Gifts for a new abode

July 13th, 2018

Housewarming parties are very special for those who are throwing the party. They are stepping into a new house and so are beginning a new journey of their life.

If one is invited in one such party then one need to choose gifts keeping the occasion in mind. If one is away and cannot attend the party then they can send cheap hampers to the hosts. Otherwise, there are some lovely ideas that one can think about.

Chilled Red Wine

If the house owners are throwing a proper evening party to welcome the guests in their new house then you can always carry a chilled bottle of red wine along with you. Do not forget to check whether the wine is properly chilled or not and pack it in a nice wine bag and gift them.

Fancy Nameplates

If it is a new house, then the owners must be in need of a fancy name plate. Why not gift them one? Well, you can always order and make a customised name plate for the owners and surprise them in their party. You can write their names or surnames on the name plate. Even better, if you can customise their picture on the name plate above their names. This will make the name plate very unique. Make sure; you know their choices of designs before ordering one.

Seasonal Blossoms

Gift them a bunch of fresh flowers. Flowers are always welcome and those who receive them become very happy. A cluster of seasonal blooms always send positive vibes to people and do not forget to send a hand written note along with it where you can wish them all the success and prosperity in near future.

Gift Baskets

Gift them a basket of regular luxury items that they need. It can be arranged with an assortment of different things. It can be a basket containing perfumes, toiletries, bath linens, bed covers, cushions and carpets. You can also add some scented candles along with it and a small basket of potpourri. This is a very nice and sensible thing to gift.

Scented Candles

Aromatic Candles or Potpourri can also be a lovely gift option for the hosts. Gift your party host something that can lighten up their mood and swipe away all their tiredness post party. Aromatic candles or a basket of potpourri can work very well in that case. They spread light aromas and soothe the nerves making them relax.

Indoor Decors

Home Decors are the best thing if someone has shifted into a new house and has invited you for their house warming party. Gift them a flower vase decorated with some colourful orchids that they can keep at a corner of their room. You can also go for a paper made lamp shades that will light up their room and will look beautiful. You can also select from some porcelain show pieces which they can use to decorate their show cases.

One can also send gift hampers UK to the hosts and order them online.