How can chocolate improve your beauty?

March 31st, 2016

As many are the reasons to eat that chocolate bar you love, there are reasons for you to smear it all over your face. Chocolate is not just yummy to taste but also has many benefits for your skin and body. So, if you had believed that you must eat only boring salads to get that glowing skin, then be happy because you can eat chocolates too. Indulge yourself in this delightful treat to look your best.

 When I say chocolates are healthy, mind you it is not all chocolates. Some chocolates are healthy for you. They can make a significant change in the improvement of your skin. To be specific, only dark chocolates have beauty and health benefits that you are looking for. Dark chocolates containing at least 70% cocoa are very good for your skin. Thus, most of your favourite chocolate bars do not qualify as a beauty product.

How dark chocolates can enhance your beauty?

  • Chocolates contain naturally occurring substances called as flavonoids. The flavonoids lessen the risk of heart attacks and strokes by keeping your platelets less sticky.
  • Dark chocolate also relaxes blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.
  • It can also increase the production of some mood enhancing hormones, thus making you happy and fresh.
  • You can also combat stress by eating dark chocolates. It reduces stress hormones and that can in turn reduce wrinkles on your skin.
  • Chocolate contains flavonoids called flavonol that protects your skin from damages caused by harmful sun rays. They can also fight free radicals, and increase in good blood circulation.
  • If you are getting chocolate by post make sure you get dark chocolates because, they can improve your skin hydration and thickness.
  • Dark chocolate along with a little bit of caffeine is a great skin detoxifier. You can get rid of your dead skin and get new and supple skin.
  • Chocolate is also good for your hair. It promotes blood circulation in your scalp and leads to growth of hair. It also reduces hair loss.

How to use chocolates for good health and beauty benefits –

Along with eating chocolates, you can also use them externally to improve your skin and hair texture. There are many facial treatments using chocolates.

  • You can go in for a chocolate facial and come out looking young and beautiful and smelling delicious.
  • You can get a chocolate mask to repair damaged skin and get rid of the dryness.
  • There are several scrubs available in the market, which have chocolate content. They help in the exfoliation of your dead skin.
  • Chocolate pedicure is done to soften dry and rough feet. It can also moisturize your feet skin and make them shine.
  • You can use chocolate wax to get rid of body hair. It can also de-tan your skin and leaves a sweet smell of chocolate on your body.

If chocolates are your weakness, do not worry. But make sure that you have them in limits. Replace other chocolates with dark chocolates. Get dark chocolates delivered and eat your hearts full.