Hampers for Weddings!

June 20th, 2015

A wedding is one the most important days. So, on this day, you would definitely want friends and family to gift you some extravagant hamper baskets as a token of love. On that note, we make a record of the things you should probably gift your friends.

  • Customized cubes:

Customized framed cubes are a sweet and simple gift item. They can be used as a show piece around the house. So that makes these cubes useful.

  • Perfumes:

A perfume for her and him with a lovely card is a cute wedding gift. You can pack this in a heart shaped box and add some lotions and musk if you want to make the hamper grander.

  • Photo frames:

Of course post the marriage, every couple is going to frame their pictures from the special day. By gifting them a set of 4 or 6 photo frames of different sizes, you will make their work easier than ever.

  • Wine set:

Personalized wine glasses and a wine bottle, that’s all you need to, make a wedding hamper. You can buy a set together or customize it according to colour and boxes too. You can also pick Champaign instead of wine.

  • Kitchen items:

Kitchen gift items never fade away. These wedding gifts are famously given. But we have to say that it is essential at some point so go ahead and buy some plates, bowls, glasses and other kitchen utensils.

  • Watch set:

If you are too close to the bride and groom then a watch set with something sweet engraved on it is perfect. We are sure no one will ever be sad looking at a beautiful watch. Plus they are engraved!

  • Candles:

You can either get them customized which won’t really last long. You can also give a scented candle set with a chocolate box accompanying it. If not chocolates, do put a card with a positive message.

  • Coffee set:

This hamper may include a coffee mug, coffee bags, some cookies (if possible to add), different flavour powders and a stirrer. You can also gift a coffee maker. If you do not want to buy a big one, you can gift the small plastic one too.

  • Sheets sets:

Bed sheets and curtains sets are useful when someone is planning to move into a new house. You don’t always have to give over to the top gifts. Bed sheets and curtains can be consumed at all times. Believe us; the couple is going to love this gift.

  • The all-rounder:

The all-rounder is a special hamper which can be customized else you can include a frame, chocolates, a card, a wine bottle or Campaign, scented candles and mugs. You can totally create it your way too. We are just providing some ideas and options to pick from. Several things with a striking hamper basket and your marvelous gift is ready!

If you cannot attend the wedding, then send your gifts via hamper delivery UK services.

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