How to make a Christmas hamper

June 23rd, 2015

A luxurious Christmas hamper can be something you’d have to put too much thought into. But nowadays, you can make your hamper look luxurious with little things. You just have to put a little head into it and it is ready to be gifted. Here are some guidelines you could follow to get the right kind of gift basket this Christmas. If you are sending baskets far away then do not add foods like cakes, muffins and those that will get spoilt. Christmas hamper delivery in UK is a super simple method.

Here are some things to keep in mind: –

  • Style: –Add some style to the hamper. Fancy and stylish packing does half the work. Colored wrappers and labels with little cards hanging on the gifts is an adorable idea. To line the bottoms of your hamper basket, you can use crepe paper. Once wrapper, add a ribbon in the middle and curl it using scissors. This will add more charm to your gifts. If you are sending it across, then pack it with bubble wrap once the inside packing is done. If you have a cardboard box then that’s better since glass items could break off. Put some sequins and glitters to bring the festive feel to the hamper.
  • Materials inside: -With the gifts, you can also add some foods. Cheese, liquor and chocolates being the most famous ones, you know what to do. In case you are making a hamper for someone who loves cheese then make some homemade treats that accompany the cheese like, a fig and walnut slice, orange chutney, some jam, you can also include some wine with the cheese box.

If the person you are gifting loves chocolates then add all her/his favorite chocolates in a small box or send them homemade chocolates. You can also gift them a kit of chocolate cakes and desserts if they love baking.

If he/she loves some liquor then add cheese, chocolates and a bottle of their favorite liquor. If you do not know which one they like, the safest bet is wine. Add some accompanying nuts with the bottle of alcohol.

  • Notes: -Yes a Christmas special note or a delightful note with a positive message always works. If it is your friends, then you can add something funny and quirky too. If it is your lover, then write him/her a heartfelt letter with the gifts. A small note can make a big difference. It can bring a big smile to their faces.

You don’t necessarily put in these few items. These things are complementary items with a proper gift and if in case you haven’t thought about any gift yet then cheese, chocolates and wine always work. Just a touch of the festive feeling is required. You can put some decorations in the box or hamper basket as well. This will highlight the basket too.

Put in some hard work at home and make it worth. It will just take few minutes to perfect this hamper!