provide the jaded palates a wonderful treat!

Chocolates undoubtedly are the most desirable eatable item on Earth and are regarded to be God’s food or heavenly delicacies. Since they are loved by everyone, it will be wise to treat anyone and everyone with this delicacy irrespective of any occasion. This gift is sure to be appreciated and enjoyed by the recipient.