Ideas for fruits baskets which will be make it an instant hit

March 22nd, 2014

Are you really very conscious about you and your family’s health? Then what can be better than gifting them a fruit basket this festive season. Health, happiness, and growth packed in, these baskets are always an important part of a gift-giving ceremony. In every festival, there will always be a few people who will be handing over fruit baskets to you and you will be doing the same to others today. Actually, they are not only the healthiest, but also the most convenient gifts. If you are need to send a last-minute gift to somebody and you are short of ideas, then, these fruit baskets can save the day. There are a few ideas that can be helpful in making the right fruit basket for a gift.

Gifting useful fruits

It is important to think about the person or a family you are sending the gift. If your over-weight friend is trying hard to lose weight, then, help her by gifting a fruit basket that can help her start a healthy diet plan. There are a lot of fruits, which have all the necessary nutrients for weight loss. If a certain relative has been ordered to follow a strict diet routine due to a health problem, then try to find out about the fruits that would be best for him in this condition and pack them all into the fruit basket. Baskets of fruits by post can also be a good idea if you are unwilling to take the risk of arranging it by yourself.

For the beauty conscious girls

If you have a few girlfriends, who are really conscious about the fruits they eat and have sophisticated choices, then it is better to shift from the regular apples and oranges. To make them happy, it would be great to stuff in an exotic combination of pomegranates, star fruit, persimmons, cherimoya, and rambutan! They will surely be expensive, but definitely the best gift from you. Additionally, a basket of premium dark chocolates, a bottle of red wine, and some rare nuts would seal the deal.

Thinking outside fruits

If you feel that you have made a name for yourself by gifting fruit baskets to your relatives and friends, then it is time to think out of the fruit basket. You can try gifting something that would be a real surprise for your friends. For example, if one of them is eager to set up a kitchen garden, then you can help him by gifting some small garden tools and a gardening book in a gift basket. A friend who is willing to try her hands in cooking or baking, would be delighted if you gift her a gift basket full of cookbooks, bakery books, small cooking equipments etc. But, if your relatives and friends generally enjoy bigger things, which will neither fit inside the gift basket nor your budget, then you should go back to fruit basket. They can make the ideal gift provided that you offer different combinations each time.