Health benefits of Persimmon fruit

February 17th, 2016

Popularly known as the Divine fruit, Persimmon is that one fruit, which is not talked about too much. Usually, found during the autumn seasons, this incredible fruit is a native to China. The orange colour fruit looks quite similar to a tomato but in fact belongs to the berry family. This low calorie fruit can be eaten raw or dried. It is used in a lot of pudding dishes in China and is extremely beneficial for our health. The Japanese persimmon or divine fruit has countless advantages, here are some of them: –

  1. Weight loss – This will be your best friend for life if you want to shed weight. Before we say anything, add persimmon right now to your fruit baskets. This med-sized fruit offers about 31 grams of calories. It weighs about 168 grams, and it barely has any fat in it. If you eat a whole persimmon an hour before lunchtime, you will not feel hungry at all. This is a good way to skip on some heavy food and have something nutritious which doesn’t add on calories.
  2. Anti-haemorrhoids – This little fruit is known for its anti-haemorrhoid properties. This is also added in liquids, which are used to control excessive bleeding. It is said that during olden days, people in China used the juice of this fruit directly on wounds, which would constantly bleed.
  3. Digestive system – Whether you have a strong digestive system or not, you must have this fruit at least once a week. The compounds found in this super fruit are said to prevent any kind of issues with your stomach or digestion. It is also great for improving your immunity system. Many medicines have this fruit as a key ingredient
  4. Great for diabetics – Patients with diabetes should have this without fail. Those who crave for hunger often must relish this fruit to the fullest. It will keep your blood sugar level in control and also give you the right amount of nutrition.
  5. Say goodbye to hypertension – Are you suffering from hypertension? Persimmon can fix your issues. When you have excessive of sodium in your food, you can trigger hypertension. Since this fruit has low levels of sodium, it can be used to relieve you from hypertension problems. Those who have hyperthyroid must also keep this fruit a part of their diet as they are not supposed to consume too much sodium.
  6. Enhances vision – If you work 24 hours in front of the computer or any other screen, then you need this fruit. The Vitamin A in the fruit improves vision and protects the eyes from any cornea damages.
  7. Natural cure for hiccups – Chinese medicines widely use this fruit extract for treatment of hiccups. Sometimes hiccups can make a major impact on your health if it goes on for more than 10 minutes. If you are having hiccups issues, pick up this fruit and eat it right away to stop.

All these wonderful reasons are enough to tell you why you must have persimmon fruit. Don’t forget to add this to every fruit basket gift, you will be sending to friends and family.