How the idea of celebrating Mother’s Day originated?

May 13th, 2019

There does exist several glamorous and exciting professions for ladies of all ages across the globe. However, nothing is as trivialized, marginalized and assumed to be taken for granted is that of motherhood. The very label of mother often is underestimated and associated to that of mere caretaker. But this potentially unflattering and underestimated description appears to discount the real value as well as importance of motherhood.

Functions of the mother

Rather, mothers are termed to be superhuman beings immersing themselves in their prime passion that includes care of children including transforming themselves to the type of functions that is expected by the family. She is better considered to be the unofficial primary nutritionist, healthcare practitioner, emotional support system, psychologist, educator, protector from evil, a warden and much more. She can easily be given the label of a ‘hero’ by her children. This selfless commitment, unconditional love and dedication combined with strong tendency for altruistic can be matched only by the fellow mother’s behaviour. But unfortunately, she is taken often for granted by her children and often neglected. But one special day, the Mother’s Day is the time for celebration and to thank her unconditionally for all the love that she showered upon her children. Planning to buy mothers day fruit baskets can be a great idea to surprise her.

History of Mother’s Day

There are many who would like to know the origin of this special day. Is this day based upon political, religious or product of any marketing scheme by any smart entrepreneur? The fact is that it is regarded to be an American woman’s idea, which she later only regretted and opposed this very idea that she had developed. Her name is Anna Javis, who had been inspired largely by her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, considered to be a pioneer to structure child rearing techniques.

Ann Reeves Jarvis is considered to have first started the Mother’s Day Work club at the time of Civil War to help mothers to take proper care of their children. She developed the ‘Mother’s Friendship Day’ in 1868 to boost reconciliation efforts between Union and Confederate soldiers. This is an instance of a single precursor to Mother’s Day inception as national holiday. Julia Howe in 1870 had created ‘Mother’s Day Proclamation’ to boost world peace.

But ironically, Anna Jarvis had remained childless throughout her life and it was only in 1905 after her mother’s death that she planned to come up with a special day to celebrate the sacrifices that is made by all mothers. She managed to get financial assistance from a Philadelphia based department store owner to back the very initial and official Mother’s Day Celebration, which was said to be attended by over thousands of people from all over the country. With the event being a grand success, she determined to make this special day a national holiday and achieved her objectives. Woodrow Wilson in 1914 had declared the May’s Second Sunday would be declared a special day and termed to be called ‘Mother’s Day’. Buying her the best mothers day fruit gifts uk will be a great way to thank for her unconditional love and affection.