Ideas for some home-made fruit baskets

March 22nd, 2014

If you feel that a fruit basket is the best as a get-well-soon gift, then the idea has changed now. Surely we gift fruits to our relatives and family members who are sick, or at the hospital. But that does not mean that fruits cannot be gifted on any other occasions. With fruit baskets becoming fancier, people are often resorting to this option in order to gift people during festivities or casual meet-ups.

Making a fruit basket at home

This is a gift where you do not really need to brain-storm, or trigger your creative cells because all types of fruits are good for almost everybody. Well, one should definitely give up on the sugary fruits, in case the basket is for a diabetic person. In order to make a fruit basket, one needs to purchase the basket of the right capacity. Then pick and choose the fruits that the recipient loves having and pack them properly. Try to fill up the space as much as possible. Do not forget to cover the fruits with a thin piece of cloth to protect it from dust and dirt.

Shaping up a gourmet fruit basket

This is something that all fruit-lovers will enjoy. Gourmet stuff necessarily does not mean meat, BBQ, cheese etc. There can be healthier options too if you can gather information about them. In order to make it, one should get hold of an African-style basket and stuff it with bananas, pineapples, and apples at the base and lighter and smaller fruits at the top. After the fruits are packed in, it is time to add cheese and chocolates. Stuff the best quality blue cheese, cedar cheese and Belgium dark chocolates, to make the basket healthy and yet indulgent. You can also put in a musical card at the top, to complete the look.

A fruit and nut basket

Fruits and nuts make the ideal combination. The person can have both sweet and salty flavours within a single basket. You can try something new like smearing the strawberries and grapes in liquid chocolate and refrigerating them. Later pack them in boxes, and put it inside the basket. Pack nuts like cashews, almonds, and pistachios in small packets and tie the basket with a ribbon.

A bouquet fruit gift basket

A bouquet is always made up of a variety of colourful flowers. The purpose behind such a name given to a fruit basket is to make it look colourful just like a bouquet. A wire basket or a vintage basket can be the ideal ones. Try to use the colours, red, yellow, green, orange and purple. Try to make the basket look like a vase. Arrange the fruits in such a manner that all the different colours can be visible from the top. Attach some light flowers around the rim or the body of the basket, to complete the bouquet look. You can always surprise your grandmother or grandfather with such a lovely and colourful fruit basket, which is a treat for the eyes too.