Ideas for Birthday Cakes for Girls

August 27th, 2019

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Birthday parties are special for everyone; more so for girls compared to boys. Girls like to plan their party much in advance, taking care of every little detail. From food to decorations, everything has to be perfect.

One can only imagine, therefore, how critical will be the central attraction of the party, namely the Birthday Cake. The cake needs to be delicious, gorgeous looking and represent the birthday girl in a most special manner. You may get the cake from a bakery or you may even bake it yourself. But you must ensure all details such that the cake turns out perfect for your little girl when you set the birthday cakes to order.

While baking or ordering a birthday cake for a girl, the following aspects must be considered:

Colors of the Cake

The first and main factor distinguishing a girl’s cake from that for a boy is the color of the cake. It is quite well known that blue is for boys and pink, soft and elegant is for girls. At the same time, you need not be caught in the pink versus blue rut. There are several other color options for girls like yellow, red, white, etc. which go well on the cake for girls. The sole point to note is that when all colors come together, they should impart a feminine and gentle vibe to the cake. Therefore, one must go in for delicate and lighter versions of any color chosen instead of dark and bold shades.

Cake Flavours

It is possible to experiment much more with flavors of cakes meant for girls. Chocolate is the staple for boys while for girls, flavors like blueberry, red velvet, strawberry, vanilla, pineapple, and other flavors serve as good options. But the final decision about flavor must rest with the birthday girl and only that cake must be ordered, which is of her favorite flavor.

No Compromise on Quality

The birthday cake is the central attraction of a birthday party, so there must be no compromise on its flavor, design, taste, color, and quality. You might be a fairly good baker, but take care that for a birthday party, the cake must be perfect. The birthday girl may expect that the cake design will complement her party theme and so the best way to ensure that everything turns out perfect is to assign the responsibility of the cake to professionals. Do some research on the best bakers in town or online cake shops? Discuss with them the look of the cake you desire, sample various flavors before making a decision and after verifying all details, place the order for the cake. The online company will send birthday cake as per your order.

All Cake Details Must Be Edible

While decorating the cake, you or the professional company will use different figurines like cartoons, details like flowers and vines or other decorative details. But it is vital to ensure that all such details are edible and safe for consumption. All ingredients must be of high quality and edible. For girls, such decorations may be more attractive and they will surely try to eat them.

Cake Design

The cake can come in various designs from favorite cartoon characters like Princess Elsa from the Movie Frozen or Age revealing figurines that come in shape of numbers. Design basically depends on the theme of a party like Barbie theme, Make-up theme, Unicorn theme or Flower theme.

These are some of the aspects of birthday cakes for girls.

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